Vacheron Constantin: Creating A Three-question Form On A Swiss Visa

Looking at the Swiss visa on the passport, maybe you will notice the image of clock gears in the fine print on it. That’s right, this design is to illustrate that Switzerland is the world-famous watch kingdom today. At this level, countless people who have traveled to Switzerland, read or worked on business have seen it. If you happen to be a watch enthusiast, you may have a deeper understanding. Because if it is judged by this seemingly abstract figure: that is a part of a Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) antique three-minute timepiece pocket watch movement, which is the most correct answer. This brand, this function, has become a national business card. You know, the visa issued to foreigners in China is printed on the Great Wall!

‘You can easily have time, but you cannot easily have Vacheron Constantin.’
Oujiang Shidanton-the world’s oldest watch factory.

In 1755, more than 250 years ago, only 24 years old, Jean-Marc Vacheron founded his own watch studio in Geneva with his extraordinary skills.
1770, Vacheron Constantin produced the first precision multifunctional clock.
In 1812, Vacheron Constantin launched a two-question watch series, all six in total. They provide the functions of time and time.
In 1839, Georges-Auguste Leschot was hired to monitor the production process of the brand. He put forward revolutionary ideas in watchmaking technology, such as measuring the interchangeability of movements and parts. Vacheron Constantin is naturally the biggest beneficiary of these new technologies.
马耳他 The ‘Maltese Cross’ appeared in the Vacheron Constantin logo in 1880. It was inspired by the shape of a part fixed to the barrel to prevent the barrel from being overwound.
In 1955, two centuries after its establishment, Vacheron Constantin once again embodies the brand’s persistence: excellence. This year, the brand’s watch masters exhibited their exquisite craftsmanship, making one of the thinnest watches in the world, the movement thickness is only 1.64 mm!

If Patek Philippe’s appeal is independence and respect for tradition, Vacheron Constantin is ‘excellent’ in the art of watchmaking to the extreme. There are no celebrities and riches in collectors’ recommendations on the official website of Vacheron Constantin. Some are French chefs, directors of symphony orchestras, museum directors and founders … all of whom have reached the extreme in their respective art fields. Everyone is familiar with the Chinese composer Tan Dun.