Bugatti Mythe Celebrates Ten Years Of Love With Bugatti

The encounter between Parmigiani and Bugatti began in 2001. At the time, the Bugatti company in Molsheim was seeking to work closely with a watch brand, but the watch company had to meet extremely precise standards. This brand needs to have the enthusiasm to climb the peak of craftsmanship without losing its keen artistic appreciation. It must attach great importance to the elegance of design and appearance. The brand also needs an independent watch factory, which can produce freely and realize unlimited creative potential.

Parmigiani Bugatti Mythe Watch
  In the end, Bugatti chose to connect his destiny with Parmigiani Fleurier, which seemed so geographically appropriate, because the brand met and exceeded all its expectations. The two sides formally established a cooperative relationship in 2004. Since then, the Fleurier-based watchmaker has been creating watches for the Bugatti collection, and these are more than just watches with a car brand logo-they are more like Watch form reborn car.

  The partnership with Bugatti demonstrates Parmigiani’s potential as an independent watchmaker. The creation process of each watch fully reflects the legend of such a watchmaking center with completely independent manufacturing capabilities. Each watchmaking factory that forms the watchmaking center has always maintained dialogue, mutual assistance and exchange of inspiration. The source of strength for Maloney’s strong development.
BUGATTI TYPE 370-Fully showing traditional charm
  When Michel Parmigiani first came to Bugatti’s Molsheim manufacturing plant, the automaker showed him a Bugatti Veyron A unique supercar, and the inspiration for the first Bugatti watch. The car is equipped with a powerful engine, which is the only thing that can be seen under its transparent hood. Michel Parmigiani marveled at his discovery: Bugatti Veyron was first an engine and secondly a car; even without wheels, it was a jet engine, which is what makes it unique. Therefore, the first watch named after this model must first be an engine block, and secondly a watch. The time display is the functional attribute of the watch, but the huge size of the mechanical structure is the first element. The design principle of the Bugatti Type 370, the first Parmigiani Bugatti series watch, was born.

  With the cooperation of both parties, Parmigiani created this unimaginable watch in 2004. They subvert the tradition of the watch industry, assembling the main splint and the gear of the powerful movement along the horizontal axis instead of the vertical axis. This movement is like an engine on the wrist and the time is displayed on the side, so the racer can clearly see the time without turning the wrist even when holding the steering wheel with both hands. This is unprecedented in the history of watchmaking.
  Due to the horizontal design of the movement, winding and time setting cannot be done with the traditional side crown. To overcome this limitation, the designer cleverly added a device to the bottom of the watch that was in contact with the wearer’s wrist, and used a custom-made tool that resembled a pen to transfer the stored power to the movement. Wind or set the time. The device is also the first of its kind. This advanced solution is also unique in the watch industry and is therefore patented.
  The Bugatti 370 is the first watch to commemorate the relationship between the two parties in 2004, like a watch ‘carved from the car’; it shows the brand’s top craftsmanship and the ability to create the most amazing works.
BUGATTI ANNIVERSARY-Three watches celebrate 10 years of Parmigiani and Bugatti
  To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the relationship between the two parties, in 2014 Parmigiani launched three limited edition Bugatti watches. The brand uses the iconic Bugatti 370 model and its horizontal tubular movement as the basis for its creation. This watch, which marks the relationship between the two parties in 2004, shows Parmigiani’s top creativity and the pursuit of peak craftsmanship. Therefore, they can be born.

  The Anniversary Limited Edition includes three new watches: Bugatti Mythe, Bugatti Victoire and Bugatti Révélation. Back to true, each watch showcases the high aesthetics of traditional watchmaking. In this respect, the collection is far from the high-tech and future elements that dominated Bugatti watches for a decade. Such as the titanium middle case of the Bugatti Vitesse or the black carbon fiber dial of the Bugatti Super Sport.
  The return to the traditional “high-end watch” process aims to relive the history of the Parmigiani brand as the essence of the brand. Although the brand is determined to focus on the future of watchmaking, Parmigiani is loyal to those traditional watchmaking and restoration techniques that need to be inherited and the pure craftsmanship that continues to inspire them.
  The marriage between Parmigiani and Bugatti has passed for ten years. As these well-known new watches show, this ‘marriage’ will generate even more powerful power.
Bugatti Mythe
  The aesthetic principle of the first anniversary watch Bugatti Mythe is based on the iconic Bugatti component: the legendary Type 57 car grill. The grille, which appeared on the first Bugatti car, has an astonishing structure, consisting of multiple lines instead of a grid. These lines are reproduced in the dial of the watch, and extend downwards to the boundaries of the watch, faithfully reproducing the Art Deco style that once made this car grill a great success.
  In addition to paying tribute to Bugatti’s history, the Bugatti Mythe watch also aims to celebrate the ongoing collaboration between the automotive and watchmaking industries, and between industry and craftsmanship. Industry and craftsmanship are united in Bugatti, their potentials are merged in every creation, and this also forms the basis of the brand’s fame.
  Bugatti Mythe expresses this marriage through the two-tone effect on the surface of the middle case. The black-grey uneven surface highlights the appearance of its ‘rough atmosphere’, showing the industrial style of the watch; and its polished gold surface reflects the delicate craftsmanship.
  Parmigiani Bugatti Mythe is a distinctive symbol, which condenses the history of the two major brands and highlights the successful cooperation of both parties.
  The company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti, was born and raised in Milan, Italy. He successfully combined artistic craftsmanship and technological innovation, laying the foundation for Bugatti’s signature design style. As a result, Bugatti produced a series of cars that were ahead of their time. To this day, they are still among the most expensive antique cars in the world. The core concept of the brand, ‘art presentation, perfect form, innovative technology’ is the secret of its success.
  Today the luxury supercar maker is still part of the Volkswagen Group, where the brand was born more than 100 years ago, in Molsheim (Alsace, France). The brand combines the artistic heritage of its Italian founder with the elegant style of France and incorporates superb German engineering skills.
   Parmigiani Fleurier — named after its founder Michel Parmigiani — was built in Val de Travers in 1996 and has been authentic since its inception Haute Horlogerie is the foundation of its value. The watchmaking center of the Santos Family Foundation has always given priority to serving the Parmigiani brand. Thanks to this, in just a few years, the brand has won a unique and good reputation in the history of modern watchmaking. Strict adherence to first-class aesthetics and mechanical quality, professional watchmaking skills, and sophisticated ability to create complex functions-this is the solid foundation on which Parmigiani is based. Parmigiani has always been faithful to its original values, such as insisting on restoring masterpieces of antique clock art-Parmigiani has become one of the few companies in the public eye that still maintains a ‘pure’ image.
  As an independent company, Parmigiani has successfully shaped his own style. Whether it is simple or super complicated timepieces, each Parmigiani series product has a unique style theme, which is immediately discernible. 21 self-made movements are equipped with the heart of Parmigiani’s rich men’s and women’s watches. These completely self-produced watches are the basis of the brand’s success today. Parmigiani has always been down-to-earth in the pursuit of the dream of brand watchmaking, and uses every day’s hard work to make the dream a reality.

Bvlgari Lvcea Women’s Watch Blooms Bright New Spokesperson Shu Qi Lights Up The Carnival Night

In 2014, BVLGARI, Italy’s top jewellery and watch brand, ushered in its 130th anniversary. On the occasion of its birthday, Bvlgari launched a new watch series specifically designed for women-LVCEA. series. On September 3, 2014, Bvlgari held a new launch of the LVCEA women’s watch series on Beijing TV, and announced that Ms. Shu Qi became the female watch ambassador for Bulgari Greater China and started a new journey of Bulgari.

  As night fell, major media brands, fashion brands and VIPs of the brands arrived at the scene one after another.

  Mr. Jean-ChristopheBabin, global president of Bulgari, Ms. SabinaBelli, general manager of Bulgari brand marketing and media, Mr. Guido Terreni, managing director of Bulgari watches, and Mr. Pingxingtao, managing director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia At the event, the presence of Bulgari’s new spokesperson Shu Qi, popular actress Tang Yan, famous actor Li Chen, temperament actress Wang Likun, and international fashion photographer Chen Man also made the event even more VIP and glorious.

  Inspired by time, Bulgari created the LVCEA series. With the modern design reflecting the ancient architecture, LVCEA can not help but think of the ancient sundial. The sundial of the ancient Roman era adopted the shape of the solar quadrant, which symbolized the first way for humans to measure time.

  The digital scale on the dial is reminiscent of ancient Roman tradition, and echoes the ancient sundial chronograph. The shiny round case symbolizes the passage of time, meaning the past and present are continually condensed. The bracelet is inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti serpentine series. The round dial is matched with the architectural tension bracelet A harmonious dazzling style.

  The Bvlgari LVCEA series watch has a thin and sturdy round case, and there are many materials and styles to choose from, which are not only bright and charming but also distinctive. The LVCEA series perfectly combines sexy design with firm quality, blooming bright brilliance like sunshine, and aura of female charm.

  The noble pink convex round gem is set with a delicate diamond, which exactly corresponds to the 11 diamond hour markers on the dial. The calendar display window is located at three o’clock.

  At this annual Bulgari event, more than 300 VIPs from home and abroad and the media came together to witness the launch of another brilliant gem in the Bvlgari watch series-LVCEA.

 Bulgari’s global president and Miss Shu Qi and all the friends at the scene toasted and celebrated the new evening of Bulgari. Miss Shu Qi wore a white dress to the scene, noble and elegant, the scene was lively and extraordinary, and the atmosphere was warm.

  Today, LVCEA once again demonstrates Bulgari’s creative magic of turning endless inspiration into a tangible gem, demonstrating Bulgari’s unique and bold style. This style of work will surely become another classic of Bulgari, continuing the beautiful legend of the charm brand from ancient Rome.

Summary: The Bvlgari LVCEA series ladies’ watch perfectly blends personality and elegance, showing a harmonious and unified luxury charm, which perfectly matches the temperament of Miss Shu Qi, and will spark a more beautiful spark later. Finally, let’s indulge in this grand party this evening with champagne, wine and watches, and feel the charm of time. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)