Lin Qingxia, Carina Lau And Other Charming Women Classic Interpretation Of Cartier’s High Jewelry Handed Down From The World

In April 2013, French palace-level brand Cartier successively held high-end jewelry exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lin Qingxia, Hou Peizen, Lin Xinru, Chen Yanxi and other attractive women appeared in two places respectively. Jewelry sets off a unique and graceful style.

The legendary actress Lin Qingxia has experienced time and temperament, she is extraordinary, and she attended a Hong Kong event on the evening. She made a special appearance with a rare set of Cartier antique jewellery. The geometric lines of the atmosphere, the brilliant light of the diamond complement the black suit, flowing between the neck, wrist and fingers.

At the Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan, the smart and elegant Chen Yanxi is undoubtedly the focus of the spotlight: her finger shines a rare 24.04 carat diamond, while two agile Cartier cheetahs are on her neck. Chasing each other between the wrists, under the noble charm reveals a bit of beauty. Hou Peizen, who wore an elegant white dress, chose deep sapphire high-quality jewellery works, which attracted everyone. The gentle and sweet Lin Xinru is more delicate and charming against the backdrop of the brilliant Cartier Hymen diamond necklace, bracelet and diamond ring.

 Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier
 White gold 1,251 brilliant-cut diamonds
 4 oval-cut diamonds

At the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival that just ended recently, the famous movie star Carina Lau also wore Cartier’s high-quality jewellery works to make a gorgeous appearance: the latest creation of this year’s Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier high-end jewelry watch will be carved, Natural elements and smooth lines are ingeniously blended, like a blossoming flower blooming on the wrist, paired with earrings embellished with 2 gorgeous waterdrop-shaped cut yellow diamonds, showing its graceful personal style.

 Pei Hou attended the Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan with a high-clean white dress and Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection sapphire necklaces, sapphire earrings and sapphire rings.

 Lin Xinru wears Cartier High Jewellery Series Hymen Diamond Necklace, Hymen Diamond Bracelet and Diamond Ring to attend Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan

In May of this year, Cartier High Jewellery Show will move to Beijing and Shanghai to showcase the unique spirit of jewellery.