Announced Five Winners Of The 2019 Rolex Talent Awards

The Rolex Talent Award is the core of Rolex’s ‘Protect the Earth, Perseverance’ program. The announcement of the Rolex Talent Award indicates that this program has successfully passed forty years.

  [June 14, 2019, Washington News] Rolex today announced the five winners of the 2019 Rolex Talent Awards. They will receive funding and other rewards for projects that improve the life of the planet.
  To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the world’s first waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster, the brand established the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 1976. The award aims to cultivate the spirit of creation, expand human knowledge, promote human well-being, protect cultural traditions and protect the environment.
  Rolex has long supported the protection of the earth, and recently launched the “PerpetualPlanet” program, which provides support for important people and organizations to solve environmental problems.

  National Geographic is a partner of the ‘Protect the Earth, Constant Action’ program, and has been working closely with Rolex since the early 1950s. Ten 2019 Rolex Talent Award winners each presented their entries at the National Geographic Explorers Festival.
  The Rolex Awards jury, composed of independent experts, met for the first time in February and selected ten finalists from a preliminary list of 957 applicants from 111 countries. For the first time in 43 years since the establishment of the Grand Prix, the public has been invited to vote through social media and vote for their favorite projects.

  Judging from the results of the public vote, the jury selected the final grand prize winner during the second meeting of the Explorers’ Day.
  Arnaud Boetsch, Rolex’s Director of Communications and Imagery, said: “Now we need more than ever to create, persevere, and solve the problems faced by leaders. We congratulate the award winners , Their winning projects are expected to have a significant impact globally. ‘

Rolex Award Winners

João Campos-Silva

João Campos-Silva

João Campos-Silva

João Campos-Silva

  João Campos-Silva, 36 years old, Brazil-The giantbone tonguefish is the world’s largest freshwater fish, weighing 200 kilograms and distributed in the Amazon. It is now on the verge of extinction. The Brazilian fisheries ecologist actively cooperates with local communities and Pu Fisheries, not only to protect the giant bone tongue fish, but also to protect the indigenous people and their livelihoods, food supplies and traditional cultures that have always depended on rivers.

Grégoire Courtine

Grégoire Courtine

Grégoire Courtine

  Grégoire Courtine, 44, France-Scientists working in Switzerland, Coutin, are developing revolutionary treatments to help paralyzed patients walk again. Its plan is to use implanted electronic ‘bridges’ to reconstruct the information transmission between the brain and spinal cord, which is expected to promote nerve regeneration and restore patients’ ability to control the legs.

Brian Gitta

 Brian Gitta

 Brian Gitta

Brian Gitta

  Brian Gitta, 26, Uganda-Many African villagers have been delaying treatment for weeks as they wait for the results of a malaria test. Kita is testing a new low-cost portable device, the Matiscope, which uses light and magnetic systems to produce results in minutes without the need for a blood sample. In 2017, there were as many as 200 million malaria cases in Africa.

Krithi Karanth

Krithi Karanth

Krithi Karanth

Krithi Karanth

  Krithi Karanth, 40, India-Conservation scientist Krithi Karanth is determined to reduce friction between wildlife and residents near Indian National Parks. To this end, she is committed to reducing the threats faced by humans, property and livestock, raising awareness of the protection of communities and schools, and more importantly, assisting users with claims through a free helpline.

Miranda Wang

Miranda Wang

Miranda Wang

Miranda Wang

Miranda Wang

  Miranda Wang, 25, Canada—Wang Yuwen, a Canadian entrepreneur and molecular biologist living in California, USA, has been working to solve the problem of plastic pollution. She took the lead in promoting innovative processes, including plastic bags and packaging materials Non-recyclable plastic waste is converted into valuable chemicals for industrial production and manufacturing of consumer goods such as automobiles and electronics.
2019 Rolex Awards Jury List
  Mosunmola “Mo” Abudu, Nigeria, is a media entrepreneur and philanthropist and is currently President of EbonyLife Media. She is also the host of the Pan-African interview show Moments with Mo and the founder of the Inspire Africa Foundation.
  Jonathan Baillie (UK), an international authority on endangered species in the world, is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of the National Geographic Society.
  Laurence de la Ferrière (France), a mountaineer, explorer and writer, has pioneered many new routes for severe terrain over the past three decades. She has twice broken the world record for female anaerobic altitude.
  Juan Dumas (Argentina), a well-known Latin American mediation and public policy expert, has worked with a number of development financial institutions. He is currently a Senior Advisor to Fundación Futuro Latinamericano (FFLA).
  David Gruber (United States), a marine biologist and prestigious National Geographic Emerging Explorer, has discovered hundreds of species and new marine phenomena to date.
  Paula Kahumbu (Kenya), president of the non-governmental organization WildLifeDirect, is dedicated to promoting conservation in Africa. She has worked to protect Kenya’s threatened wildlife and habitat.
  Adam Rutherford (United Kingdom), geneticist and writer, and host of BBC Radio 4 show Inside Science and BBC Television show The Cell and The Gene Code.
  Annika Sörenstam (Sweden / U.S.) Has been named the best female golfer in history, repeatedly breaking records and changing the development of women’s golf.
  Rav i Venkatesan (India), a business leader and philanthropist, is also a pioneer in technology and is committed to social change. He is the founder of Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship.
  Huang Wingling (Ling Wong, USA), an investment expert and entrepreneur, is keen to apply technology to society. She is currently a general partner of investment firm Sea Lane Ventures.
2021 Rolex Talent Award
  The 2021 Rolex Talent Award is now open for applications. All pioneers who are determined to use innovative projects to improve the quality of life on the planet are welcome to apply, regardless of nationality.

Montblanc Hongqiao Shangjia Center Boutique Elegant Opening

Prior to this, Montblanc, a top international luxury brand, opened its new boutique in Shanghai Shangjia Center, a new landmark of fashion. At the opening ceremony that night was ‘Starry Night of Art’, Montblanc’s brand spokesperson, Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage and well-known Hollywood actress MaggieQ, as well as popular Asian actress Wu Qilong and Chinese famous actress Ma Sushuang appeared at the event. At the scene, we gathered together with Montblanc collectors who loved Montblanc, and enjoyed a full range of Montblanc star classic automatic watches and Montblanc ‘CuttingEdge’ avant-garde art project, which received the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo as the theme.

Montblanc Art Star World

This brand-new boutique called the Montblanc Art Museum is full of contemporary art. With an area of ​​nearly 700 square meters, the new Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique has enough space to display Montblanc’s highly collectible classic products and the creative fruits of its art projects. Unlike the past, which can only appreciate printed reproductions, this time the artwork featuring the Montblanc brand’s Mont Blanc hexagonal white star logo is presented in its original version. Twelve original authentic works by young artists from Italy, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Norway, Russia, and China have transformed Montblanc Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique into an art hall.

Montblanc Shangjia Center Boutique’s first-floor boutique area displays all handmade products in a blank style, showing Montblanc’s sophisticated and extraordinary value leather goods; the first-floor collection area is jewelry, writing tools and Montblanc Villeret watches series. Among them, Collector’sWall is the most eye-catching-according to the time and series of production, Montblanc’s outstanding writing tools are placed, from the well-known art patron series, Dawenhao series to the giant series, all of which have gained huge popularity in the collection industry. Works can be found here; in this exhibition area where Montblanc model works are gathered, there is a Montblanc Villeret 1858 series watch from Montblanc Villeret, which represents the pinnacle of high-end Swiss handmade watches, equipped with Montblanc’s independent The Nicholas Kaiser series of movements, and the Montblanc Princess Grace collection from Montblanc in the high jewelry display area.

The Montblanc Star Classic automatic watch, which was unveiled with this event, brings a fresh feeling to today’s watchmaking industry: roundness and elegance, size fit, and uncomplicated functional layout, outlined by the most simple lines The wearer’s all-encompassing chest mounds, while extremely low-key, also have unquestionable demeanor. Its return to classic elegance, it has become an outstanding representative of elegant watches in recent years. At the same time, this year Montblanc has added a companion to this classic men’s watch, forming a Montblanc star classic series pairing watch, so that delicate women who insist on reading micro-aesthetics can also appreciate the simplicity of this classic watch.

Dewitt And Its Golden Afternoon Watch

Pre-Raphaelite artistic style and its interpretation of feminine, romanticism and symbolic natural beauty are the source of inspiration for DeWitt’s creation of the Golden Afternoon collection.

Artistic inspiration In the mid-nineteenth century Victorian England, a brotherhood of former Raphaelite British artists, poets and critics created works in praise of women, romanticism and symbolic nature. They are dissatisfied with the ideas taught and pursued by the Royal Academy, and they hope to return to a more direct and honest expression of art, advocating rich details, strong colors and complex structures.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti is one of the people who promoted the artist circle, and he hopes to strengthen the link between romantic poetry and art. Another artist heavily influenced by the pre-Raphaelite style is Julia Margaret Cameron. She is recognized as one of the most influential people in the early history of portrait photography, and her many famous portraits have made her famous.

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) Alethea (Alice Liddell) – 1872

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 to 1882) ‘The Day Dream’ (1880)

Golden Afternoon Golden Afternoon Through the Golden Afternoon, DeWitt tries to combine poetry and art to trace women’s different periods in their lives and their changing views on things around the world. Golden Afternoon golden afternoon series style is light and dreamy, reflecting the inner world of women like a mirror.

The Golden Afternoon series uses exquisite mother-of-pearl to make the dial. It is like a garden full of flowers, with a breeze blowing from time to time. Flowers of various sizes and shades fly outward from the center, scattered around the dial, poetic. Against the background of the mother-of-pearl sky, the looming clouds and the twelve diamond water lilies merge to form a fantasy-like oil painting. The slight ‘out-of-focus’ effect is reminiscent of Julia Margaret Cameron’s photographic style, which is extremely tense and imaginative.
The delicate hour and minute hands resemble angel wings, and the top of the slim and elegant second hand looks like a flame. At the bottom left of the dial, a small DeWitt logo floats gently in the mother-of-pearl sky.
To learn more about DeWitt and this stunning watch collection, follow the upcoming Europa Star World (No. 4/2011).
Source: DeWitt

Montres DeWitt SA
Rue du Pré de la Fontaine 2
Case postale 58
CH 1217 Meyrin 2
Tel: +41 (0) 22 750 97 97 Fax: +41 (0) 22 750 97 99
[email protected]

Roger Dubuis Pulsion Series Summer Sports Watch Recommended

Hot recommendation for Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) Pulsion series skeleton tourbillon watch and rose gold chronograph stopwatch this summer is a perfect fusion and interpretation of reliable, strong, light, transparent and other characteristics. This series of watches draw inspiration from the ‘adventurer’ world, dare to challenge the routine, always easy to face difficult obstacles, and has a strong personality, constantly surpassing the will of self, and can control every moment with ease.

 Pulsion Titanium Skeleton Tourbillon Watch

 ROGER DUBUIS Roger Dubuis Pulsion adventure series hollow skeleton tourbillon watch, its light and agile, elegant and transparent. The unique sapphire crystal design makes it unique. The fixed mirror extends all the way to the side of the case and acts as a bezel. Under the mirror is engraved with luminous digital time markers. The 44mm diameter titanium case of this extraordinary masterpiece houses a skeleton differential flying tourbillon movement. The titanium skeleton tourbillon watch has a polished and satin-finished black rubber strap with a titanium / stainless steel folding clasp.

 Pulsion Adventurer Rose Gold Chronograph Stopwatch

 This Pulsion adventurer’s rose gold chronograph stopwatch also uses a hollow design to show superb craftsmanship. Through the semi-hollowed dial, the exquisite decoration of the RD680’s exclusive chronograph movement is clearly visible, and the sapphire crystal is directly fixed on the case, making this model very easy to identify. Its revolutionary structural design engraved Arabic numerals under the mirror and covered with luminous material. This model is equipped with a micro-torque automatic winding RD680 mechanical chronograph movement. With the most advanced production technology, it perfectly combines beauty and performance. The RD680 chronograph movement contains 261 parts, a power reserve of 52 hours, and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 hertz).

Glashütte Watch And Zurich Film Festival Become Official Partners

Zurich in September will once again become the focus of the film industry this year, and the appearance of Glashütte Original in Zurich represents the brand’s commitment to further strengthen its comprehensive and in-depth support of arts and cultural activities. Within ten days from September 20, 2012, fans and film industry guests will gather in the heart of Zurich to watch new movies.
This year, top German watchmaker Glashütte has expanded its support for art and culture, sponsoring the Zurich Film Festival: the cooperation agreement will last for three years starting from the 2012 Film Festival. Glashütte’s appearance in Zurich represents Glashütte’s commitment to further strengthen its comprehensive and in-depth support of artistic and cultural activities.格拉 Since 2011, Glashütte has been a partner of the Berlin International Film Festival; this year is the first time the brand has specifically provided ‘Made in Germany’ bonus support for emerging film directors. Cooperation with the Zurich Film Festival reinforces Glashütte’s current commitment in cultural sponsorship: the perfect complementarity between the art of filmmaking and the art of watchmaking. Just as the combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology brings indispensable precision to mechanical movements, in the art of filmmaking, the combination of very different craftsmanship, complex technology and perfect time mastery can create an outstanding film. .

Fashion Week Is At Your Doorstep, Is Your Watch Following The Fashion?

On October 29, the ‘Spring / Summer 2018 Collection’ China International Fashion Week was held in Beijing. This season’s fashion week lasts for 10 days and 89 special releases will be held. International Fashion Week opens at the door of your house. Is there any reason you are not fashionable? Has your watch followed suit?

Hermes CAPE COD 044328WW00 watch

Product Model: 044328WW00
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: The COD series 044328WW00 watch uses brown and blue stitching to effectively combine daily and highlights. In winter, you need a bright color on your wrist.
Chanel BOY · FRIEND series H4886 watch

Model: H4886
Domestic public price: 72800
Watch diameter: 21.5 * 27.9 mm
Case thickness: 6.2 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:

Product Model: YA1264022
Domestic public price: 7100
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Case thickness: 5 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel; PVD gold-plated
Watch details: gucci / 58304 /
Watch details: This is an extremely ostentatious watch, and I think you will be attracted to it at first sight. A blue pupil is located in the middle of the dial, and there is a slight disdain in firm eyes. The gold-plated PVD case with Gucci’s signature ‘double G’ print pattern, and the dial design with a very personality, the title of ‘attractive weapon’ is well deserved.
Summary: When it comes to fashion, some people think of it as a habit, while others use it as a goal that they have been chasing. But I think that as long as you find your own style and control it well, that is your fashion. Which of these fashion tools do you like today?

Elegant Retro Style Design

The new 18K rose gold retro model of CarlF. Bucherer’s ManeroFlyback chronograph series has a very nostalgic aesthetic style, which combines the beauty of precious metals, retro elegance and top watchmaking. Craftsmanship in one body; the movement is equipped with a column-wheel chronograph structure, which is accurate and easy to operate; and the black and red details of the watch are paired with a thoughtful, paired with antelope leather strap, adding a touch of elegance and fashion to the nostalgic charm.

Retro style and stylish charm
 The design of the new work is inspired by the watch styles of Bucherer in the 1960s and 1970s. It contains years and styles, exuding a gorgeous and timeless style; the 18K rose gold case with a diameter of 43 mm is round and smooth, with a curved sapphire crystal and a chic round Details such as the shaped chronograph button, hollow rose gold sword-shaped hands and wedge-shaped hour markers are all rich in the aesthetics of the watch design.
 The retro colors and stylish details of this Mali Long flyback chronograph are perfectly natural: the black radial dial with two silver small dials, the small seconds dial and the 30-minute chronograph dial, and the bright red ‘Flyback’ lettering and minute scale , Red central chronograph seconds hand, dial edge tachymeter scale and date display at 6 o’clock, etc. are meticulous, with contrasting colors and craftsmanship; dark grey suede antelope leather strap, decorated with red thread and 18K rose gold Folding pin buckle, Huamei Shenyun echo each other.

Precision performance and easy operation
 The aesthetic craftsmanship of the Mali Long flyback chronograph is not only reflected in the appearance, but also internal and external. The CFB1970 self-winding chronograph movement has a 42-hour power reserve, and the movement parts are decorated with exquisite fish scale and Geneva patterns. The column wheel chronograph structure is very representative. The column wheel chronograph structure is a very representative traditional watchmaking process. The column wheel chronograph movement has a precise structure, which makes the start, stop and zeroing of the flyback chronograph function easier. Press the chronograph button lightly, the second hand will instantly reset to zero and another timing program will start automatically. In addition, the wearer can appreciate the precision structure and timing operation of the movement from the sapphire crystal case back.

Mary Lee Flyback Chronograph: Changing Styles
 The new 18K rose gold retro model is the eighth model of the Mali Long flyback chronograph. Other models include an elegant rose gold case with a black, silver or champagne gold dial; a stainless steel case with a silver or blue-gray dial. There is also a retro stainless steel case with a black dial. The craftsmanship of the Bucherer watch is perfect, conveying to the world the amazing watchmaking craftsmanship that originated in MadeofLucerne, Switzerland.

Ball Watch Professional Diving Watch Adds A New Work Submarine Warfare Blue Dial Goes A Step Further

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare diving watch of BALL WATCH was launched in 2018, because of its special luminous design and anti-vibration device, it has always been loved and paid much attention by the market. Therefore, in 2019, the brand has once again enriched the series and launched the blue face plate style, giving people who like diving and outdoor sports more choices.

This time, Submarine Warfare launched a new blue face plate model. The blue PVD-coated model goes one step further in functionality. The outer ring scale uses a ‘Super LumiNova’ super luminous coating to enhance night vision.

Continuing the previous design, the unidirectional rotating bezel of the new Submarine Warfare is still inlaid with a self-luminous miniature gas light, which can clearly display the dive time. The hour scale on the faceplate is composed of three-dimensional rod-shaped self-luminous miniature gas lamps. Different sizes and colors form a bright night vision effect. The hour, minute and second hands are also equipped with this miniature gas light that can emit light without external light source, and it is easy to read time in dark environment.

The watch has an Amortiser® shock-resistant design that protects the movement from impact, and is equipped with a special metal cover to ensure that the watch can withstand magnetic fields up to 80,000 A / m

The case is cast from titanium and is solid and lightweight. The unidirectional rotating bezel made of stainless steel has two more styles, matching the original stainless steel color of simple style. In 2019, a blue PVD coating treatment and a blue face plate are also available. The bezel is engraved with a 60-minute scale and inlaid with a self-luminous miniature gas lamp. The original intention is to allow the diver to quickly calculate the dive time, and it can also be used for other activities.

The back cover is engraved with the US Navy submarine logo

And this time with the combination of titanium and stainless steel made of strap, whether it is to meet the challenges of daily wear or sudden impact, are at ease. The patented three-fold buckle made of high-quality stainless steel is also known for its durability and can withstand 1,400 Newtons. In addition to being tough, it also takes into account the comfort when wearing it. The butterfly button design is suitable for both men and women.

Engineer Hydrocarbon dive watch

Titanium material / BALL RR1102-C self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date, day of the week display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 18,000RMB (stainless steel + titanium chain) , 17,000RMB (rubber belt)

Introduction Of Hublot Vendome Rose Gold Tourbillon Watch

Vendome Rose Gold Tourbillon

HUBLOT specially presented several important and complicated watches in the ‘Vendome’ series in the 2011 Geneva New Product Preview.
& Ldquo; Vendome Tourbillon & rdquo; is a special gift to celebrate the opening of Hublot Paris Vendôme store. This watch has two pocket-shaped cylinders on both sides of the dial, which outline the tourbillon movement frame (the two cylinders represent the 200-year history of the commemorative bronze pillars in Place Vendôme). The miniature cylinders are cleverly painted in bronze, perfectly engraving the copper pillars that stand in the center of Place Vendôme. HUBLOT is more honored to hold a lighting ceremony in Vendôme in December 2010 to celebrate the 200-year history of the square’s copper pillars.

Introduction Of The Bucherer Marion Long Date

The Big Date Power Reserve watch of the Bucherer Marie Dragon series is equipped with a CFB 1964 automatic movement, with a power reserve indicator, and the gentle curve extends from 6 o’clock to the scales of 5 and 8 o’clock between. In addition, there is a large date display window at 12 o’clock. Based on the classic craftsmanship of the Maliron series, and through the Malilong BigDate Power large-date power reserve watch, Breguet successfully created new design features. The silver dial with princess-style hands and bar-shaped indexes sets the watch’s features in a timeless and elegant way. Rose gold round case, 40 mm diameter, with Louisiana alligator leather strap. The soft lug design and the case are subtly matched to form a whole. Maliron BigDate Power is dedicated to those who value watch wear for all occasions. But more importantly, the watch can also show the extraordinary taste of the wearer.
Mandlow BigDate Power Big Date Power Reserve Watch
Model: 00.10905.03.13.01
Movement: CFB 1964 automatic movement
Function: big date, power reserve display
Case: 18K rose gold, 40mm diameter, silver dial
Strap: crocodile leather, 18K pin buckle