Ball Watch And Bmw Launch New Watch Series

The Swiss watch company Bohr Watch proudly announces the launch of the Bohr BMW watch series, which has been refined and durable.

The aesthetics of the new BMW BMW watch series are significantly influenced by BMW cars and are reminiscent of the details of the BMW engine and body: the slender outer edge of the middle of the case depicts the aerodynamic lines of the case, which stretch Curved. Here, the style presents its most innocent form, a clever fusion of identification, logos, ergonomics, comfort and ideal proportions, reminiscent of the dynamic contours of a BMW. In the words of the well-known designer Magali Métrailler in charge of this exclusive project, ‘humanly elegant lines’.

Alternating polished surfaces further enhance the quality of the Bol BMW watch range. The spiral crown is remarkable for its concave and convex shape, which reminds people of BMW’s ergonomic knob, crown and ensures a comfortable and stable feel. Therefore, the German premium brand BMW is the main source of inspiration for this timepiece series.

(Left) Supermodel Pei Bei, (Middle) Famous actor Hu Jun

Everything is conceived and designed according to the common characteristics of Bolt and BMW, namely elegance, high performance and new technology. Nothing extra. The design must be practical and reasonable.
In particular, this new BMW BMW watch series is designed based on the highest quality and reliability standards defined by the highest watchmaking standards. In order to guarantee the highest performance, all Boer BMW watch movements are certified by the Observatory and have the most important functions of elegant and precise watches: solo tempo (hour and date display), Greenwich standard Time (GMT) function (two places time), or more precise models with energy storage display.

Famous actor Hu Jun

Ball Watch even plans to release a special edition watch in the near future, which includes its famous mechanical thermometer (TMT) component, as well as another chronograph model with outstanding appearance.
In terms of sportiness and cutting-edge technology, this new BMW BMW watch series is also outstanding. Ball watches have been equipped with the revolutionary, patent-registered Amortiser® anti-shock system for their new Ball BMW watch series. This miraculous micro-mechanical process resists lateral impact and protects the mechanical movement when the watch is worn. ‘Our inspiration comes from bridge architecture (such as bridges in San Francisco). Bridges designed by engineers can withstand the shock waves caused by vehicles passing through the bridge,’ said Philip Antilles, CTO of Ball Table (Philippe Antille) explained. ‘BMW is synonymous with high technology, so we use the highest precision watchmaking technology in our development,’ he added.

The designers, technicians and watchmakers of Bol Watch work relentlessly to reach the perfect level defined by the two companies as ‘Engineered for Perfection’.
Every detail of the Bol BMW watch series is valued, such as the dial and its accessories are made according to the famous German marque instrument dial. Exquisite surface graduations and the 2.6 mm diameter BMW logo are independently printed in four colors. They are all artistic crystals. In addition, the self-luminous miniature gas lamp is more accurately inlaid on the surface metal scale specially drilled. BMW logo colors (like Inka orange) are added to the second hand, and some details of the energy storage display and the two-time (GMT) display. For these two models, there will be a version of the design with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) case. The combination of anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and H3 night time reading technology ensures the best legibility. Ball Watch is equipped with its brand mark technology for the new Ball BMW watch series. The innovative H3 self-luminous miniature gas lamp ensures that the dial can be read clearly even in the dark environment. This revolutionary Swiss technology does not require an external light source or energy source, and its brightness is a hundred times that of traditional traditional luminous paint.

Pei Bei

All innovative technologies in the Bol BMW watch range emphasize their connection to the automotive world and provide recognizable new markings for the outstanding Bol BMW mechanical watch collection.
The packaging of each watch also carries this concept: technology and fashion are integrated into the packaging design, and a BMW digital key accessory is presented when the package is opened.

‘This new Boer BMW watch collection allows us to share our passion for the highest level of process design with our wider customers, and our pursuit of perfection and the most advanced mechanical properties.’ COO, Boer Watch Company Daniel Alioth concludes.
There are various straps to choose from for this new BMW BMW watch series: stainless steel straps, crocodile straps or cowhide straps, and can be ordered through a designated dealer network.