Richard Mille Launches Rm 035 Rafael Nadal And Is Certified By Chronofiable®

Last year, Nadal won the 2010 French Open Tennis Championships, Wimbledon Tennis Open, and US Open Tennis Championships. Launched a Rafael Nadal watch, and now Richard Mille has developed a new RM305 movement for it, a watch movement with a total weight of only 4.3 grams.
 This movement is wound by hand, using hollow technology in the core of RMUL1, and the advent of RM 035 also represents the first hand-wound movement of Richard Mille in their many series, and also has Chronofiable Certified.

 Chronofiable® certification is a certification body organized by CCF SA (the Swiss watch industry adopted the test method of Laboratoire Dubois SA in 1985) in the early 1980s. Accelerated aging simulation test, and equivalent six-month effective wear test. This is a preliminary test of the performance of the watch movement through a long series of tests. After that, it collects data in the environment of zero degrees Celsius and fifty degrees Celsius to test the power storage and continuous detection. In this artificial aging cycle test, a wide range of linear and angular acceleration impact tests are included. The test result is about 20,000, which is obtained from 250 to 5500 m / s2 (9.81 m / s2 = 1g). the result of. The last and most critical part is to use the same elements in the final detection phase as compared to the initial monitoring phase.
Such strict testing procedures will ensure that RMUL1 will not wear out due to environmental influences and can work normally in various environments.
Chronofiable® is a registered trademark of Laboratoire Dubois SA.
Source: RichardMille