Brazil Crazy Flower Watch Introduction

Breguet Crazy Flower Watch
宝 玑 Crazy Flower watch
Breguet launched this Crazy Flower watch this year. Although these extremely luxurious watches are not the first choice for daily use due to the restrictions of daily wearing conditions, the master craftsmanship and the charm of gemstones still convince many women. The watch combines the beauty of diamonds with the superb skills of Mobile inlay. The case has an asymmetrical array of square diamonds and is set with the smallest particles from the middle of the dial to the bezel. These smart and lively inlays make the gemstone group bloom to the maximum, and 116 square diamonds on the case follow the dance. With an oval-shaped dial, the design of the dial removes the paving of diamonds without any complicated functions. The brand logo is only set at 12 o’clock, and the hour and minute are displayed at 6 o’clock. The dial is composed of 206 Brilliant cut diamonds, ‘reverse’ inlaid on the concave surface, supplemented by an hour graduated circle composed of 20 square diamonds. The watch is equipped with a 586 automatic movement. The entire table is inlaid with diamonds weighing more than 36 carats. Each diamond has been finely set, and it is truly an extraordinary work by a skilled craftsman in Breguet’s fine jewelry workshop.