What Watches Do Billionaires Wear From ‘the Richest Man In Xihong City’?

Instigated by group friends, I ran a movie theater and watched a movie that didn’t meet my usual taste. Before departure, I was comforted by rabbit fans: ‘Maybe you laugh a little high, not necessarily It’s funny, but for the sake of watch, just sacrifice it … ‘Then, facing the big sun, I flew across a square, went into the theater, swallowed in front of popcorn, and finally took the light oriental leaves to enter After all, watching movies in the daytime is a bit unreasonable. Although you are working, you can’t be too arrogant, right? Well, I admit that I was attracted by the watch. Rabbit fans told me that I saw RM, Audemars Piguet and Panerai … ‘The Richest Man in Xihong City’ is simply a growth history of ‘upstarts’? Perhaps it is impossible to talk about growth, because an amateur football goalkeeper Wang Duoyu indirectly took the 1 billion that fell from the sky and required a month to spend it, which is completely beyond the protagonist’s own experience and vision. Just because he had to take over the will of a relative he had never met, 30 billion yuan of property, if he spent 1 billion yuan in one month, he could pass the test smoothly, otherwise, he would get nothing. However, the 1 billion cannot be spent casually. For example, you cannot invest in physical assets, you cannot buy a house or a car, you cannot engage in art collection, and you can only spend money on yourself, you cannot engage in charity or donate it to others, and you must prevent yellow gambling. The pressure to spend money is really great, especially for those who haven’t seen much money. It’s strange that poverty restricts too many imaginations. But let’s set aside the plot and see what watches appear in the movie? In fact, most of the time, I think the watch is just a prop, and the crew does not necessarily use the watch as an important identity. For example, the female protagonist Xia Zhu was sent to settle the accounts of Wang Duoyu. She wore a very retro female watch. In terms of appearance, this watch is a bit like Longines, and it is an old watch that has been discontinued, but there may be other similar brands. Let’s take a look. Longines Grand classic / Ref.L4.776.6.12.2 Xia Zhu’s ex-boyfriend, Liu Jiannan, known as ‘Xihong Wang Leehom’, wore a watch and dazzled me. This watch is enlarged N times and it is impossible to confirm, it is more like a brand without too much fame. The more specific tables are at the back. The first is RM. From the screenshot, it is relatively clear. The RM35-01, which is designed for Nadal, should be about 800,000 in terms of market price. Do n’t ask me if the watch is real. I ca n’t judge it by the pictures, and I dare not say. Another obvious one is AP Royal Oak. This green is very conspicuous and easy to identify. The rabbit also saw a very showy watch with a red leather strap. I took a lot of angles in the movie theater. At the end, I could only see a disc watch. I originally thought it was RM60-01, but what is relatively certain is that the strap is red crocodile skin and should be denied. In addition, there have been unknown watches, which are also casks, not Famulan, nor RM. The most obvious watch in the whole drama is Panerai, the time of the last test. Lao Jin used timekeeping. This watch is very recognizable because of a big blessing on the dial. This lucky watch has a story. In 2011, Panerai launched this Luminor Marina watch (PAM00366) for the Chinese market, with a diameter of 44 mm and the word ‘fu’ directly at 6 o’clock. Rabbit remembers that when this watch appeared, it was included in the hot topics by the fashion media, and it was always in the choice of ‘Chinese elements’. This watch is very special, not expensive, and appeared close-up 3 times in the movie. But unfortunately, this is a fake watch that can be seen at first glance. The first and most obvious thing is that the font of the Fu word is different. The true watch is like this, let’s compare it. Looking back from this, I also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the watches in the crew, especially RM. After all, watches such as RMs are naturally less willing to match the real thing (unless the actors bring them), and they are fake. RM is indeed much easier than it really is. The more important point in the movie is that when Wang Duoyu became a billionaire, his watch appeared on his wrist. The use of watches to reflect the transformation of character identity. And in general, the watch you choose is so careless (regardless of true or false). In a sense, RM is a must-have option, especially suitable for the class of wealthy people. First of all, Rabbit wrote more than one entry ticket for RM, Richard Mille, and billionaires, because it is priced from RMB 400,000 to RMB 500,000, and the threshold is a lot higher than watches starting at 100,000. group. In addition, RM has emerged from the sports car community and has become a small-scale consumption symbol. The so-called mixed circle also means this. Especially for the ‘outbreak’ crowds like Wang Duoyu, there is no concept of money, and the money comes too easily, and it is easier to consume some ‘inconceivable’ products in the eyes of ordinary people, such as RM is not the same as Patek Philippe. Positioning. This is the divide brought by the class. Because for people who are overflowing with wealth, cost-effectiveness is meaningless. For example, Wang Duoyu will spend 1 billion. How can a 100,000 watch solve the problem? It’s better to come directly to five or six million, it doesn’t make any difference to them. For another example, for billionaires, some brands of watches can order the list all over, do n’t you go up and wait for “repeat it again”? When watching a movie, there is always a laugh in the theater. Spending 1 billion seems to be a happy joke? Of course not. On the one hand, Wang Duoyu thought about squandering his money as soon as possible to take possession of his property, but on the other hand he frequently received the bad news of ‘investing to make money’ (which would affect his spending plans). In terms of growth. Letting a person spend wealth that is inconsistent with their own experience and vision is a huge challenge. But the same investment opportunities will only be seen in matching consumption, and I have always agreed with this. After the end of the film, I suddenly thought of something. I sent a WeChat to a friend who had a similar experience (of course, the money was not thrown away by relatives, but was similar in nature and became rich overnight) and asked him about his journey. He actually replied solemnly: ‘When you suddenly have money, you will buy all the things you wanted to buy that you couldn’t afford, but after a period of time, after you have released your mindset, you will start to buy things according to your true preferences. ‘When people become rich, they are most afraid of people not knowing it, but only knowing what it means to be cold or warm. In the movie, when Wang Duoyu packed the most expensive hotel to entertain everyone, everyone still despised him. While eating what he gave, he said, ‘At first glance, it is too long, the upstart mentality’, but at the end, He is already a relatively normal ‘rich man’. Someone saw the joke, others saw the watch, and I probably saw life. I dare not laugh at upstarts long ago, because I know that some of them will grow very fast under the influence of wealth. You must blame the rabbit for digression. In fact, I want to say that buying watches is also an investment, because spending money on yourself is a worthwhile experience in life. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!