Shanghai Rolex Masters Federer Receives Another Rolex

From October 4th to 12th, the annual tennis feast ‘Shanghai Rolex Masters’ was held at Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. The Swiss watchmaker Rolex, as the title sponsor and the designated timekeeper of the event, presented the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch to the current champion Roger Federer.

Rolex spokesperson Federer wins again

   At this year’s Shanghai Rolex Masters, Swiss tennis master Roger Federer, who has been recognized as ‘one of the greatest players in history’, also appeared on the field. After four consecutive days of fierce competition, he defeated the defending team in two straight sets in the semifinals. Champion Djokovic, defeated French star Simon in the final, successfully won the first Shanghai Rolex Masters championship in his career.

Federer wins his first Shanghai Rolex Masters trophy

   As a master tennis player, Federer has ranked first in the world for more than 300 weeks (breaking previous records), and won 17 Grand Slam titles and the 2012 London Olympics silver medal. As a Rolex spokesperson, Federer has been with Rolex since 2001. Cooperation, and his love of Rolex was very obvious before then. Rolex ‘green glass’ Milgauss watch and Daytona watch often appeared on his wrist. After this victory, Federer was presented with a stainless steel and black dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch.

   Rolex’s ‘Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch’, presented by the Shanghai Rolex Masters, features a classic Oyster case and a triangular bezel, equipped with a Rolex 3135 movement.

Rolex continues to support the Shanghai Rolex Masters in the next decade

   Rolex has always favored tennis and became the official timer of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the late 1970s. Since then, Rolex and tennis cooperation has continued to flourish.

   The partnership between Rolex and the Shanghai Rolex Masters dates back to 2009. At that time, as the exclusive sponsor, the brand upgraded this collaboration to title sponsorship the following year. So far, the sixth edition has been successfully concluded, and the event organizers officially announced that Rolex will continue to be the title sponsor of the Shanghai Rolex Masters in the next ten years. Regarding this, Mr. Lu Huayong, the director of the event, said: ‘In the global sports, it is not only tennis. I think that when sponsors welcome a new round of ten-year cooperation, they represent the success of the event. Few brands are willing to give such long-term support It is invaluable to maintain this perseverance. ‘He also said that this young event was awarded the’ Best ATP1000 Event of the Year ‘for five consecutive times, and Rolex’s strong support was indispensable.