Introduction To The Blancpain Big Date Tourbillon Watch

For a watch with top craftsmanship, the beauty of an intricate yet sophisticated movement must be accompanied by practical functions and friendly user-friendliness before it will be reduced to Expensive toys. The Blancpain Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch is a perfect masterpiece combining top watchmaking technology with practicality. At Blancpain’s watchmaking workshop in Le Brassus, the watchmaking center of Switzerland, the watchmaker mastered the new Cal.3725G movement and its 356 complicated and delicate parts to compose the 53-week indication and the tourbillon. Melodious chapter. Modern people live a tight and busy life. No matter how time passes by every second, time is constantly compressed, full calendars, meetings and appointments one after another, and effective mastery of time can truly become the master of time. Blancpain’s Tourbillon Semainier 53-week tourbillon watch is a watch designed to reflect the busy life of modern people. It echoes the brand spirit of Blancpain’s ‘Tradition of Innovation’ and innovates attentively. Combining the work and life needs of modern people with the tradition of top watchmaking craftsmanship to create a complex function watch, it is enough to make work and life easier.

 There are 365 days in a year, divided by 7, which is about 52.14. A year is usually 52 weeks. The reason why 53 weeks are marked is mainly because according to the international standard calendar, 52 weeks can not be divided into extra days or leap years. One more day of accumulation, or the first day of the year is January 1st, which happens to be Saturday. Even if the day is the first week, there will be 53 weeks in some years, such as 2009, 2015, 2020, There will be 53 weeks in 2026 and so on. In order to give life to the top mechanical craftsmanship that reflects the flying of time, the watchmakers at Blancpain watchmaking workshops have developed a new cal. 3725G, with a self-winding tourbillon movement with a 7-day power reserve and 356 parts. Make up the beauty of its delicate movement. Just like the watchmakers’ expectations for the top watchmaking craftsmanship, Blancpain Master Carpenter fully chamfered the bridges and plywood of this movement, Geneva corrugated carving and delicate polishing, all of which made Blancpain L & eacute The ‘man series’ Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch combines the complex functions and practical convenience in one, while taking into account the aesthetics of watchmaking craftsmanship.

 Blancpain L & eacute; man series ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-week large tourbillon watch’ with a large case diameter of 40mm, to enhance the legibility of practical information on the dial, the case has 950 Perkin and 18K roses Gold, with white opal and black dial, two options, Perkin case limited to 88 pieces worldwide, 18K rose gold case limited to 188 pieces, waterproof up to 100 meters, sapphire crystal transparent back cover The caseback appreciates the exquisitely polished beauty of the inner movement.
Technical Information
Blancpain’s Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Date Tourbillon Watch & rdquo;
Model: 2925-3630-53B (18K rose gold case with black dial)
Movement: Cal.3725G / diameter 27.6mm / thickness 7.05mm / 356 parts / 168 hours power reserve
Case: 18K rose gold material / diameter 40mm / thickness 14mm / waterproof 100 meters