Bundesliga Season App Appears On Tag Heuer Connected Smart Watch!

At the beginning of November 2015, the TAGHeuerConnected smart watch released by Swiss luxury watchmaker TAGHeuer, together with Intel and Google, became the platform for Bundesliga applications.

   Whether it’s everyday life, traveling, getting information or communicating with the outside world, the TAGHeuerConnected smartwatch is your perfect partner. It combines the essence of two worlds: the exquisite TAGHeuer watch and computer intelligence.
   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAGHeuer and President of the Watch and Clock Division of the Copeland Group, said: ‘We are very honored to witness the first model of TAGHeuer With the birth of the smart watch, this breakthrough will lead TAGHeuer, which has a history of more than 150 years, firmly to the future. The TAGHeuerConnected smart watch will not only connect us with the future, but also transcend time and space and connect forever. ‘ The new Bundesliga app developed for the TAGHeuerConnected smartwatch, we will further consolidate our cooperation with the German Football League. ‘

The Bundesliga app was developed by the German Football League specifically for smartwatches and can be used exclusively on TAGHeuerConnected smartwatches before the end of the 2015/2016 season.

This application presents exciting matches on the wrists of fans. It can be used anytime, anywhere, displaying real-time information in a low-key, smart way. Whether traveling, visiting friends, or attending business meetings: Users do n’t need to check their phones to get real-time scores.

   Relying on this unique and intuitive way of displaying information, TAGHeuerConnected smart watch users can view the most important Bundesliga applications on the three “interactive chronograph dials” at 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the chronograph dial. Features. This ergonomic, user-friendly display presents information in a clear and intuitive way, allowing the wearer to not only focus on the basic functions, but also the classic look of the TAGHeuer watch.
   The countless features of the TAGHeuerConnected smart watch are optimized for the TAGHeuerConnected smart watch, including displaying real-time Bundesliga matches. Users can select their favorite team to receive their real-time performance information, and then view important events on the chronograph dial. If the user clicks on a match or result on three time dials, they will automatically jump to the live broadcast of the match, and then display the current score, remaining time and the latest match in a user-friendly manner.

When the app is launched, any upcoming matches will be displayed, including midfield whistle, bench, score, yellow and red card warnings. If there is no match, the countdown from the next Bundesliga match of the favorite team will be displayed.

 establish cooperation

   The long-term cooperation between Swiss luxury watchmakers and the globally recognized strong football league, the German Football League (DFL), began on August 1, 2015. Since then-and for the first time in the 53-year history of the Bundesliga-TAGHeuer will serve as the official timekeeper, official watch and official partner of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga.

The cooperation between the two parties will begin with the integration of the TAHEuer brand identity during the live broadcast of the weekly Bundesliga, and continue to expand. The cooperation between TAGHeuer and the Bundesliga is to build a new world for the sports world-this is an innovative and avant-garde cooperation using all new digital media. TAGHeuer’s brand motto #DontCrackUnderPressure (# 无 fearchallenge, self-achievement) will be perfectly integrated into all levels of cooperation, from the top and most well-known platforms to the promotion of young talents and younger generation activity.

In early December 2015, TAGHeuer, the German Football League and EASports jointly announced that TAGHeuer will become the exclusive and new partner of the virtual Bundesliga. TAGHeuer’s Virtual Bundesliga is a FIFA16 competition game that was launched on October 1, 2015 for XboxOne and PlayStation4. During 2016, participants and players will have the opportunity to be selected into the various finals of twelve offline matches of the TAGHeuer Virtual Bundesliga.