Stars Wish Zenith’s ‘legend • Eternity’ 150th Anniversary Watch Tour Exhibition

In 1865, when Georges Favre-Jacot founded Zenith in Leloc, Switzerland. 150 years later, when Zenith, which has spanned three centuries, has long been synonymous with precision timepieces and pioneering spirits, and the choice of the industry’s best.

The 150th anniversary of Zenith, sincere blessings from friends of the brand.
150 years have passed. Zenith represents the spirit of European watchmakers, represents brilliance, and history. I hope Zenith will continue to persevere and bless the 150th anniversary of Zenith. Happy birthday!
-Wang Weizhong Well-known TV producer
This year is the 150th anniversary of Zenith, and I hope to add another zero to 1500, you can see Zenith.
-Zhang Jiansheng watch collector
Thank you Mr. Jaket for creating Zenith. Every time you bring a Zenith watch in your hand, in addition to feeling its precision, there is also the fearless innovation spirit that Zenith has endowed me.
-Hu Ge Famous Movie Star
Zenith not only represents the fearless spirit of adventure, but also the first choice of dreamers for 150 years.
-Han Geng Famous Movie Star
Whenever the precise and beautiful beating of El Primero movement comes, it reminds me of the blow in ballet movements; Mr. Jkot, thank you for bringing us the eternal legend.
-Sheng Shidong China’s Chief Ballet Prince
I wish Zenith a happy 150th birthday and hope that Zenith will be more challenging and continue to explore in the future, creating more different Zenith watches for human adventure, making human exploration more endless.
-Lin Yijie Extreme Marathon Adventurer
Precise, adventurous, and constantly surpassing are the reasons why Zenith is different.
-Li Ting Women’s Doubles Champion of 2008 Athens Olympic Games
Mr. Jaket started the legend, and we continue it.
-Wei Jianglei Senior Vice President of Sina
May the legend of Zenith last forever and be passed down from generation to generation.
-Li Qingqing President of HCD Global

 From August 23rd to August 29th, 2015, Zenith’s 150th Anniversary Watches and Clocks Exhibition will be grandly opened on the 1F of Atrium of Daimaru Mall in Shanghai.

 The touring exhibition will not only display the brand history and fearlessness of Zenith since its establishment, but also a variety of rare Zenith antique timepieces from Switzerland. It will also be the first time with domestic watch lovers. meet. You are welcome to visit the exhibition and appreciate the charm of fine watchmaking from 1865.