Glittering And Exciting, Fiyta Releases Heartstring Series Ladies Watch

For those confident and independent women, only elegant and agile watch styles can reflect a more perfect self in the passage of time and face the unknown journey calmly. This charm of internal and external integration is precisely explained by the Fiyta Heartstrings series. From the beginning to the end, it has a magnificent appearance to witness the attitude of women’s loyalty to themselves. In 2019, Fiyta launched a new series of heartstring watches. It adheres to the series’ beautiful design style and is always touching.

  Inspiring and exciting

  The heartstring series was born from a trip. On the return flight of Milan Fashion Week, Gao Yuanyuan’s momentary feelings were fixed into a phoenix flying on the artwork. Based on such wonderful inspiration, Fiyta uses the watch elements to pay tribute to the elegant feminine charm: the shiny and changing mother-of-pearl material flutters like phoenix feathers, floating and overflowing, showing exquisite beauty. The use of inlaid craftsmanship to embellish the watch, just like the glory of women when they attended the dinner, raised their hands to become the focus of attention, adding the gorgeous texture of jewelry. It was also at that time that the idea of ​​incorporating the indispensable V-neck elements of women’s evening dresses into the watch began to enter the designer’s heart.

  The beauty of light

  The brand new watch of the heartstring series retains the series’ beautiful design style. Elegant and dazzling glazed dials are available in coffee and pure white. The coffee-colored dial is deeply charming and contrasts with the rose gold case, revealing the confident style of women. The curve of the gleam pattern extends to the entire dial, like the soft lines unique to the Phoenix light feather, symbolizing the personal charm from the inside to the outside; the pure white plate surface is just like the timeless and charming face, which is elegant and chic.

  At 12 o’clock on the face of the plate, it is inlaid with water-drop-shaped diamonds, which show a changing color and luster under the light. The case is beautifully rounded, and after a careful polishing process, it reflects a bright metallic luster, highlighting superb workmanship. The pumpkin-shaped crown is inlaid with crystals, which complements the bezel, giving people a beautiful visual enjoyment.

  Chic V-neck, blooming on the wrist

  Only the perfect fusion of machinery and design can awaken a deep love in a watch. The new heartstring strap is integrated with the round case, which enhances the comfort during wearing. The strap is inspired by the V-neck element of the evening dress. The shape is chic, like a graceful woman in a dress, paying tribute to the passing time elegantly. The band fuses the inlaying process and lingers on the wrist, which not only reveals the true charm of the woman, but also expresses the longing for the future.

Heart String Series
(LA869009.PKPH; LA869008.PWPH; LA869008.WWWH)

  Configuration parameters:
  Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
  Surface: white / brown, 12 o’clock set with real diamonds, other points inlaid with crystal, glare pattern
  Case: stainless steel, some models rose gold plating
  Ring mouth: stainless steel, inlaid zircon / aperture, static ring
  Crown: Crystal
  Buckle: stainless steel, double opening buckle
  Strap: stainless steel, some models electroplated rose gold / IP gold plated, zircon inlaid with body
  Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom, electroplated bottom print
  Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass, single spherical surface
  Waterproof: 5ATM

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