Building A Panerai 3-day Power Flyback Chronograph For Classic Sailing Ships

Since 2005, the brand has sponsored the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge, an important international classic sailing and classic sailing event. From the most beautiful resorts in the Mediterranean Sea to the Solent Sea, from the Caribbean Sea to the New England coast of the East Coast of the United States, Panerai calls together hundreds of classic sailing boats and thousands of sailors every season to praise these beautiful and elegant And unique sailing boats, many of which were born at the end of the 19th century, they all left their footprints in the history of sailing.
Panerai 47mm 3-day power reserve flyback chronograph titanium watch
 The moment when the classic sailing race started was a wonderful moment. Sailboats of all levels are gathered on the starting line defined by buoys, and some of the sailboats have been used for hundreds of years. These sailing boats only rely on the wind that blows the sails as the power, and the skills of the captain and the crew to sail. They only carry a few simple pieces of equipment, but they must implement complex tactics to navigate the ocean, wind direction and time. Timing is especially important: a few minutes before the start of the game, the referee sends a countdown signal using the sailing flag. These maritime heroes must be arranged behind the buoys, and they must not cross the invisible starting line before the game officially starts. This is not easy for sailing boats, whose huge sails are often as high as tens of meters and exposed to unpredictable natural conditions.

 The 3-day power reserve flyback chronograph titanium watch came into being through the connection between Panerai and the world of classic sailing boats. This chronograph is equipped with an automatic movement and a three-day power reserve. In addition, it also has a regatta countdown function, which is specially created for the moment when the regatta begins. The use of the regatta countdown function is quite simple, confirming the extraordinary technological innovation achieved by the new P.9100 / R self-winding chronograph movement, which is equipped with the new Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Titanio 3-day power reserve flyback Movement inside a chronograph titanium watch. At 4 o’clock, there is an orange button. Each time you press it, you can move the orange center chronograph minute hand back one minute until it is in the position corresponding to the countdown length. Press the stop / start button at the 10 o’clock position and the relevant hands start to rotate. It first indicates the minutes and seconds remaining until the start of the game. After the countdown ends, it continues to display the time elapsed since the start of the game. The 8 o’clock button is used to stop the chronograph operation and return all chronograph hands to the zero position. Conversely, if the button is operated while the hand is still running, it will start the zero reset (flyback) function of the chronograph hand, so that a new time period can be immediately measured without pressing the stop and zero buttons separately.

 It adopts a sandwich structure, with Panerai’s classic large linear time scales and numbers, and the elements that make the timing function clearly legible also add icing on the entire dial.
 The black dial of the 3-day power reserve flyback chronograph titanium watch uses a sandwich structure, with Panerai’s classic large linear time scales and numbers, and the elements that make the chronograph function clearly legible The entire dial is icing on the cake. The two chronograph hands are placed in the center of the main dial and distinguished by different, easily distinguishable colors, while the orange hour hand rotates in the small dial at 3 o’clock, which corresponds to the 9 o’clock position. Small seconds. The outer edge of the dial is not only printed with a 15-minute scale for the countdown to the start of the race, the last five minutes are highlighted in orange, but also equipped with a speed scale in nautical miles to measure the speed of the sailing boat within a certain distance.
 The Luminor 1950 case is equipped with Panerai’s unique crown bridge protection, with a diameter of 47 mm. The case is made of matte titanium. This material is light, strong and non-allergenic, and looks sharply contrasts with the polished bezel. On the case back, a wide sapphire crystal window reveals the exquisite P.9100 / R movement. The oscillating weight can swing in both directions, and the clockwork in the two barrels is constantly tightened, providing the watch with a long Three-day power reserve. Through this transparent case back, you can also enjoy other details of this precision chronograph movement, such as the column wheel and the variable inertia balance wheel which vibrates 28,800 times per hour.
 The Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Titanio 3 day power reserve flyback chronograph titanium watch (PAM00526) has a water resistance of 10 bar (approximately 100 meters) as a professional marine instrument, and belongs to the modern series. The watch is paired with a sporty rubber strap. It also uses a Panerai patented system, which can be easily replaced with the included gadget.
47mm 3-Day Power Flyback Chrono Titanium Watch
 Movement: Panerai P.9100 / R self-winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 13¾ legal minutes, 9.55 mm thick, Glucydur® balance wheel, vibrating 28,800 times per hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device. 3 days power reserve, 2 barrels. 328 parts.
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, flyback, countdown to the start of the regatta, scales in knots used to calculate speed, and seconds to zero.
 Case: 47 mm diameter, matte titanium. At 10 o’clock and 8 o’clock, there are engraved frosted titanium chronograph function buttons. At 4 o’clock, there are frosted buttons and orange surface regatta countdown.
 Bezel: Polished titanium.
 Case back: transparent sapphire crystal.
 Crown protection: Matte titanium (Paner patent).
 Dial: black with luminous Arabic numerals and hours. An hour counter at 3 o’clock, a small seconds at 9 o’clock, a chronograph second and minute hands.
 Crystal glass: Sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, 1.6 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating.
Water resistance: up to 10 bar (about 100 meters).
 Strap: rubber strap with the PANERAI logo engraved with a trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. Includes a spare strap, a strap changing tool and a stainless steel screwdriver.
 Model: PAM00526.
* Panerai Watch Factory does not hold the trademarks of Glucydur® and KIF Parechoc®.
 P.9100 / R movement
 Over the years, Panerai has been dedicated to promoting the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge, which is the most important classic sailing and classical sailing competition in the world. The brand has also contributed a series of watches for this event, and today they have become collectors’ treasures. Like haute horlogerie, the world of fascinating classic sailing is a unique blend of history, technology, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Like every Panerai watch, its inestimable value makes every classic sailing boat unique. In order to highlight the brand’s inextricable relationship with the world of classic sailing, the brand specially introduced the P.9100 / R movement, and it became the first watch of Panerai equipped with special functions for sailing world: used to count down the moment of the sailing race.
 The P.9100 / R movement was developed based on the P.9100 self-winding movement equipped with a timing function. The P.9100 / R movement is equipped with a flyback timing device consisting of a vertical clutch and a column wheel. It is the same in structure and diameter (13¾ law minutes) as the P.9100 movement, but it is slightly thicker than the P.9100 movement (9.55 Millimeters) and 26 more components (328 in total). This is due to the added regatta countdown function, which makes the structure more complicated.
 The countdown to the start of the game is indicated by two center hands and controlled by a button at 4 o’clock. Each time you press the button, the minute hand will move backward by one minute in units of one minute until it reaches the time required for the countdown. At this time, simply press the button at 10 o’clock to start the timekeeping function. The hand then starts to move, indicating the number of minutes and seconds remaining before the start of the game. After the countdown is complete, the hands will continue to measure time, and the time elapsed since the start of the game will be displayed until the time is stopped. As with the entire timing device, when the countdown function is activated, the device that pulls the minute hand back is the column wheel. The column wheel here is slightly higher than the P.9100 movement, so that it can engage the correction lever installed in a higher position, because it is set on an additional splint.
 Dear watch lovers, wear this three-day power flyback watch to conquer the ocean.