Plum Blossom Slenderline Watch Series

With a light touch like a business card is TITONI’s latest watch series Slenderline-as the name suggests, this series of watches is known for its slimness, the case thickness is only 2.7mm, and the light and delicate strap , Symbolizing the wearer’s distinguished status and elegant style, suitable for matching work clothes to everyday clothes.
Such a thin design must be matched with ingenious craftsmanship. The watch is hand-crafted and has beautiful lines. The diameter of the dial is 37mm. The surface has a mother-of-pearl or silver radial texture design and is accompanied by a Roman numeral or time display. The mirror is made of anti-wear sapphire crystal, which is not easy to scratch. The case is made of stainless steel without fear of daily friction. In terms of straps, there are leather straps and rose gold straps to choose from.

Slenderline watch collection
In addition to its exquisite and beautiful appearance, Slenderline has male, female and unisex styles to cater for the needs of different people. Slenderline is one of the most important collections that highlights the extraordinary value of the TITONI brand. Elegant design is suitable for low-key and connotative taste. The slim watch body and light touch symbolize the classic eternity. Despite the changing seasons and changing trends, Slenderline will accompany you through every bit of life.

Master Series 18K Rose Gold Observatory
Master Series 18K Rose Gold Observatory Watch is the newest member of this series, showing extraordinary noble temperament.
The expensive series is the flagship of TITONI Swiss plum watch. The Master Series has long been synonymous with astronomical watches, and 18K rose gold astronomical watches are extremely rare. This year, TITONI added another distinguished member to the Master Series.
The diameter of the frame is 40mm and it is made of 18K rose gold. The rose gold hour, minute, small seconds, 12 o’clock numerals and graduations make the watch more dazzling. A small and delicate date window at 3 o’clock, a circular texture and a small second hand at 6 o’clock make the surface design more three-dimensional. Coupled with the translucent emerald green TITONI logo, the handwork is extremely delicate and the design is elegant and natural. .

Master Series Moon Phase Watch
As an observatory watch, this series has obtained the certification issued by the Swiss official observatory precision timing test organization COSC. The small seconds hand and the case are respectively set with a small COSC label and a movement certification number. The best credentials, at the same time, highlight the detached status of the Master Series. The watch is available with a leather or stainless steel strap and black and white finishes.
TITONI Master Series 18K rose gold astronomical watch from the design, production and materials are exhaustive, fully showing its distinguished temperament, is an inevitable choice for those who collect Master Series watches.
以上 The TITONI Master Series, which has always been proud of its materials and astronomical movements, has for the first time introduced the amazing moon phase watch of the observatory as the finale of this year. This exquisite watch fully embodies the essence of superb watchmaking technology, and perfectly combines precise timing functions and elegant design.
For more than 90 years, as a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality mechanical watches, Plum Watch has established a high reputation internationally. Throughout its history, the company has impressed many watch connoisseurs with its superb watchmaking skills. This season, the brand has added four new moon phase watches to the distinguished Master Series Observatory series, all equipped with analog date display, day of the week and rare month display window.
除了 In addition to implementing the high-quality craftsmanship of the Swiss Plum Watch, this watch also has a uniquely designed dial. The hour and date scales are clearly marked on the mother-of-pearl ring, while the day, month, and moon phase display windows are located in the center of the dial, which is extremely finely textured. The hollow hour and minute hands, plus the red crescent-shaped needle tip date display hands, all reflect this prominent brand’s attention and pursuit of detail. Like other Master Series watches, the models are equipped with fully automatic astronomical movements, all of which have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Chronometer Testing Organization COSC. The unique certification number of each watch will be marked on the certificate and engraved On the movement and the metal plate on the side of the case at 9 o’clock.
表 The watch has two dials, white and blue mother-of-pearl, and is available with stainless steel and black leather straps. Different combinations can highlight the unique style of customers. For the convenience of the user, the brand also made a calibration pen for this model watch, which is included in the exquisite wooden box. It is this subtlety that TITONI also takes good care of.
Mr. Daniel Shrop, President of TITONI Swiss Plum Performance, said: ‘The Master Series Observatory incorporates many innovative elements. We believe that the Moon Phase Watch of the Observatory is the essence of our family business philosophy and the timeless elegance of Plum Blossom . ‘The advent of the latest observatory moon phase watch demonstrates elements of superb watchmaking skills, aesthetics and high cost performance.
TONTITONI has been owned by the founder’s Shrop family since its establishment in 1919. It insists that each watch is assembled at the original factory in Grinchen, Switzerland to ensure quality and fully demonstrate the strict and precise production of the product.