Graduation And Recurrence, Ambitions Still Amy Long Bingfeng Series Climbing To The Peak Of Life

July is another year’s graduation season. Recalling the greenness and childishness of that year, it makes people smile and feel sad. The beauty is that we are about to step out of the campus and bloom ourselves on a larger social stage; what is awkward, we will suddenly find that the original four-year university is short, as if there are still many things that have not been completed, such as us I haven’t had time to talk about a deep-seated love. There are so many books in the library that I haven’t had time to look through them. I haven’t even had time to complete a poor trip with my brother. Although we have buried many ‘too late’ and many regrets in our beautiful youth, we will still enter the society with ambition and ambition with a longing for the future.

Entering the society, I found that there are more exciting and more pressure outside the campus. The society is like an alchemy, constantly overcomes its own shortcomings under grinding, and finally becomes a mature and stable social person. Thank you for paying for yourself, crowding the crowded morning bus, experiencing overtime overnight, and sleeping on the last bus. In the end, I was able to look back on my youth and cast a positive smile on the hardworking self.

Time is like an arrow, and in a blink of an eye, campus life is getting farther and farther. Occasionally returned to his alma mater and revisited, the classroom was still sounded, the playground was still passionate, and the lawns, creeks, and bamboo pavilions were still endless. I used to be childish, looking forward to the future, and bravely moved forward. Today, I have a mature and steady, not only looking forward to the future, but also thinking and controlling. Time is the best proof of growth. In the matter of growth, we need to give ourselves an affirmation. In addition to giving ourselves a confident and calm smile, we can also give ourselves a commemorative gift. A tasteful mechanical watch also It will be a choice to reward yourself. The new Amy Long Bingfeng, in addition to both fashion and texture in appearance, can also reflect the spirit of courage and progress in the design concept.

Inspired by deep sea diving and extreme mountain climbing, Amy Long has designed a series of challengers for men who are dynamic and enthusiastic, and love to meet challenges. Men who have the courage to challenge themselves not only love to explore unknown fields, but also can study in detail in known fields. The boldness and charisma they showed came from the spirit of not surrendering to difficulties and forging ahead.

And this courage, courage, and courage not to be afraid of difficulties often requires the heart to give out a sincere affirmation of oneself as a drive, so in the struggle, always give yourself a spiritual or material affirmation and reward.

Bingfeng’s new unique dial design combines tradition and innovation, as well as the courage and atmosphere of an adventure without hesitation. The three-dimensional dial looks beautiful and looks like a clock gear. The steep edges and corners on the inner bezel are distributed counterclockwise, giving a firm visual image.

The new Emmy Bingfeng watch uses three different craftsmanship (fine, polished, and luminous coating) to add a sense of excitement. The blue dial is vibrant yet elegant.

Through Bingfeng’s new watch, Emilion vividly showed us the pioneering spirit of those who conquered the peak and dared to surpass themselves and challenge the impossible brave spirit, and explained that we are still full of fighting spirit and passion after graduation, making this watch possess Incomparable profound meaning. If you don’t graduate in your youth, your dream will never die!