Introduction Of The Bucherer Marion Long Date

The Big Date Power Reserve watch of the Bucherer Marie Dragon series is equipped with a CFB 1964 automatic movement, with a power reserve indicator, and the gentle curve extends from 6 o’clock to the scales of 5 and 8 o’clock between. In addition, there is a large date display window at 12 o’clock. Based on the classic craftsmanship of the Maliron series, and through the Malilong BigDate Power large-date power reserve watch, Breguet successfully created new design features. The silver dial with princess-style hands and bar-shaped indexes sets the watch’s features in a timeless and elegant way. Rose gold round case, 40 mm diameter, with Louisiana alligator leather strap. The soft lug design and the case are subtly matched to form a whole. Maliron BigDate Power is dedicated to those who value watch wear for all occasions. But more importantly, the watch can also show the extraordinary taste of the wearer.
Mandlow BigDate Power Big Date Power Reserve Watch
Model: 00.10905.03.13.01
Movement: CFB 1964 automatic movement
Function: big date, power reserve display
Case: 18K rose gold, 40mm diameter, silver dial
Strap: crocodile leather, 18K pin buckle

Bestseller Launches A Special Limited Edition Of The Clifton Club Shelby Cobra Watch Bucherer Blue Plate

Recently, the 16th edition of the special edition of the Bucherer blue dial: the Bachelor-Creton Club Shelby Cobra watch special edition of the Bucherer blue dial. This watch is a tribute to the legendary Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. It is limited to 100 pieces and will be sold exclusively at all Bucherer boutiques.

   Baume & Mercier and Bucherer have a long history and deep roots. Since the 1920s, the two have established a good partnership, sharing the values ​​of love for watches, watchmaking and fashion design. The latest special edition of the Bucherer blue disc is a masterpiece of Baume & Mercier and Bucherer. ‘The partnership between Baume & Mercier and Bucherer is based on a shared value philosophy. The result is an elegant and sporty timepiece. This watch is a concentrated reflection of the world of the two brands and will surely appeal to those who prefer a historical background Customers of exclusive watches, ‘explains Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier.

   The partnership between Baume & Mercier and sports car maker Shelby has inspired the design of the new watch, which is also reminiscent of the legendary American Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. ‘Mechanical watches and antique sports cars combine aesthetic design, advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship, which have charming charm and also reflect the personal lifestyle.’ Said Patrick Graf, Director of Bucherer Watches.
   The beauty and power of the 1960s car impressed Baume & Mercier designers. The design of the oscillating weight in the movement is inspired by the wheel hub, made of titanium, and borrows from the car’s lightweight aluminum structure. Design elements such as racing classic stripes and the Cobra logo are subtly integrated into the sub-dial and the second hand. The blue dial and black calfskin strap complement each other, the latter with blue stitching and lining, giving the watch more personality.

Ancient Shell Carving Art Blooming In Puerto Banus, Spain

Last week, the Tourbillon store invited a group of watch lovers from Port Banus to explore the artistic charm of shell reliefs.

   This unusually ancient handicraft originated from Torre del Greco in Naples, Italy. Breguet worked with the most sophisticated master of shell carving here to add a more glamorous light to the brand’s timepieces and jewelry.

   The most appropriate event for the evening was the master of shell carving from southern Italy who came to Marbella to demonstrate the ancient mystery of mother shell carving exclusively to the guests. At the same time, guests also enjoyed a number of classic melodies performed live by talented cellists.

Because Of You, Love’ Piaget’s Romantic Gift Qiqi

A little bit of meteor flirting with each other. Love is approaching, and the stars in the night sky seem to jump for joy, looking forward to the romantic moment where the cowherd and the weaver meet. People in a hurry also stopped and confided their deep love to their companions, and made an oath of covenant. On this occasion, Piaget, the Swiss master of fine jewelry and watches, devotes precious love to watches and jewelry, turning them into love tokens, praising eternal friendship, and presenting romantic Qixi. With each ever-changing and every true emotion, Count Piaget sends the most sincere blessings and the most touching declaration of love to the lovers of the world-‘Because of you, so love’. Whether you are free and easy, soft and charming, or elegant and graceful, because it is you, you love.

Free and easy, unlimited rotation possible

In the fresh and charming morning, a modern girl in a simple dress leaned against the window, and the strong coffee in her hand exuded a warm atmosphere. She slowly turned the pages of the book, and her Piaget Possession series bracelet (G36PA600) on her wrist set off her skin like jade. The embellished lapis lazuli necklace (G33PA500) injected her with a sense of boldness and boldness. Elegant and independent, she loves to explore the unknown and regards life as a wonderful movie. Her bold and unrestrained attitude is fascinating. Through jewellery, it seems that she can taste her multifaceted personality, sometimes free and easy, sometimes gentle as light, everything in the world seems to be absorbed in her mind, and she is still free and honest and brave. The Piaget Possession series by Piaget, a colorful gemstone, is a close friend of independent and confident women. Different colors will flexibly present the personality of each side of modern women. Just like the declaration of the Possession series-‘Turn, the world is yours.’ Whenever the gemstones on the wrist slowly rotate, the charm of self-confidence is poured out. Waiting for her lover to meet her Possession girl is independent, confident, strong and easy-going, but in front of her lover, she has an extra touch of coquettish temperament, showing the woman’s multi-facetedness. She gently turned the delicate rotating ring, the bright diamonds shone with light, and the colorful gemstones overlapped, quietly releasing her charming charm.

Soft and charming, dancing with light and shadow

Just at dusk, the earth is like a gentle tulle shroud, the broken light spilled through the shadowy leaves, and the accompanying lovers walk slowly to tell each other’s deep love. A little bit of light is reflected on the elegant blooming roses around her neck. The exquisite Piaget Rose series necklace (G33U0900) adds a little warmth to her smile, which is more tender and graceful. She listened to the love words of her lover, sometimes stroking the delicate rose bracelet (G36U4400) on her wrist, and a little bit of diamond light also glorified her charm. As the Count Piaget’s muse, the magnificent and elegant roses inspired Piaget with an endless source of creative inspiration, inspiring the masters to pour infinite ingenuity and passionate creativity. The delicate and feminine roses are as elegant and feminine as women, and they are full of attractive charm. The rose in full bloom is like the overflowing emotions among lovers, pouring endless love. Just like the flower phrase ‘Love is with you’, Piaget Rose has become the most intimate expression of love among lovers. At the beginning of the lantern, the soft light covered her body, she looked back and smiled lightly, her sweet and delicate face bloomed like an elegant rose, making it impossible to look away. Crossing hands, whispering love words, although she is charming and charming in front of her lover, she is still clear and elegant. Love is to bloom with you and collect your precious smile at every moving moment.

Slim fit, engraving exclusive love

The lovers who are in love are always tacit and in tune, feeling the perfect tacit understanding of each other in every detail. He understands your imagination, you understand his imagination. As time goes on, the more you blend the breath of each other, like one. The affectionate Qixi Festival is a perfect time to elevate the feelings of lovers. Count Piaget has prepared an ingenious and dreamy combination for sweet lovers. The simple and clean style of the white gold Possession bracelet (G36PR200) ​​and the Piaget blue Altiplano ultra-thin watch (G0A42105) complement the pure and elegant aesthetic. The diamond-set dial (G0A42118) and bracelet are exquisite and dazzling, defining the love moment of Tanabata, bright and charming; and the simple style is more stable and low-key, adding a few years of texture to the long-time lovers. Companionship can better explain love.

To love others may be the company that is soaked in time, the determination to go hand in hand, or the mumble of love every day. But more, it’s because of you–the dazzling you in the crowd, the unique you, and the colorful you! Because of you, so love! Count Piaget, with his long-lasting love, offers a profound gift to the Chinese Valentine’s Day, and hopes that a lover will always be with you.


Possession series (Each item is available with 5 chalcedony, onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, and turquoise)

Possession necklace
18K rose gold set with a single brilliant-cut diamond (approx. 0.02 carats) and 2 lapis lazuli (approx. 17 carats)

Possession bracelet
18K rose gold with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.38 carats) and 2 carnelian stones (approximately 2.16 carats)

Possession bracelet
18K rose gold set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.38 carats) and 2 malachites (approximately 3.4 carats)

Possession bracelet
18K rose gold set with a single brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.05 ct) and a single onyx (~ 0.87 ct)

Possession bracelet
18K rose gold set with a single brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.05 ct) and a single turquoise (~ 0.9 ct)

Rose Collection

Rose ring
18K rose gold set with 1 Japanese Akoya pearl and 1 brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.03 carat)

Rose ring
18K rose gold with 1 brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.03 carats)

Piaget Rose bracelet
18K rose gold with a brilliant-cut diamond (about 0.012 carats) and a white Akoya sea pearl

Piaget Rose bracelet
18K rose gold with a brilliant-cut diamond (about 0.012 carats) and a pink sapphire (about 0.10 carats)

Rose earrings
18K rose gold set with 2 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 0.01 carat)

Altiplano 60th Anniversary Collection

Altiplano 60th Anniversary Collection
Altiplano watch-43 mm
18K White Gold Case
Sapphire case
Piaget blue dial, center cross, white gold hour markers
Piaget 1200P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement, 2.35 mm thick
Number of inlaid gems: 25
Vibration frequency: 21,600 vph / 3Hz
Power reserve: about 44 hours
Detail decoration: Geneva ring ripple, polished round main plate and table bridge, chamfered table bridge, blue steel screws, sun pattern brushed dial
Oscillating weight engraved with the letter ‘P’ for Piaget, 22K light gray rose gold balance wheel
Function: hour and minute display
Blue alligator strap with 18K white gold pin buckle
Limited edition of 360 pieces

Altiplano 60th Anniversary Collection
Altiplano watch-38 mm
18K white gold case set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.71 carat)
Piaget blue dial, center cross, white gold hour markers
Piaget Piaget 430P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement, 2.1 mm thick
Number of Gemstones: 18
Vibration frequency: 21,600 vph / 3Hz
Power reserve: about 43 hours
Details decoration: circular Geneva ripple, polished round main bridge splint and table bridge, chamfered table bridge, blue steel screws
Function: hour and minute display
Blue alligator strap with 18K white gold pin buckle
Limited edition of 360 pieces

Possession series

Possession 18K White Gold Bangle
Set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.38 carats)

Possession 18K White Gold Bangle