German Spiritual Compass: Lange Watch

The watch at the top of the pyramid? I believe most people will answer that it is made in Switzerland, but in fact, in the small town of Glashütte in Dresden, Germany, there are two brands that have a heavyweight status in the world table, A. LANGE & SHNE) and another town-named Glashütte Original, especially the legendary Lange.
    German watches are as fascinating as Mercedes-Benz cars and Leica cameras, and the price of the top Lange watch is definitely not much cheaper than that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. If you ask what is the difference between a German watch and a Swiss watch, Lange is not like Patek Philippe to enhance the value with gorgeous craftsmanship and a customized limited edition that has to wait for ten years. German artisans have created mechanical watches that may be the most precise movements in the world with their handicraft beyond imagination. German watches not only win people’s respect for their precision and sturdy movements, they are also known for their bold innovations in machinery. Not only is there a precise tourbillon, but Lange’s sesame chain drive system and 31-day power reserve are incredible.
    I visited the Lange watch factory in the small town of Glashütte last year and was attracted by a pot of plants before leaving the watch factory. A scaled ‘test tube’ was inserted into the soil of the flowerpot. It turned out that they poured water into the ‘test tube’ to water the plants, so that the required amount of water could be accurately calculated every time. The Germans are so rigorous that you do n’t understand. When I offered to take a picture of the sample watch worn on my wrist, the person in charge of Lange refused me. It will leave a slight scratch on the case, and if you need to take a picture, we can provide you with a brand new watch. ‘
    richard lange pour le mérite: There are two versions of extreme precision: platinum (limited edition of 50) and rose gold (limited edition of 200). The strap is hand-stitched crocodile leather. ‘Mérite’ name, this is the third watch since Lange tourbillon and tourbograph launched in 2005, was named ‘pour le mérite’, because this observatory richard lange pour le mérite equipped The sesame chain drive system developed by Chad Lange. When I visited the Lange watch factory last year, the most proud of the watch factory was to introduce us to the production process of the sesame chain. This chain is a bit like a bicycle chain, but each connection point is smaller than ‘sesame’. Is simply breathtaking. Sesame chain was originally used in the old pocket watch technology. The purpose is to use the principle of leverage to maintain a constant torque output when the mainspring is tightened and loosened. On small watches, Lange is the first.
    Pour le Mérite uses the Lange L044.1 movement, which consists of 279 parts and provides 36 hours of kinetic energy reserve. The large case with a diameter of 40.5mm makes this astronomical watch the clearest visual effect. The hands of blue steel are beautiful colors displayed after being heated to a certain temperature with special steel. Another German brand, Glashütte also prefers Blue steel. The same production is still a white enamel dial under a sapphire crystal. It also takes a lot of 30 man-hours, plus 800 degrees high temperature firing.
LANGE ZEITWERK: mechanical watch with skipped time display
    L043.1 movement, platinum case, sapphire crystal glass, time bridge constitutes the frame of the hour, minute and small seconds dial, shaped like open wings across the dial (limited to 200 pieces)
    High-end traditional mechanical watches are usually upgraded with sophisticated movements and luxurious appearances, but they are usually conservative in dial design. After all, bold innovations take a lot of risks. But if you see this Lange’s latest LANGEZEITWERK, you can’t believe it comes from the rigorous German mechanical watch Lange. It can be said to be a revolutionary design-almost all mechanical watches use hands to display time , Only those electronic watches will use the skip-type LCD display, but the revolution of LANGE ZEITWERK is to use the skip-type time display.
    ZEITWERK is derived from the L043.1 movement. The newly developed jumping hour and minute device is still based on the Lange principle. It consists of two minute dials and a large hour ring. The constant power escapement system Once every minute, the necessary switching pulses are generated precisely. To solve such a large jump type display, two problems must be solved: one is to provide a large amount of power for the three digital disks to move forward at the same time; the other is how to accurately control the power because such a large digital disk is activated And inertia at stop affect accuracy.