Male Star’s Most Popular Big Watch

Liang Chaowei VS Cartier The wise and elegant gentleman’s demeanor and the tough and firm masculinity are important charms for every man. In the advertising campaign of the Calibre de Cartier watch, the famous actor Liang Zhaowei, who has played a variety of male characters in different styles, performed his acting again, and created a man image full of wisdom, perseverance and courage to break through. The Calibre de Cartier watch, a balance of power and beauty, has become a loyal partner of the perfect modern gentleman represented by Liang Chaowei.

Brad & middot; Pete vs Heya Brad & middot; Pete, the most handsome and sexy man in the world, he is the emperor of the fashion industry, he is the Hollywood’s ‘Sundown’, he is a model for men He is the prince of women. He treasures TAG Heuer chronographs and wears TAG Heuer Carlisle watches for fashion occasions. The round watch was worn on the extremely angular Pete wrist, exuding his unique charm.

Beckham VS Vacheron Constantin.As a professional player, he is the only midfielder on the planet who can play a beautiful arc pass at 30 yards. As a star, his handsome appearance allows him to maintain his idol height forever. & ldquo; Spicy girl & rdquo; Victoria has been loving for 13 years, and it is rare in football today. Beckham likes the Vacheron Constantin double-sided astronomical watch. This excellent complication watch is limited to 7 pieces in the world. They are individually numbered, made of 18K rose gold, and have a dual-surface design. The movement is manufactured in 10,000 hours and consists of up to 834 parts.