Seagull Table Show Top Craft

Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show ended in Basel, Switzerland. This exhibition has always been a stage for world famous watches. At this exhibition, challengers from China brought top technology with independent intellectual property rights, making visitors watch Chinese watches with ecstasy.
  The debut of China’s double tourbillon watch at the international exhibition has aroused great attention from the industry. In the nearly half hour of the reporter’s interview at the Seagull booth, many visitors visited. Some of them came here for the tourbillon exhibit. In the negotiation room, the reporter saw that several foreign businessmen gave thumbs up to Li Xuegang, the general manager of the Seagull Group, after studying the sample form carefully, and expressed their appreciation.
  Li Xuegang told reporters, ‘Although the Seagull’s dual tourbillon watch is guaranteed in terms of technical quality, it still lacks brand awareness and marketing channels. We have now determined a strategy to open the market with a price advantage.’ 3 days at the beginning of the exhibition Here, the order of five seagull dual tourbillon watches has reached 5, but the price is 1/4 of the same configuration watches, about 250,000 yuan.
  How did the seagull break through the top technology of the double tourbillon? Li Xuegang told reporters, ‘We have set up a professional R & D team with more than 100 people. Over the past few years, we have continuously sent personnel to study in world-renowned companies. Through hard work, we finally have this top technology.’ Li Xuegang also told Reporter, the company also spent more than 30 million yuan to introduce high-end processing machines from Switzerland and Japan to improve product quality. At present, the mechanical watch movement of the Seagull Group has accounted for 40% of the domestic market, and its finished watches have also begun to enter the international market.
  Li Xuegang said that since the second half of 2006, Seagull Watches has set up nine sales counters in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel and other major tourist cities in Switzerland. Now, the sales of Seagull watches in the Swiss market reach more than 200,000 yuan per month.
  In addition to entering the Swiss market, the Seagull Group has longer-term plans. At the Baselworld 2006, they found a partner in Switzerland. The two sides agreed that the pre-production of the Seagull mechanical watch movement will be placed in China, and the later polishing, assembly, and surface design will be completed in Switzerland. Through Swiss exquisite craftsmanship and technical standards, the quality of the movement is improved, and it meets Swiss-made standards.