Time Secrets Nowhere To Hidden Tasting Athens Manager Skeleton X Watch

Athenian watches started out as nautical clocks and have been in existence for more than 170 years. They have continuously demonstrated their innovative ability and superb craftsmanship in the field of watchmaking. This year’s Geneva watch exhibition is a new journey for the Athens watch. The new Manager series SkeletonX watches challenge the past through ‘Unknown X’, bold technological innovations, hollowed out design so that the mechanical beauty is no longer hidden, and fully display the ‘inner beauty’ of the watch. From the new watch name to the design, the Athens watch is telling us what is the spirit of exploration. Next, we will take the satin blue titanium model of the new SkeletonX watch series released this year as an example to feast on the eyes together. (Watch model: 3713-260-3 / 03)

Explore the unknown

  The unknown X factor is the answer to all questions: X is adventure, inward, unknown, and a symbol of taboo, boldness, and passion. The Athenian watch displays the architecture and mechanical functions of the watch to our eyes through the ‘X-ray’ structure. What you see is what you get. This hollow design blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, allowing us to penetrate everything, see the hidden elements, and experience the feeling of accelerated heartbeat.

Watch real shot

  The Hollow X watch has been redesigned and adjusted. The case size has been reduced to 42 mm, making it more suitable for wrists of different sizes. The case is made of titanium and is mercerized, with a titanium blue PVD bezel. The side of the case is engraved with a unique number for each watch.

  The crown is located on one side of the watch, engraved with the Athenian brand logo on it.

  The classic design of the Athens watch manager is inlaid with a rectangular frame and a round frame from the inside to the outside. The four time scales form an ‘X’, echoing the theme of this year. The tangible design is the biggest breakthrough of this year’s Athens watch, highlighting the sharp edges and masculinity of the watch.

  The hollow design of the surface can be said to be unique. Without affecting the durability and shock resistance of the watch itself, the extra part of the dial is removed, and the entire movement is unreservedly displayed in front of our eyes. It also proves the high skill of the watchmaker.

  The watch is paired with a blue rubber strap, adding a bit of casual taste, whether it is daily travel or business activities can be paired with their own clothing.

  The movement is equipped with the UN-371 movement manufactured by Athens Watch. This movement is based on the UN-171 movement and is redesigned. It is equipped with an extra-large ultra-light silicon balance, nickel weights and self-adjusting micro-flakes. The watch has a 96-hour power reserve, which can be read from the window on the case barrel.

Summary: The public price of this new Athens model introduced to you above is about 120,000. From the shape design, performance to the public price, its competitiveness is very strong. The inside and outside meet, and the borders blend together. The new hollowed out X model of the Athens watch sweeps the traditional design, revealing the secret of time in front of our eyes and nowhere to hide. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)