Watch Shop To Prevent Being Flickered To Expose Lies That Confuse Watch Buyers

Spending money on shopping is a matter of how many women are tempted and how many men are scratching their heads. It is said that a man can buy a pair of shoes, two shirts, three pants, and even straightforwardly within half an hour. No need to try them on. However, buying a watch is not as simple as buying clothes. Watches are not as straightforward and clear as clothing. Visiting a watch store is a laborious task. Many watch technical terms and movement structures require a long time to understand and learn. Buying a suitable watch is a laborious task. From selection to purchase to after-sales, it is a tangled process. .
  Some time ago, a friend of a well-known Swiss brand watch had a large area of ​​the anti-glare layer of the watch mirror peeled off. After repairing it after sale, it refused to provide free replacement maintenance on the grounds that the appearance was not covered by the warranty, and even gave ‘ This is an excuse for sun exposure, and ‘why not pick well when buying’. It can be seen that, whether it is a clerk or after-sales service, there are problems such as professionalism, inadequate service, and irresponsible speech.

  Should I trust the clerk completely? Is the clerk equivalent to an ‘agent’?
  The Chinese people pay attention to the taste and identity of the watch, while the foreigners pay attention to the randomness and personality of the watch. This is due to the difference in this concept. The Chinese prefer to spend money, value for money, and highlight their identity and status. While pursuing something that seems to be vanity, it is inevitable to forget some of the flawed details. Regardless of the reason, it is inevitable to consult the store staff before buying a watch. Most people know the watch when they buy the watch. If they completely trust the shopping guide, they will unknowingly fall into a trap. Who would say that their watch is bad? Of course, this is understandable, but many other shopping guide suggestions seem to mislead consumers.

When you walk into the watch store, many subconscious minds will take it for granted under the guidance of the staff.
  The clerk / waiter is the unavoidable group of people in the process of buying and selling. The communication with the clerk is also one of the links in the purchasing process. The purchasing directions and suggestions they give to consumers will affect the buyer’s decision. On the other hand, the sales volume of a brand has a very close relationship with the clerk. However, many clerks do not actually meet the criteria of a qualified and excellent clerk.

No matter you buy or repair, empty words and routines are everywhere. (Not specifically referring to this store)
  There is naturally an analogy between the clerk and the agent. They all try to promote their products, but they may not have those luxury watches; they can speak eloquently and brag, and the shortcomings can become advantages in their mouths; they all have Good at guaranteeing consumers, there are hidden secrets in seemingly many advantages. It can be put aside first, some shop assistants have long ignored the ‘customer is God’ and sell things in three or six or nine ways to deal with these wrong practices. Let us first explore how those flickering words are formed. (The article refers to only some of the clerks, and is not universally directed.)
 Misunderstanding 1: About the power reserve
  Some time ago, a friend bought a red Tissot women’s watch with a power reserve of 38 hours. I often felt that the watch had insufficient power reserve. Sometimes I stopped without a day, and the reserve time became shorter and shorter.

ETA movement
  The power reserve display is the simplest and most practical of all the functions of the watch. Perhaps many experts are concerned about the complex functions such as tourbillon and three questions. However, for the average buyer, the power reserve is also very important. Need to wind to ensure the running time, the longer the power reserve time to keep the watch running, the better. For mechanical watches, including hand-wound and self-winding, self-winding watches, the movement of the automatic rotating disk of the movement is used to generate power to drive the mainspring, while mechanical watches with hand-winding rely on hand power . Generally speaking, watches using ETA movements have about 40 hours of power, 42 hours longer, and 38 hours in short. Of course, there are also many super-long-powered watches. Generally, they can belong to ultra-long-powered after more than three days. It is in reserve and exists for 7 days, 8 days, and 14 days.
  The above discussion is only a theoretical value. When many shop assistants recommend their watches, they will say that this watch has a 38-hour long reserve. However, many friends’ watches stopped when they were not worn for a day, apparently not enough for 38 hours.

IWC Seven Days Chain
  At this time, the store clerks often ignore or deliberately conceal a small detail. The watch can only reach its ideal reserve state when the power is completely released, and often the self-winding watch is worn on the person’s wrist and the arm moves. If the power is insufficient, the power will not be released 100%. Even if the manually wound movement is wound every time, the watch’s power reserve time will gradually decrease due to friction and wear of internal parts, which is not eternal.
  Misunderstanding 2: All movements are self-produced
  Self-production is naturally an honor that every brand desires to own. No brand will admit that it cannot develop a movement, or even a movement that is not well developed, but in reality not every brand can do so. Many brands now claim that their watches use self-produced movements, but often after buying an ETA movement, they are treated to a certain degree, they are called self-produced movements, and replaced with the brand’s own model, instead As a result, many consumers have entered a misunderstanding.

ETA movement
  Almost 85% of the market uses ETA movements (including a large number of ETA-based movements). There are many types of ETA movements, but they are mainly ETA2824-2, ETA2892A2, ETA7750, and ETA6497, and there are other finished and semi-finished movements.

Parts under the lens
  Except for a few brands such as Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex, which have a full range of products with self-produced movements, most of them are derived from this movement. Among them, there are many well-known brands such as Tissot, Plum Blossom, Mido (Mido), IWC, Breitling, Chopard, Juvenia and other brands of watch production, you can see the shadow of ETA.

Self-produced movement
  However, it is not necessarily that the ETA movement is not good, and the self-produced movement is good. The polishing and decoration of the later stage of the movement are also very important for the performance of the movement. Having the ability to produce in-house may be a standard for measuring watchmaking brands, but the quality of the self-produced movement is still subject to specific analysis.
  Myth three: About waterproofing
  Waterproofing is also a problem that everyone easily ignores everyday. When buying a watch, most people will ask the waiter, ‘Is this watch waterproof?’ . ‘So what is’ normal ‘? What is ‘no water’? This is not a bit of literary research, for Xiaobai who buys watches, many people are not sure about this concept.

What is waterproof?

  Although today’s watches are generally waterproof, 3ATM, 5ATM, 10ATM waterproof depth is common in watch products, but if the buyer’s problem ends here, the waiter will also come to this location, no more Say a word. In fact, there are many potential risks in this waterproof.
  Even if the watch has the best waterproof function, it is difficult to keep it secret. Water vapor in the air is omnipresent. And even an ordinary diving watch only refers to the waterproof ability at normal temperature. No matter how many meters are marked, they cannot be used in hot water (& gt; 40C °). This is indeed a loophole that the waiters tend to ignore when introducing, and even said that they may not know much about it themselves. For example, wearing a watch to take a hot bath or go to a sauna is completely wrong. Because a watch is waterproof, it does not mean it is waterproof.


30 meters: waterproof and splash-proof in daily life. You can wear your hands and face.
50 meters: Waterproof and strengthening in daily life, you can use a small amount of cold water to rinse, not immersed in water.
100 meters: submersible standard, can be used in swimming pools or sea water surface.
Above 200 meters: Diving watch can be used in the depth of wearing underwater breathing apparatus (to choose the waterproof standard of the watch according to the diving depth).
  Myth 4: About new products
  Most people pay attention to a question when shopping, ‘Is this a new product this year?’. It seems that everyone likes new things and doesn’t want products that have been on the market for too long, because the frequency of appearance will cause it to be bought and worn by more people. Usually go to the store to buy watches, the clerk will collectively say that these are new products this year.
  New products from brands such as Lange, Piaget, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Roger Dubuis were exhibited at the Geneva Watch Fair, and most of the time to the Mainland was in the second half of the year. Therefore, in the first half of the watch shop, the watch you see is generally the style of last year. More other brands, such as Mido, Tissot, Radar, Longines, Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc., most of these brands participating in the Basel Watch Fair will not start selling in mainland China until the end of the year or the next year. Therefore, in the face of a multitude of watches, the clerk may have no time to answer them one by one, but you must have a spectrum in mind.

  Of course, this may not be the case for all brands. Some domestic watches are constantly emerging, and foreign brands may launch new products midway, just to remind buyers to pay attention. However, watches are not necessarily limited, and new ones are good. Many classic styles have been respected for a long time and are still loved by people. Because the Chinese are looking for recognition and identity, and more people know the watch, they naturally know where it belongs.
(The above is only a problem with the staff of some dealers, and it is not universally oriented. Still, many brands’ various services are very thoughtful and professional.)
Summary: After all, a watch is not a cheap item. The price of a good watch is very expensive. Adding consultation at the beginning of a watch is indeed a way for most people who do not know about a watch. However, when the waiter of the watch store acts as a bridge between consumers and brand watches, their answers, conclusions or suggestions become particularly important. A qualified clerk should give consumers the most comprehensive and needed answers, even if they have not consulted the place, they should have the right to know the pros and cons of this product. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)