Parmigiani Supports 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival

As the main sponsor of the Montreux Jazz Festival for the seventh consecutive year, Parmigiani is more devoted than ever to this event. This move brings the two artsy fields of music and fine watchmaking together again.

 The Montreux Jazz Festival, also known by Quincy Jones as ‘Rolls-Royce in the Festival’, has a wonderful connection with Parmigiani. Back in 2007, their first joint was doomed to the beginning of extraordinary cooperation. During the music festival, Parmigiani’s exclusive VIP area covering more than 90 square meters allows guests to enjoy music and social activities, as well as enjoy the beautiful lake scenery.

 At the end of each concert, guests will also have the opportunity to meet artists who love to play, and Parmigiani sees them as close friends: guitarist John McLaughlin, and musicians , Composer André Manoukian, and more.

 In addition to being a patron of the Jazz Festival, Parmigiani is also a partner of the Montreux Jazz Cafe: whether at Geneva or Zurich’s international airports, at Harrods in London, or at the Lyon Auto Show in Paris, the Federation of Lausanne At the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology, the success of these jazz cafes is inseparable from the support of Parmigiani. Each Montreux Jazz Cafe, in its unique way, brings the dual enjoyment of taste and hearing to music lovers, passing and sharing Montreux’s musical spirit in a comfortable space.

 Continuing the traditions of the past, during the music festival from July 5th to 20th, the Parmigiani hot air balloon will be flying on the scene, leading VIPs and artists from all over the world to fly to the sky and embark on an exciting journey.

 The 47th Montreux Jazz Festival is hosted by Mathieu Jaton, a 15-year-old friend of the founder Claude Nobs. Whether it’s the festival schedule or the new layout of the music festival site, it is exquisite and fascinating. The Montreux Jazz Club has added a special touch to the festival. Here, music lovers can share their unforgettable experiences with the biggest names in the jazz field; and a new one that opens from 8pm to 5am every night The interactive platform set up by Montreux Jazz Lab will also become another audiovisual experience; the dock completely rebuilt by Bureau A architects will remind people of the origin of jazz, and it is also a black American for Emery Street. An analogy of music. Today Emery Street has been renamed the Jazz Strip, and most of the artists who were the main performers of the year will present their performances at the Stravinski Auditorium.

 Parmigiani has also been actively committed to discovering new talents and training young talents. The ‘Parmigiani Montreux Jazz Piano Solo Competition’ is the best proof. Since the founding of Claude Nobs in 1999, the competition has attracted many young jazz pianists from around the world. The final winner will have the opportunity to record his own record and get many performance opportunities including participating in the Montreux Jazz Festival 2014. Not only that, the winner will also receive a Kalpa Grande or XL watch exclusively designed by Parmigiani for the festival.

 Kalpa Automatic Watch 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival Special

 Adhering to the tradition of the festival, the organizer will select a number of artists to give Parmigiani a limited edition watch designed for the Montreux Jazz Festival-a total of 10 watches: 5 watches are Kalpa Grande models The other five are Kalpa XL models, all printed with the words ‘Montreux Jazz Festival 2013’ (Montreux Jazz Festival 2013). The men’s model uses bold navy blue with a black Hermes crocodile leather strap, and the women’s model uses stainless steel blue with a white Hermes crocodile leather strap. The dial design inspiration continues the tradition of posters from the festival that year. The protagonist on the dial / poster is 8 artists participating in impromptu performances. The style is simple, yet there is no lack of vitality, expressing the theme of ‘the guests from all directions’. This is the work of Japanese artist Oscar Oiwa, inspired by the ideas that he and Claude Nobus and Mathieu Jeddon shared on their way to Kawasaki last November. The Big Rock Oscar captures the essence of the Montreux Jazz Festival, an international music event-music lovers from different regions and cultural backgrounds come together to share and create an artistic expression space.

Kalpa XL MJF 2013
Kalpa Grande Automatic
Movement PF 332 self-winding movement
   55-hour power reserve
  Size 11 ½ ” ‘-25.6 mm
  Thickness: 3.50 mm
  Frequency: 4 Hz-28,800 vibrations / hour
  32 gems
  Two barrels in series
  Number of components: 220
   Geneva corrugated decoration, handmade chamfered bridge
Function Hour indication Minute indication Second indication
Appearance Cask-shaped case: 46.6 x 34.0 mm Thickness: 9.25 mm
Material: Polished steel
  Water resistance: 30 meters
  Anti-glare sapphire crystal
  Crown: 5.5 mm diameter
  Sapphire crystal case back
  Individual identification number engraved on the bottom cover
Dial Blue metal dial with special ‘Montreux Jazz Festival 2013’ lettering
Strap White alligator leather strap, stainless steel pin buckle, polished finish