Noble And Elegant Gold Watch Series

For modern women, they have long regarded the watch as the best accessory to show their unique style and personality. Baume & Mercier’s designers have realized the return of ‘Golden Trend’ and incorporated it into the design as an innovative inspiration to perfectly interpret this new trend.

Gold watches are more fashionable and dazzling, they do not conceal their inherent luxury. Baume & Mercier always insists on the timeless classic design of ‘隽永 久久 美 美丽’. The rich color plays a more important role in decoration than others.

From the brilliant Classima series, the diamond series with a gold case and digital engraving (Diamant), to the extremely dazzling gold bracelet, the diamond series with a diamond case, sparkling colors Light up the dull shades of this fall.

For those smart women who want to keep up with the trend of the season, but also want to show their unique and innovative temperament, the answer is undoubtedly the perfect combination of gold and stainless steel: the il & eacute; a and Humberton In the series (Hampton), gold and stainless steel straps create a very modern design effect, which will be another success.