Man Charisma Weathervane Different Cartier Drive De Cartier

‘The hand and the heart are connected, and the hands are lazy, and they know it in the play. The watch is connected to time. Its delicateness and style will eventually be deposited on you by time.’ I know if it’s Zhang Zhen’s reason. When I watched the micro-movie ‘Hand’ shot by Cartier and Zhang Zhen, this sentence penetrated my heart and made me fall in love with the Drive de Cartier watch. Under Zhang Zhen’s elegant and charming appearance, I seemed to see the accumulation and innerness of him and Drive de Cartier. Watch model: WSNM0004.

   We know that Cartier has always been a pioneer of fashion in the watch industry. It is a vane-like existence. It is good at shaping classic shells but also likes to incorporate classic elements in it. The new ‘Drive de Cartier’ is inspired by the dashboard of antique cars. Frankly speaking, many watch series are based on antique cars or automobile elements as the source of creation. Drive de Cartier can stand out from many watches. At the same time, it makes people feel a strong nostalgic mood, which is exactly the classic Awe, courtesy of the past.

Form: Cartier’s amazing creative ability
   Cartier launched the Drive de Cartier watch, which became a classic with outstanding styling. First of all, what makes me stand out from the crowd is the crisp and generous pillow-shaped contours, and the clear curved lines, as if I saw the confidence and brilliance of a man at a glance. And the dial size of 40 * 41 mm is just right for men, neither contrived nor capable.

Watch right side

   This watch has a natural charm. The stainless steel octagonal crown is set with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel, which sets off men’s only masculinity, toughness, elegance and independent high-quality life.

Alligator leather strap

 Stainless steel buckle

   I prefer leather straps over stainless steel straps, because leather straps don’t look that strong and they are slightly lighter and more comfortable to wear. This just happens to be a semi-matte black alligator leather strap with 18 mm stainless steel folding buckle, which is very delicate.

Exquisite lugs

   We can see that the lugs of this watch are not large, and they are perfectly connected to the case and strap, and they are completely integrated. The surface is polished, and the stylish and elegant image is impeccable.

Atmospheric dial
   Looking at the dial, the delicate silver-plated guilloché pattern reminds me of the exhaust grille of the car, and I can’t help but sigh that Cartier has really integrated the elements of the antique car into the watch. There is a date display window at three o’clock, a small seconds dial at six o’clock, leaf-shaped blue-steel seconds and sword-shaped blue-steel hours and minutes, and the classic black Roman numerals are consistent, clear and atmospheric. The watch is so deep in my heart that it is equipped with a small second hand and calendar. Compared to other complicated functions, the simple Drive de Cartier is enough.

Watch back

Movement: 1904 MC workshop refined automatic winding mechanical movement
   After years of hardening, the refined movement of the workshop has gradually matured. The Drive de Cartier watch is equipped with Cartier’s 1904 MC workshop-finished self-winding mechanical movement. This basic movement is one of the earliest self-made movements launched by Cartier Watch Workshop in 2010. For a basic movement, the rationality of power and layout is the key evaluation criterion. This movement uses a dual barrel configuration, and the calendar function is also very practical. Cartier has become more and more attentive to the retouched part of the movement. In addition to the regular Geneva wave polishing of the plywood part, the top of the movement screw is also After polishing, people saw full sincerity.

   As a self-winding mechanical movement independently developed by Cartier, the dual spring setting guarantees the long-term stability of the winding torque, allowing this 11-centimeter-caliber movement to be accurately timed for a long time. The back of the case is made of transparent sapphire crystal. The transparent design allows us to see the intricate and exquisite craftsmanship of the mechanical watch. The precise movement of the time is accompanied by the passage of time. It is also water-resistant to 3 bar (approximately 30 meters / 100 feet).

Style: Drive men’s sharp, independent, elegant
   In the micro-movement ‘Hand’ jointly launched by Cartier and Zhang Zhen, Zhang Zhen, like Drive de Cartier, interprets men who love the quality of life. Zhang Zhen in life gives such a keen, independent and elegant feeling. He has experienced and accumulated over time, is familiar with the art of life, and lives confidently in the present.

   As far as I know, Cartier’s Drive de Cartier series watch should be an update of the Blue Balloon series. Blue Balloon’s best-selling has gained a good reputation for Cartier, and Cartier has continued to innovate, go further in appearance and quality, The new elegant taste continues Cartier’s legend. Drive de Cartier will surely become another classic of Cartier.
   Under the masculine appearance, there is a delicate heart. The simple appearance of Drive de Cartier is full of masculine power. The complex movement has been honed by years. If I were to choose, Drive de Cartier would be the last to let go. Even the dial engraving pattern has my favorite hidden deep in it. A keen, independent and elegant watch is the first choice for men who love life.

In summary: Drive De Cartier is the vane of men’s charm. Zhang Zhen’s unrestrained behavior, firm and confident look, and calm and charming charm in the video picture, such as the Drive de Cartier series of watches generally have pure and powerful power. If you are passionate about life, why not wear such a clean and elegant Drive de Cartier watch. The domestic price of this watch: 45,500 RMB.