How About Tissot Rock Watches, How Does Tissot Rock Watches Identify Authenticity?

Tissot is a well-known Swiss watch brand and has a high reputation in the world. The Lelloc series is a very popular watch series of watches. Many people are asking how is the Tissot Lelloc watch? Today, the watch family will tell you!

Tissot Rock
   Tissot Rock was first introduced in 2003. In 2003, the 150th anniversary of the official Tissot watch brand was established. To commemorate this special day, Tissot specially launched the watch series with the same name as the birthplace of the brand, namely the Rocklock series. And this series of watches are all automatic watches, which is a very different from other series, and the Tissot watch Le Locle series is also known as the most Tissot-style series of watches.
What movement is used by Tissot Rock?
   Tissot Rock is equipped with ETA2824-2 movement, and this movement is also a relatively mature and widely used Swiss watch movement with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Although it is a bit thick, it is very sturdy and durable, and the travel time performance and accuracy are good. The travel time is about 48 hours after the string is full. It can be likened to him: AK-47 in the watch movement, there are many general accessories, and future maintenance costs are relatively low.
   Tissot Le Locle series uses ETA2824-2 movement. ETA is a relatively basic movement with a very high penetration rate. It is mostly used for entry-level mechanical watches of various brands with low maintenance costs. The quality of this movement is good, stable and reliable, and it will have good accuracy after fine polishing and adjustment. However, the sanding of the movement was generally inadequate, and the performance was satisfactory. Tissot Leloc uses the ETA2824-2 movement, which is still very good, and the repair rate is not high.

How is the Tissot Rock design
   Tissot watch brand has always been the spirit of simplicity and classic, and Tissot watch Lelloc series also fully inherited this, it uses simple and classic watchmaking technology, giving people an elegant appearance and robust connotation. The most unique feature of the Tissot watch Le Locle series is its dial design, which is designed to imitate the large wall clock face on the top of the Le Locle clock tower. The design of the Tissot watch Leloc series shows the Tissot brand’s pursuit of high quality from all aspects.
   Tissot Rock is a beautiful series of watches. For many men and women, if you have a harsh choice for appearance, then I believe you will fall in love with Tissot Rock. This watch is made by international Designed by the master of design and appearance, it is rich in many fashion elements. Men and women wearing this watch can directly feel the quality and beauty that his appearance brings to you.

How about Tissot Le Locle watches?
   There are many options for consumers to choose from, such as round and square. The colors are black, white, silver and blue. Dial numbers are also available in Arabic and Roman numerals. The other common feature of the Leroc series is that the dials are tough. Has a unique, almost rough temperament!
   Le Locle watches are available in leather or steel. Its stainless steel strap is a solid core strap. And the bracelet has a soft steel feel and a lock. In particular, it feels good that the handle of this watch is relatively large, and it feels smooth whether it is wound or moved.
   Tissot is well-known as a mid-range Swiss watch brand. Many of its watches are cost-effective. The same is true of Le Locle watches. Many models range in price from 3,000 to 10,000 yuan. Due to its design and different configurations of the movement, the price varies. There are many other brands of watches at this price, but they are slightly inferior to Tissot Rock in terms of grade and workmanship!

How Tissot Rock watches identify authenticity
   After we got to know the Tissot Rock series watches, the identification of authenticity is also a topic that everyone cares about. To this end, the watch house has organized a few points:
   Table mirror: In order to reduce the cost of false watches, the table mirror will not be plated with an anti-reflection layer, so the reflection under the strong light is serious. Just borrow the sunlight mapping to identify the authenticity. The true watch has an anti-reflection coating, so there is not much reflection under strong light, and it has purple or blue glare.
   Back cover: In order to save costs, counterfeiters do not follow the style of the real watch when making the back cover, but only make the original screw cover into a gland.
   Numbering: The watch must have its own fixed labeling rules. According to the labeling, you can find out the specifications, models, production dates, and other information of the watch, while the fake watch only uses a number, even without a number head, which is easy to identify.
   Bracelet: The craftsmanship of the Tissot Rock watch bracelet is fine. It can be clearly seen that the handicraft remains must be a fake watch. The fake watch strap with a bit of butterfly buckle is more delicate, but it has a delicate and unpolished corner. Details, as long as you are careful to find the loopholes.
   Scale Needle: The scale needle of the Tissot watch’s fake fake watch is carefully checked with eyepieces, and you can find the slight traces, which are the small tweezers marks left during installation. The true watch will not see roughly similar traces at all.
   Movement: The movement is the most direct part to identify authenticity. The authentic movement’s automatic tug pattern is Geneva pattern, which diverges from right to left. The texture is clear and natural, and it is very beautiful. Many fake watches use Swiss and Japanese low-end movements. The polishing process is poor, the movement feels rough!