The Most Dazzling Luxury Collection Jewelry Watch (7)

The most dazzling luxury mankind has always wanted to pursue eternity, and also strives to constantly break the rules and surpass its predecessors. ‘Innovation’ is the most precious DNA. Women’s watches give Swiss watchmakers an opportunity to let their imagination trust. When they sublime watchmaking to the perfect combination of perfect performance and perfect looking, at first glance, you can hardly realize that this is a watch, yes, they are simply top-level “jewels” that swim in time .
1. Elegance Revival Art Deco Longines elegant series Les Elégantes 2009 As a classic of the Art Deco Art Deco era, Longines elegant series Les Elégantes 2009 watches are determined to reinterpret endless creativity and restore the elegant charm of the 1930s. The case of this watch is made of 18K white gold, all patterns are carefully carved by hand and set with 56 top-quality VVS diamonds. Do you believe that the production is so delicate and meticulous, each Longines elegant series with a limited production of 20 pieces, once owned, the elegant taste is fully revealed.

2. The classic charm Van Cleef amp; Arpels Charms watch. I guess this Van Cleef amp; Arpels Charms watch must be in the minds of many women, because it is both elegant and luxurious, yet lively, and full of modernity. There is also no lack of playful personality. The two-row diamonds inlaid on the case are so noble and luxurious, while the Van Cleef & Arpels lucky logo clover on the lugs reveals a little humor. If a man finds this Van Cleef & Arpels Charms watch and gives it to his favorite lover, I believe she will win her heart.

3. The Patek Philippe Nautilus watch from Patek Philippe was launched in 1976 by the Patek Philippe Nautilus series. It has become a popular “exotic” among the masterpieces of casual elegance. It breaks through the traditional porthole design and octagonal arc watch. Circles make this product absolutely outstanding. This time, Patek Philippe’s new Nautilus series new watch is made of rose gold, and the surface is decorated with 46 crystal flawless top Wesselton round diamonds, forming a dazzling ring. The entire watch not only shines in the sun, but also shines in the attention of the people. The most interesting nature-like small animals, the romantic and colorful leaves and flowers, can always easily stir the natural feelings hidden inside. When the jewellery watch has a creative design that injects life’s agility into it, the fun and fantasy between minutes and seconds makes time have a richer expression and meaning.