Tian Shuo’s 160th Anniversary Price Reduced By 800 Yuan, Special Watches Are In Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi

Recently, when I visited the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Tissot Store, I learned that most of the 2016 Tissot models are currently on sale. The hollow models, standard pointers and 1936 replica models are all unique Featured watches, including the World Time model launched in 2013 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Tissot brand, are also available for sale, but compared to the price in 2013, the current price of this watch is reduced by 800 yuan. In addition, the special models of Tissot’s cooperation with the NBA are also available in direct stores.
Tissot HERITAGE T078.641.16.037.00 watch


   In 2013, it was the 160th anniversary of the Tissot brand. To this end, the brand launched a commemorative version of the World Time watch, which is available in black and white. This is the rare mechanical world time watch of Tissot. This watch follows the traditional design style of Tissot. The center of the dial is designed with 24 time zones. The hour scale on the outer circle of the dial indicates the time on the 24-hour system, and the bezel indicates the time on the 12-hour system. In this way, the world can be clearly grasped. The time in each of the main time zones. At the same time, this watch rotates the central time zone dial, not the 24-hour time dial. This watch became a popular model in 2013 and was recommended as one of the most worthwhile models of the year. The price was 12,800 yuan.
Tissot TOUCH COLLECTION T091.420.47.207.00 watch


   The cooperation between Tissot and the NBA is a major event for Tissot. This is the largest cross-border cooperation between the Tissot brand and other fields. Tissot not only provides dedicated timing equipment for the NBA, but also sponsors many activities and releases NBA cooperation versions. Watch. The NBA enjoys the world’s largest basketball hobby group, and its coverage of the crowd is highly consistent with Tissot’s target consumers. During a long period of time when the author visited the Beijing market this year, Tissot NBA cooperation T-Touch watches have been out of stock at many dealers, but fortunately, in the direct store of Tissot, there is a spot here. only.

   In addition to this heavyweight touch watch, Tissot also launched a complete set of NBA star team watches, including Rockets, Lakers, Bulls, etc., the back of each team watch has a corresponding team logo , The strap uses the team’s iconic color design, the price is only 3050, can be described as fan benefits.

Summary: Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Tissot Store is the official store of Tissot brand in Beijing. It has more complete styles and numerous watches, including many Tissot representatives including classic, popular, commemorative, limited edition, pocket watches, etc. Sex timepiece. The Spring Festival is approaching. If you are not ready for New Year’s gifts, come to Tissot.
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