Omega Speedmaster Breaks The Auctions Auction Records At The Auctions

A few days ago, the British Fellows auction house auctioned an OMEGA Speedmaster chronograph produced in 1960. This watch was valued at £ 9,000 to 14,000 before the auction, and the final transaction price reached 90,528 pounds (including all costs, equivalent to about 813,000 yuan), breaking the historical record of Omega timepieces sold by the Auctions auction house.

 This Omega Speedmaster antique watch has a stainless steel case and a speedometer scale bezel, which belongs to the earlier model Ref. 2998-1. The chocolate brown dial is decorated with stick-shaped fluorescent hour markers. At 30 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, there are 30-minute counters, 12-hour counters, and small seconds. This watch is equipped with a Calibre321 manual winding movement.

 Steven Yambo, senior expert in the watch department of Fellows auction house, said: ‘We are delighted to break another record of the auction house. As Christmas approaches, this stunning auction of Omega Speedmaster watches is a success for the watch department. One year draws to a successful conclusion. A chocolate brown dial is extremely rare. We know that it will attract bidders, but we did not expect to break the auction house records. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)

Noble Artist 6654-1127-55b Men’s Watch

Blancpain watches symbolize the world’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, which can be called world-class no matter from the appearance or internal operation. The Blancpain men’s watch has always been elegant and rich in content, which is loved by high-end people in China. Use this 6654-1127-55B watch today to take you through Blancpain’s moon phase display series.
Blancpain 6654-1127-55B is a steel watch belonging to the Villeret series. Its 40 mm case is made of stainless steel and exudes a silver metallic luster, which shows the strong strength of men. . The flowing metal luster on the smooth case lines adds a lot of youthful vitality to the watch, so this watch is more suitable for young talents to wear, and it can well set off the temperament of such people. Its dial layout also looks generous, the three large hollow hands exude a silver metallic luster, and leisurely rotate to indicate the time for us against a white background. The blue date indicator needle has become the most vivid color on the dial, which also makes the youthful vitality of the watch even higher. If you want to say that this concise dial is the most conspicuous, you must have a moon phase display. The black night sky with white moons and stars, presenting the beautiful sceneries that belong to the sky on your wrist, is an unspeakable experience. With feelings. Moreover, Blancpain’s art masters also added a cute smiley face to the moon, adding a very human touch to the watch, and it also seemed that the owner of the watch was more approachable. In terms of appearance alone, this is definitely a watch full of fashion elements, but without giving people a sense of distance.

 The functions of this Blancpain 6654-1127-55B are also very comprehensive. As a formal watch, it can not only meet the practical needs of people in daily life, but also add some artistic color to the wearer of the watch. The time display of the junior hand, clearly visible on the dial, makes this watch extremely legible. Below the watch at 12 o’clock, there are two windows that are symmetrical to the left and right, which respectively implement the month display and date display functions for the watch. The black English letters are very conspicuous against the white dial background, so that we can clearly get the time information of the day. The blue date hand and the date scale on the inner circle of the dial form a date display panel to display the time of the day. The most artistic feature is the moon phase function. The practical value of this function may not be high for us, but it brings a feeling close to nature and can satisfy people’s spiritual enjoyment. In addition, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters. As a formal watch, the requirements in this area are not very high. The water depth of 30 meters can already meet our daily needs. Enjoy life without worrying about your precious watch.
 This Caliber 6654-1127-55B is equipped with a cal.6654 caliber produced by Blancpain, which is an automatic mechanical movement. Its 28,800 shocks per hour can greatly reduce the external influence on the watch’s travel time, ensuring the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. It consists of 321 parts, and there are 28 gems in the middle to reduce friction and extend the life of the movement. This movement can also provide a 72-hour power reserve, which is excellent in formal watches, which can basically meet the needs of everyone’s daily life.

 Although this watch of Blancpain 6654-1127-55B does not use any precious metal materials, it was created by the watchmaker that Blancpain can call an ‘artist’, showing a different noble temperament and The beautiful appearance can be said to be a masterpiece of Blancpain watchmakers turning decay. Its function takes into account both practicality and people’s spiritual pursuit, and reasonably arranges the dial space, making the function comprehensive but not complicated. The performance of Blancpain’s own movement is also extremely superior. Its market reference price is 118000. It sold a steel watch but sold for more than 100,000 yuan. We can imagine the value of its high performance and unique design. This is a watch with a lot of content. The tradition of Blancpain also makes it a good collection value. It should satisfy the eyes of many discerning watch lovers.
 Watch details: blancpain / 5205 /

Getting Closer To The Dive Table The Depth Numbers Are Constantly Evolving

For the film ‘Ocean’, I believe that many watch brands must be most concerned about-which brand watch does the shooting team wear when diving? And, what is the water-resistant depth of this watch? The constant change of the watch’s submersible depth is a testimony to the continuous development of watchmaking technology. Rolex Deep Sea
氦 Helium discharge valve with balanced pressure
During the diving process, as the depth increases and the water pressure increases, tiny helium atoms will be squeezed into the case from the gap of the table under the action of strong pressure, so that the internal pressure of the table gradually increases to achieve a basic balance of internal and external pressure. . When diving up after the end of the dive, the external water pressure rapidly decreases, and the helium atoms in the case are difficult to remove instantly, which will form a huge pressure difference, enough to break the case. To solve this problem, all deep dive watches are equipped with a helium exhaust device to ensure the safety of the watch.
Adjustable strap
The straps of diving watches are generally made of solid steel or special materials to prevent the corrosion of seawater to the greatest extent. At the same time, the straps of many dive watches are adjustable, such as the Rolex DeepSea series, its Glidelock buckle, adjustable width up to 18 mm. As long as you open the buckle, you can see the center toothed clips inside, each cell is 1.8 mm apart, for a total of 10 cells. Professional divers can easily wear even a 7 mm thick wetsuit.
Swivel bezel
Due to the limitation of oxygen, a countdown reminder is very important for divers. If it rises too fast due to lack of oxygen, it will cause decompression sickness. Therefore, the rotating bezel is an ingenious and practical function. Generally, just turn the bezel during the dive, make the 0 scale on the bezel align with the minute hand, and then watch the scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves to know the time spent diving.
Of course, you can also count down. First of all, know your dive time. Turn the bezel to align the minute scale with the minute hand, and then the time when the minute hand reaches the 0 scale of the bezel is your diving limit time. The rotation of the external bezel is mostly designed in a single counterclockwise direction, and the latest design now uses an extra safety switch to control the bezel to rotate and lock at will.
LoPloprof’s exclusive bezel safety button is set at 2 o’clock and is decorated with an orange aluminum plated outer ring. With the push of a button, the bezel can be rotated to either side and then locked in place to ensure that it will not move during the dive. Ploprof also has an automatic helium exhaust valve, which is set at 4 o’clock and will release helium atoms when decompressed. This function is especially suitable for professional divers working on diving bells. Breguet Marine Royal series rose gold alarm diving watch
Deep Water Alarm
The Marine Royal series rose gold alarm diving watch from 宝 玑, although waterproof to a depth of only 300 meters, is commendable because it has a deep water alarm function. When the alarm sounds, it reminds people that it is time to return to the ground.
Luminous indicator
Everyone knows that light is easily dispersed in water and is not suitable for transmission. Therefore, it is very dark when diving below 100 meters, so the pointer, scale or surface of the diving watch is usually coated with fluorescent material, and the size of the pointer and scale is deliberately enlarged to make it easier for divers to read.
Tritium luminescence needs to be made of radioactive materials. The earliest radium is usually used, but it has been changed to a new safe material because of its high radioactivity. The half-life of this material is no more than 10 hours.
Turn-in crown
As we all know, the crown is the only part that connects the outside world with the movement. In order to prevent water from entering the movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called a screw-in crown-the joint of the crown is added with a waterproof rubber ring made of rubber. When the crown is tightened, Water was tightly isolated from the watch.
There are also many diving watches that have been upgraded. Not only do they have a larger crown, but they also add deeper pits to them, making them more slip-resistant and convenient for underwater operations. At the same time, turn-in crowns are widely used on military watches.

Hermès New Arceau Pocket Volutes Fashion Pocket Watch

Hermès has a long tradition of craftsmanship. In order to pass on the spirit of craftsmanship, Hermes watches focus on metalwork. Combining the essence of gold inlay and hand engraving, the unique Arceau Pocket Volutes pocket watch is exactly reflecting this extraordinary craftsmanship.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

Pocket watch back cover with carved spiral and scroll pattern lines, inspired by Henri d’ Origny silk scarf created for Hermes in 1972. The traced texture traces its origins back to the origins of Hermès’ creation. In the dream country derived from the equestrian world, craftsmen invented fashion elements into high-end materials with ingenious ingenuity. The Arceau Pocket Volutes alone is a hand-carved watch cover that has taken 150 hours to make. It is ingenious, crafted, precious and extraordinary, rare today.
The back cover of the pocket watch is made of two white gold and rose gold pieces. Before the two are welded together at high temperature, they are carved with decoration. After welding, the engraved rose gold sheet on the upper layer shows the swirling curve texture of gold and silver two-color overlay. Later, the craftsman fine-tuned the pattern with a sculpting knife, further refining the individual vortex curve to bring out a distinct three-dimensional sense. This delicate carving process is called ramolayage in French goldsmith terms.

Platinum material / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 48mm

The craftsmen modified the shape, carved out the right-angle part of the vortex pattern, and carefully thought out, so that the metal surface was curved to reflect light. This series of complicated procedures removes any overshadowed radiance in order to achieve the perfect curvature of the surface force. Then hit the parts that need to be darkened with a hammer. This delicate work is carried out with special engraving tools to prepare the metal for coloring, highlighting the contrast between polished platinum and darker matte platinum blocks. This part was then covered with a gloss protective coating and immersed in a ruthenium ion solution; after the gloss coating was removed, the gold portion appeared in three distinct shades: rose pink, light gray, and dark gray.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

The dial of Arceau Pocket Volutes highlights another decorative technique: the Great Fire Enamel. The firing process of the big fire requires patience. A slightly arched panel is coated with brown chestnut-colored enamel pigment. The central enamel coating is thinner, so it appears a lighter color. The color gradually deepens to the surroundings, achieving a delicate and clear hierarchy. Warm brown chestnut color.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

This unique timepiece technology, equipped with the brand H1928 automatic winding mechanical movement, gives Arceau Pocket Volutes pocket watches a pulse of life. At Hermes, the combination of superb craftsmanship and the tradition of fine timepieces is pleasing to the eye.

The Most Precise Watch Brief Comment On Vacheron Constantin Tour De L’ Ile Watch

This watch I want to introduce to you today is a special watch manufactured by Vacheron Constantin to celebrate the 250th anniversary. Tourdel’Ile is arguably one of the most complicated models. Its design engineers have created a movement that combines many of the most sophisticated functions with astronomical displays, making it a treasure on the wrist.

 There are only a few brands that can really make such a complicated and delicate watch in the entire watch field. The Tourdel’Ile watch made by Vacheron Constantin is the best among them. It not only opens up a new technical field for the high-end watch industry, but also reveals the brand’s endless potential.

 Looking closely we can see the hand-engraved gold dial of the watch, and on the dial we can also see a series of sophisticated complications. The picture shows the tourbillon device at 6 o’clock on the front of the watch, and the small second hand is on the tourbillon.

 The moon phase profit and loss display at 3 o’clock on the watch, the charming dark blue night sky moon phase profit and loss display shows the golden moon carved by hand.

 The small dial of the watch at 1 o’clock shows the torsional force of the mechanical mechanism, that is, the winding condition of the three-question device. In addition to a pair of slightly off-center hour and minute hands gliding on the minute scale circle, the dial also features a power reserve display at nine o’clock and a hand-engraved Poinçon de Genève Geneva premium stamp. Six precision devices interweave a harmonious picture on the upper dial. They perform their respective functions and clearly display the functions day and night.

 Compared to the complexity of the front dial of the watch, the back of the watch is not simple at all. The front and back dials echo each other, showing a very attractive, deep and amazing shape. The upper part of the dial is a perpetual calendar. The three sub dials are arranged in a triangle, from left to right, showing the day, month and date. Placed in the temporary position is a small window showing the leap year.

 The back of the watch and its precise sky map can only be seen from a telescope on the planetarium, which is a rare opportunity to see the map of the northern hemisphere. This precision machine accurately displays changes in celestial phenomena such as astral activity, so that you can enjoy the charming night sky during the day.

 Due to the complexity of the watch, the thickness of the watch reached 17.8 mm. Instead of putting a slide switch in the middle of the case to activate the three-minded mechanism, the watch adopted a new method: grasp the gold buckles on both sides of the bezel, and distribute the power to the thumb and index finger to make the winding Easier and smoother operation.

 This complex watch is equipped with a cal. 2750 manual-winding movement, consisting of a total of more than 834 parts and a total of more than 10,000 hours of research and development. This watch combines three major complications of the watch industry and the most mysterious astrological chart display, and it really deserves to be one of the most complicated watches.

 Summary: This Tourdel’Ile is limited to 7 pieces, made of 18K pink gold (5N). Each one not only has an independent production number, but the dial on the back is decorated with a unique mobile phone engraved pattern, so each one Watches are unique and even more precious.
Please click on watch details: vacheron / 28789 /

Montblanc Helps Polish Tenor Piotr Beczala Sign New Contract

Montblanc played an exclusive signing ceremony at the Vienna Opera House during the exclusive signing ceremony of the famous Polish opera star Piotr Beczala and the world’s largest classical music label Deutsche Grammophon (part of Universal Music). Important role. At an important moment in this career, the famous tenor Piotr Beczala signed this extraordinary record contract with the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 series ink pen, and the Montblanc Timewalker watch he wore also recorded this historical moment .

     Piotr Beczala signs contract with DG Records at Vienna Opera House
   Piotr Beczala is one of the most popular lyric operable tenor in the world, he is famous for his high voice and exciting performance. He has played major roles in several famous romantic operas, including Alfredo in La Traviata, Duca di Mantova in Jester, and Edgardo in Latina’s Lucia, and Bohemian ‘Plays Rodolfo and has starred in’ Witt ‘and’ Faust ‘. The new contract between Piotr Beczala and DG Record (Deutsche Grammophon) includes the recording of several new albums. The first record will be an tribute to the legendary Austrian tenor singer Richard Tauber. It will be released in May 2013. Released worldwide.

DG Records (Deutsche Grammophon) Chairman Mark Wilkinson and Piotr Beczala

Signing a contract at the Vienna Opera House
   Relying on Montblanc’s long-standing philosophy of supporting culture and art, Piotr Beczala resolutely chose to hold the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 series ink pen to record this exciting moment, while giving it a profound historical significance. Over the past 100 years, the Montblanc Meisterstück series of writing instruments has not only verified the signing of many important agreements in history, but has also become a symbol of excellence, art and pioneering spirit.

Longines And Tissot?

One. Different price levels
  Longines and Tissot both belong to the Swiss Swatch Group. In terms of rank, Swatch Group’s positioning of Longines is a second-class watch, while Tissot’s positioning is a third-class watch. It is not difficult to see that the grade of Longines is higher than that of Tissot. This also reflects their selling price. The lowest price of Longines will not be less than 5,000 yuan, while the price of Tissot watches is generally around 2,000 yuan. Both Longines and Tissot use EAT, and there are also some Swatch self-produced movements, which are similar in quality, but the workmanship is definitely a penny and a penny.Longines will perform secondary polishing after purchasing the movement, and Tissot It is used directly after a little processing, which is also an important reason for the price difference.
One. Suitable for different crowds
  Most of the people targeted by Tissot are the younger ones, mainly high-tech watches and sports watches, while Longines is known for its elegance and elegance, and most of them are casual casual and business formal. Tissot’s main products are the high-tech touch-screen Tengzhi series and the PRC200 series.The mechanical watch is the most famous of the Rocklock series. .
two. Value for money varies from person to person
  According to the information obtained at the Basel Watch Fair, Tissot was the world’s top-selling Swiss watch brand in 2009. Cheap and affordable is all-inclusive! Tissot is known locally in Switzerland as a ‘national watch’ and almost every family will see it. Shadow of Tissot watch. Tissot has always been known for its ‘gold and silver prices’ and has also become the ‘Swiss Watch for the Poor.’ In terms of quality, Tissot and Longines can stand the test. Therefore, for consumers who only focus on durability, Tissot is cost-effective; for those who value taste, Longines is cost-effective. So, which one is more cost-effective depends on the individual.
  In the end, Tissot is cheap and Longines is of high quality. Tissot is full of youthful sports and Longines’s elegant and intellectual. Which one is better depends on personal preference.
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Reproduction Of Classic Tasting Lange Lange 1 New 25th Anniversary Model

On October 24, 1994, Walter Lange, the founder of Hyundai Lange, and his partner Günter Blümlein exhibited the new at the Royal Palace in Dresden. The first four watches of the era, LANGE1 is one of them. LANGE1 has now become a very representative of Lange. The dial adopts an eccentric design, and the large calendar display is also one of its marks. Such a design was regarded as a forward-thinking work in the watchmaking world at that time, and caused a strong response. Over time, Lange’s extraordinary aesthetic style was accepted and became a generation of legends. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Lange LANGE1. The brand has produced 250 ’25thAnniversary’ 18K white gold limited edition watches. Let’s enjoy it together next. (Watch model: 191.066)

  This year coincides with the anniversary. Lange will launch dozens of new models to pay tribute to the LANG1 watch released in 1994. The new work retains the iconic elements of the LANGE1 series. The dial design style follows the golden ratio and triangular point. The diameter of the eccentric dial and the ratio of the dial diameter are 1: 1.618. This golden section of visual beauty is used in many aspects. At the same time, Lange LANGE1’s new works are also equipped with a large calendar display, very recognizable.

Watch real shot


  Lange’s new LANGE1 series is made of 18K white gold, with a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 10.7 mm. The watch uses the classic Lange case polishing design, the curved bezel is polished with a polishing process, and the middle layer of the case is polished with satin. From the side, we can see that the case has been polished by different processes, showing a hierarchical visual effect. .

  The crown on the side of the watch is also refinished with a polishing process, engraved with the classic brand logo, and features a non-slip texture design around it for easy grip and time adjustment.

  The silver-white solid silver dial is designed with an eccentric dial. One small dial displays the hours and minutes, and the other a small seconds dial. The dark blue numbers and time stamps contrast with the blue date numbers.

  A large calendar display window is located in the upper left corner. This design is inspired by the 5-minute digital clock of the Semper Opera House in Dresden, Germany. The large calendar numbers are easy to read. The power reserve display is located on the right side of the dial.

  Hand-stitched alligator strap with grey stitching and 18K white gold buckle.

  The movement adopts the L121.1 manual winding movement manufactured by Lange Watch Factory. It is equipped with a double barrel and can provide a power reserve of 72 hours. The movement is exquisitely polished, with untreated 3/4 plywood made of German silver, eight screw-fixed gold sleeves, and hand-carved balance plywood. The balance splint is specially engraved with the large calendar ’25’, which has become a major symbol of the 25th anniversary. The case back is carefully carved, depicting the Lange headquarters in 1873 and the names of Walter Lange and Günter Brulen, and we can clearly see the embossed ’25YEARSLANGE1′.

To sum up: Lange LANGE 1 series watches have not made major changes since its birth in 1994. The classic style has been renewed in the years and still exudes unique charm. The LANGE 1 series of new watches introduced above has a classic personality, meanwhile, the detailed design of the dark blue printed silver-white dial, blue date numerals, and the engraving of the Lange headquarters pattern is refreshing and impressive. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Excellent Performance Glashütte Original Mp Calendar Chronograph

Glashuti’s original Calibre 37 chronograph movement was first introduced in 2014, and has been well received for its innovative design and excellent features. Today, after three years of refinement, the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date family equipped with this self-winding movement adds a newcomer to the new Senator Chronograph Panorama Date Chronograph in stainless steel.

   The 42 mm case is made of sturdy stainless steel, and polished and satin-brushed alternately, making the new exquisite and dynamic watch with outstanding durability. The new watch offers three different strap options: a carefully selected black calfskin strap with blue stitching, which matches the blue Super-LumiNova luminous material, highlighting noble elegance; the black rubber strap Decorated with a light laser-cut texture, the touch is impressive; the polished, forged and polished stainless steel bracelet is simple and stylish, with an innovative patented closing device, giving the watch owner an unparalleled comfort.

   Both the calf leather strap and the rubber strap can be used with a variety of folding buckles or traditional pin buckles, or a double insurance design with two buttons on each side of the stainless steel bracelet to prevent the buckle from accidentally opening.

   The new Senator Large Calendar Chronograph is extremely design-oriented, with a sharp contrast between the dark black dial and the white hour markers, making it full of quality without losing vitality. The gorgeous blue Super-Lumi Nova luminous material used in a large area makes the hands of white gold and the Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock as well as all the hour markers more clear. Precise and readable. Not only that, the overview of the delicate dial, the 30-minute counter, the 12-hour chronograph dial and the small seconds display are all perfectly combined in the upper part of the dial, and the power reserve is elegantly embedded in it; The calendar is in the air … and the legibility of the watch is guaranteed.

   Glashütte’s original Calibre 37-01 chronograph movement. The watchmaker’s original self-winding movement has a frequency of 4Hz, which ensures maximum functionality through an efficient and compact structure. Such as switching levers; In the Calibre 37 series chronograph, the lever is composed of only one component, which can effectively reduce the probability of error and interference between parts to close to zero, thereby ensuring a high degree of safe switching. In addition, the coupling clutch works by swinging the pinion to save space. Specially designed to increase the reliability of the chronograph by using the same short path when engaging and disengaging the clutch. Power reserve will reach 70 hours.

Jacques Beibei Chronograph Stainless Steel Video Real Shot

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Beiji series chronograph watch is 42 mm in diameter and equipped with a speedometer scale bezel. It is the most sporty model in the new series. The speed scale allows the wearer to calculate the speed through a specific distance, which is suitable for racing or self-testing on the highway. Chronographs are arguably the most practical complication in watchmaking. Its precise timer button has been redesigned for easier operation; the new model’s chronograph dial features a large triangular indicator, with a contrasting design that is easy to read.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series chronograph stainless steel
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