Kunlun Launches Golden Bridge Tourbillon Memorial Watch

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Corum Golden Bridge watch. The Golden Bridge series has unprecedentedly used a rectangular travel time system, which has brought about a revolutionary creation, and has therefore won a veritable praise as a representative watch. Corum launched the Golden Bridge Tourbillon as a commemorative model on the 30th anniversary of the launch of Golden Bridge. Not only is the Golden Bridge Tourbillon equipped with a sapphire splint, it is also equipped with a tourbillon escapement device, a craft feat. The splint of the CO213 movement in the original series was originally made of 18ct gold, and in this commemorative watch, the splint that fixed the tourbillon frame was made of transparent sapphire. This requires finding a technique that allows sapphire and gold, two materials with completely different hardnesses, stiffnesses and expansion coefficients, to coexist in harmony.
Only 0.6 mm sapphire splint complicates production. The tourbillon frame fixed on the transparent sapphire splint looks very clear. The escapement is made of silicon. The 18ct red gold tonneau-shaped case measures 34 x 51mm and is polished and satin-finished.