Montblanc Hongqiao Shangjia Center Boutique Elegant Opening

Prior to this, Montblanc, a top international luxury brand, opened its new boutique in Shanghai Shangjia Center, a new landmark of fashion. At the opening ceremony that night was ‘Starry Night of Art’, Montblanc’s brand spokesperson, Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage and well-known Hollywood actress MaggieQ, as well as popular Asian actress Wu Qilong and Chinese famous actress Ma Sushuang appeared at the event. At the scene, we gathered together with Montblanc collectors who loved Montblanc, and enjoyed a full range of Montblanc star classic automatic watches and Montblanc ‘CuttingEdge’ avant-garde art project, which received the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo as the theme.

Montblanc Art Star World

This brand-new boutique called the Montblanc Art Museum is full of contemporary art. With an area of ​​nearly 700 square meters, the new Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique has enough space to display Montblanc’s highly collectible classic products and the creative fruits of its art projects. Unlike the past, which can only appreciate printed reproductions, this time the artwork featuring the Montblanc brand’s Mont Blanc hexagonal white star logo is presented in its original version. Twelve original authentic works by young artists from Italy, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Norway, Russia, and China have transformed Montblanc Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique into an art hall.

Montblanc Shangjia Center Boutique’s first-floor boutique area displays all handmade products in a blank style, showing Montblanc’s sophisticated and extraordinary value leather goods; the first-floor collection area is jewelry, writing tools and Montblanc Villeret watches series. Among them, Collector’sWall is the most eye-catching-according to the time and series of production, Montblanc’s outstanding writing tools are placed, from the well-known art patron series, Dawenhao series to the giant series, all of which have gained huge popularity in the collection industry. Works can be found here; in this exhibition area where Montblanc model works are gathered, there is a Montblanc Villeret 1858 series watch from Montblanc Villeret, which represents the pinnacle of high-end Swiss handmade watches, equipped with Montblanc’s independent The Nicholas Kaiser series of movements, and the Montblanc Princess Grace collection from Montblanc in the high jewelry display area.

The Montblanc Star Classic automatic watch, which was unveiled with this event, brings a fresh feeling to today’s watchmaking industry: roundness and elegance, size fit, and uncomplicated functional layout, outlined by the most simple lines The wearer’s all-encompassing chest mounds, while extremely low-key, also have unquestionable demeanor. Its return to classic elegance, it has become an outstanding representative of elegant watches in recent years. At the same time, this year Montblanc has added a companion to this classic men’s watch, forming a Montblanc star classic series pairing watch, so that delicate women who insist on reading micro-aesthetics can also appreciate the simplicity of this classic watch.