Tissot Announces New Global Image Ambassador Motogptm World Champion Jorge Lorenzo

Tissot has officially announced that its star-studded global image ambassador family has added a new member-MotoGPTM World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. Jorge Lorenzo from Spain is one of the most winning players on the MotoGPTM (World Motorcycle Championship) and the most talented and prestigious driver on the international racing stage. Young and promising, he has always exhibited a youthful atmosphere of ‘hard work, precision, elegance and fashion’, which coincides with the modern male spirit that MotoGPTM official chronograph Tissot has always advocated. This is exactly what the Tissot brand wants to show to the world Moment of time.

New Tissot global ambassador-MotoGPTM World Champion Jorge Lorenzo presents Tissot Racing MotoGPTM Limited Edition
 Jorge Lorenzo not only became famous in his youth, but also broke the world record many times, and various honors have made his legendary career. Since the first ride at the age of 3, success has been inseparable from him. At the age of eight, as one of the youngest players, he won the Spanish Balearic Championships. Soon he entered the European Championships and the Apulia Cup. He is agile and never hesitates on the way forward, which has laid a solid foundation for him to open the door to the World Motorcycle Championships. In 2002, on his 15th birthday, he made his world championship debut on the famous Jerez circuit and became the youngest World Championship driver in history. And just three years after the 125cc (car displacement) group entered the race, he advanced to the 250cc group and won the world championship twice in a row. In 2008, he spent another glorious moment in his racing career, winning pole position at the first leg of the year’s race (that is, the first person to start the race, the first place in qualifying to get pole position) And won the championship in the third MotoGPTM World Grand Prix.
 However, Jorge Lorenzo did not stop there. In the following eight seasons, he won the World Motorcycle Championships three times in 2010, 2012 and 2015, respectively, in 2009, 2011 and 2013. The runner-up was included. At the same time, he has become one of the most influential drivers in history with a record of pole positions (62 pole positions). He also ranked fourth in the number of championships in the first class (41 championships) and was the top three driver on the podium (99 on the podium).

New Tissot global ambassador-MotoGPTM World Champion Jorge Lorenzo presents Tissot Solar Series solar watches
 Mr. François Thiébaud, Global President of Tissot, also extended a warm welcome to him: ‘We are very pleased to welcome Jorge Lorenzo to join the Tissot family. His passion, bravery and fighting spirit and The Tissot brand values ​​fit perfectly. As one of the world’s top athletes, his strong joining has also made our investment in MotoGPTM and the role played in this official timing cooperation even stronger. We are honored to welcome the third world Joining the Motorcycle Championship. ‘
 ‘As a world-renowned brand, Tissot has a long history in the field of racing. Tissot chose me as a spokesperson, which means trust in me. I am deeply honored. Tissot watches play a key role in the race and control At the pace of the game. I will give back to the Tissot the trust I have given me with superb performance and outstanding results. ‘Jorge Lorenzo said.
 This is the moment that belongs to Jorge Lorenzo! Let’s look forward to him and Stefan Bradl, Thomas Lrthi, Tito Rabat and Bradley Smith as the ambassadors of Tissot MotoGPTM. ), Let’s convey the spirit of Tissot watches to the world together!