Concas Collection Diving Longines L3.641.4.56.6 Watch

Longines was established in 1832, first engaged in watch business until 1867 before officially setting up factories. Swatch Group is currently positioned as a high-end brand with Radar and UNION. At present, the brand product system is clear, including almost all models with different shapes and functions. Longines’ Concas has also performed well in the field of diving watches. Today we come to appreciate this L3.641.4.56.6 watch.
 The Longines Concas L3.641.4.56.6 watch is an automatic mechanical watch made of stainless steel. Its case is silver and white, and it will look more pure and pure if it enters the water. Its dial and dial outer ring are black, forming a sharp contrast with the silver-white case. It has a strong visual impact and the embellishment of the hourglass logo on the dial’s center makes it exude a strong Features of Longines.

Most Longines watches win with their elegant temperament, and its functionality is not very strong. This Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is no exception. Its functions are very simple, with time display and date display. As a common feature of diving watches, the hands and scales of this watch are very thick, the color is silver-white, covered with a fluorescent coating, and it will have strong readability whether in normal or underwater. At 3 o’clock on the dial, is the date display window of the watch. The black Arabic numerals on white background clearly show the time of the day, providing convenience for life and increasing the practical value of the watch. This watch also has a rotatable bezel, which is very necessary for diving. When you dive, you can easily calculate the elapsed time by turning the bezel. Divers can use this to calculate the oxygen consumption. Quantity, greatly reducing the possibility of danger due to negligence. As a diving watch, the best portrayal of its performance must be its water-resistant depth. The Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, which can be used for almost all non-professional diving needs. In fact, this is a very good diving watch of this grade. Overall, the function of the Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is quite outstanding.
The movement of the Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is Cal.L633, which is a self-winding mechanical movement produced by Longines. This movement has a diameter of 25.6 mm and a thickness of 4.6 mm. It is based on the movement ETA 2824-2. The ETA 2824-2 movement can be said to have a long-standing reputation in the industry. It is known as the ‘ETA Sambo’ with other ETA2892 and ETA7750. Although the ETA 2824-2 is a movement used in low-grade watches among these Sambo, The gap with the former two is mainly reflected in the process, and the stability and reliability in performance are worthy of our peace of mind. Therefore, the performance of Cal.L633 based on its movement is completely reassured. It has the current optimal oscillation frequency of 28800 times per hour, which greatly reduces the impact of the outside world on the movement of the watch. It is inlaid With 25 gems, it not only makes the movement more beautiful, but also makes the watch run more smoothly, extending the watch’s life. Finally, it has a 38-hour power reserve function, which provides convenience for people who don’t like watches on the weekends, without worrying about the need for frequent adjustment of the watch.

Longines watches have always occupied a place in the industry with their elegant and outstanding appearance design, and Longines Concas as a diving watch has also inherited this style of Longines. It is not like other diving watches, it will give people A very heavy feeling, but showing people in a light gesture. The pure contrast produced by the strong contrast of black and white colors is just like the lotus in the poet’s pen that ‘sludges but does not stain, and the ripples are clear but not demon.’ This elegance seems to flow with the washing of the water. The functions of this watch are not complicated, they are very practical functions in life or diving, which makes this watch has a very powerful practical value. Its movement is even more reassuring. With the double guarantee of ETA 2824 and Longines Watch Factory, there is definitely no problem in quality and performance. At present, the market reference price of this sleepy watch is 9,600 yuan, which is relatively low. This also destined that Longines L3.641.4.56.6 has a very high cost performance, friends who like Longines-style diving watches, It’s a good choice.
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