How About The Tag Heuer Carrera Series? How About Heuer Carrera?

Introduction of TAG Heuer Carrera Series
  Carrera stands for enthusiasm, adventure and heroism in Spanish. The name is derived from a legendary racing race in the 1950s-a 5-day, 3,300 km journey through the Carrera Pan across Mexico Carrera Pan Americana. This was the most famous and riskiest endurance race of the time. The Carrera series is undoubtedly the self-contained work of Jack Heuer’s life. The elegant and refined dial design has made the Carrera series a great success and opened the golden age for Heuer.
  In 2011, TAG Heuer brought Carrera
Heritage) is a strong landing in China. With its design sense and timeliness that spans time and space, it is highly appreciated by the industry for its outstanding features without losing its introverted and exquisite qualities. It is worth mentioning that this new watch takes the Carrera watch in 1945 as the truth. In accordance with the original taste of Heuya retro style, it has participated in many modern elements, highlighting the stark contrast with ordinary chronographs. Elegant flavor.
  In 1963, he loved the son of Deutsche Heuer-Jack Heuer began to create a chronograph designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts. As a lifelong enthusiast of racing events, he knows what his customers want: a dial with clear vision and easy reading, and a shock-resistant and waterproof solid case suitable for driving. The following year, in 1964, he introduced a manually wound mechanical chronograph and named it Carrera. TAG Heuer’s pioneering steps have never been blocked. In the 21st century, racing is still the permanent inspiration of the Carrera series, and the development of watchmaking skills also promotes the development of racing activities. It can be said that TAG Heuer’s forward position in the racing chronology category is second to none. The latest type is the Carrera 1887 chronograph launched last year. It uses TAG Heuer’s first self-denial movement and won the 2010 Geneva High Wall Clock Award. Best Watch of the Year.
How about TAG Heuer Carrera series, user reviews
  Comment 1: Seeing it is like looking at a good car. The fine dial design is like a car’s speedometer, which is taking you on the road. . .
  Comment 2: I am a very practical person. When I saw a watch of the same brand worn by a colleague, it took a long time and was still on time. So I bought one myself, yes, it is very suitable for men like me in the workplace, capable and practical.
  Comment four: The entire watch feels very low-key, giving a heavy, simple feeling. Compared with the Longines of the same specifications, it is lighter in weight, not too heavy and comfortable.
  Comment five: TAG Heuer watches with its continuous advancement of new advanced technology, creating one after another immortal classic legend spreading history, perfect proof of TAG Heuer’s long-term commitment to cutting-edge, cutting-edge watchmaking technology. As the perfect example of the ‘gentleman racer’ era, TAG Heuer’s five series of Carrera series is well deserved.
Tag Heuer Carrera Collection
  The price of Calera’s columns generally ranges from 10,000 to more than 100,000, and the highest is hundreds of thousands. Calera’s most popular models are concentrated between 20,000 and 30,000. Buyers of Carrera watches below 10,000 must be cautious, most likely counterfeit.
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Girard Perregaux Gp 1966 Perpetual Calendar Introduction

Girard-Perregaux GP 1966 calendar
 Girard-Perregaux GP 1966 Perpetual Calendar

Technical Parameters:
Movement: self-winding, GP033M0-39 movement; 27 rubies, swing frequency 28800 times / hour; power reserve 48 hours.
Functions: hour, minute, central seconds, time display; calendar, week, month, moon phase display.
Case: Palladium; sapphire crystal, transparent case back.
Strap: leather, pin buckle.
Reference price: RMB152200
Girard-Perregaux The founder of Girard-Perregaux J. F. Bautte produced his first watch in 1791. In 1854, the name Girard-Perregaux was officially born. By the beginning of the 20th century, Girard Perregaux continued to grow in popularity. In 1930, when watch sales exceeded pocket watch sales for the first time, Girard Perregaux’s strategy for developing watches 50 years ago proved to be correct. In 1998, Girard Perregaux established a branch in Japan, and one watch was selected as the ‘Best Watch of the Year’ in Japan. In 2000, Girard Perregaux established branches in the United States.

How Business Elites Match Luxury Watches

Yu Tong said: ‘The standard business elite must not be out of fancy and complicated design, but most of them have superb matching skills with simple and complex control, as well as accessories.’
1, Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch

If I have to recommend a watch with a formal dress, no matter for men and women, I will definitely choose Cartier blue balloons. The Blue Balloon watch series is a masterpiece of Cartier’s classics and innovations. It not only draws Cartier’s profound watchmaking essence, but also breaks through the limitations of traditional watch design with the imagination and the spirit of extreme innovation.

2, Piaget Protocole XXL watch

Do you need to say that? The thin watch is the best watch for formal occasions: it will not over-inflate and support the cuffs; it will not fit well due to the rotation of the wrist. As it happens, Piaget is the ‘professional’ of producing such watches. And, if you are tired of round watches, try square ones.

3, IWC Portuguese watches

I like one of IWC’s most favorite series: oversized, simple dial design, change the strap at will. The watch is equipped with a Nissan BF11 movement. Three independent time displays on the dial. The slender sword-shaped minute hand placed in the center is the most prominent. The hour and hour dials are set at 12 o’clock, and the second hand is at the opposite 6 o’clock. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm exudes strong style. It cannot be said that IWC meets the requirements of a man for any occasion, but it will certainly be the right choice.

4.Sea-gull double tourbillon watch

Recommendation of the seagull is inseparable from the rising national emotions this year. This Chinese national brand, which has been established for more than 50 years, is rising at the world’s altar at an imperceptible speed. The double tourbillon watch is even more precious because of the cultural connotation behind it.

Stars Wish Zenith’s ‘legend • Eternity’ 150th Anniversary Watch Tour Exhibition

In 1865, when Georges Favre-Jacot founded Zenith in Leloc, Switzerland. 150 years later, when Zenith, which has spanned three centuries, has long been synonymous with precision timepieces and pioneering spirits, and the choice of the industry’s best.

The 150th anniversary of Zenith, sincere blessings from friends of the brand.
150 years have passed. Zenith represents the spirit of European watchmakers, represents brilliance, and history. I hope Zenith will continue to persevere and bless the 150th anniversary of Zenith. Happy birthday!
-Wang Weizhong Well-known TV producer
This year is the 150th anniversary of Zenith, and I hope to add another zero to 1500, you can see Zenith.
-Zhang Jiansheng watch collector
Thank you Mr. Jaket for creating Zenith. Every time you bring a Zenith watch in your hand, in addition to feeling its precision, there is also the fearless innovation spirit that Zenith has endowed me.
-Hu Ge Famous Movie Star
Zenith not only represents the fearless spirit of adventure, but also the first choice of dreamers for 150 years.
-Han Geng Famous Movie Star
Whenever the precise and beautiful beating of El Primero movement comes, it reminds me of the blow in ballet movements; Mr. Jkot, thank you for bringing us the eternal legend.
-Sheng Shidong China’s Chief Ballet Prince
I wish Zenith a happy 150th birthday and hope that Zenith will be more challenging and continue to explore in the future, creating more different Zenith watches for human adventure, making human exploration more endless.
-Lin Yijie Extreme Marathon Adventurer
Precise, adventurous, and constantly surpassing are the reasons why Zenith is different.
-Li Ting Women’s Doubles Champion of 2008 Athens Olympic Games
Mr. Jaket started the legend, and we continue it.
-Wei Jianglei Senior Vice President of Sina
May the legend of Zenith last forever and be passed down from generation to generation.
-Li Qingqing President of HCD Global

 From August 23rd to August 29th, 2015, Zenith’s 150th Anniversary Watches and Clocks Exhibition will be grandly opened on the 1F of Atrium of Daimaru Mall in Shanghai.

 The touring exhibition will not only display the brand history and fearlessness of Zenith since its establishment, but also a variety of rare Zenith antique timepieces from Switzerland. It will also be the first time with domestic watch lovers. meet. You are welcome to visit the exhibition and appreciate the charm of fine watchmaking from 1865.

Earl Piaget Ultra-thin Hollow Tourbillon T Diamond Top

Piaget uses the Emperador Coussin diamond self-winding skeleton tourbillon extraordinary treasure watch, and then displays peak clocks and jewellery, re-interpreting two major artistic achievements in a unique way. The new watch breaks the technical conventions and becomes the only skeletonized watch in the watch market with a full baguette diamond inlay. The ultra-thin design is cleverly equipped with a suspension tourbillon system. Piaget sublimates the brand’s fearless style, inlaid beautiful diamonds on the front and back of each functional component of the ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement 1270D, and illuminates the brand-new extraordinary watch with brilliant diamonds. The exquisite finishing of the watch is hand-filed and polished by craftsmen, and it is an extraordinary work of art with the movement device.
Piaget Manufacture has interpreted the art of time in a superb and original way since 1874, and has written many wonderful chapters in the history of Swiss watchmaking. It has launched many classic watches and established two distinguished titles in the early 1960s: Advanced The master of ultra-thin watches in the watch industry and the top gem master in the fine jewelry industry. Piaget’s watch factory in La Côte-aux-Fées stands alone in the world of ultra-thin movements, while the watch factory in Plan-les-Ouates specializes in manufacturing jewellery and cases. The two watch factories have mastered the two superb craftsmanship in the watch industry. Piaget was able to use its creativity to create a variety of precision mechanical treasures with fine gold and diamonds, setting numerous brilliant milestones in the world of fine watchmaking.

Piaget Emperador Coussin watch

In 2005, Piaget launched the first hollow-out movement 600D with diamonds. Today, Piaget has reinvented itself, combining such a superb mechanical movement with a tourbillon device that pays attention to subtle clock technology, and once again set the ultra-thin record of the movement project with a thickness of only 3.5 mm. The shape of the movement is unique. It is equipped with various hollow-set diamond-moving components to remove all complicated functions. The simple and refined line breaks the ultra-thin record of its own movement category with streamlined simple lines. Following the 838D movement with a thickness of only 3.1 mm and 3.0 mm After the 1200D movement, it set another brilliant record.
The result of extraordinary design and outstanding creativity
The inlaying of diamonds into the functional components of the ultra-thin skeletonized movement is an extremely delicate and meticulous process, and only Piaget can master this skill in the world. Piaget broke the technical boundaries again today. With its fearless spirit and extensive and profound technology, it launched the Emperador Coussin watch with an automatic skeletonized tourbillon with diamonds. The bright rectangular diamonds are cleverly coiled around the suspension tourbillon frame and the automatic oscillating weight to piece together the lucky number ‘8’. The smooth and natural arcs are carefully carved by Piaget’s ingenious craftsmen. Each diamond is according to the setting position. Re-cut to create a natural flowing curve.
The new watch’s movement and automatic rotor are paved with rectangular diamonds. The movement is made of 14K fine gold, while the automatic rotor is cast in platinum to enhance the rotating effect. Given that platinum is softer than fine gold, diamond setting is more difficult, and the technology required for the stone setting process is correspondingly improved.
The manufacturing process of the 1270D movement is full of various challenges. In addition to the above-mentioned diamond setting skills, it also conceals another technical challenge that pioneered Piaget’s history. As both the bridge and the plate are paved with diamonds, 71 baguette diamonds (approximately 1.1 carats) and 561 round diamonds (1.8 carats) shine on the front and back of the functional component, making the compact movement a unique art. Crystallization, showing three types of diamond setting techniques at the same time: track-guided inlays for rectangular cut diamonds, grain inlays for round diamonds, and ‘stacked’ inlays.

Hollow movement 1270D with rectangular diamonds

The count displayed superb craftsmanship on the bridge. Inlaid diamonds on the two sides of the bridge, which is only a few centimeters, are an exquisite workmanship. Only the most experienced craftsmen in the contemporary era can use ‘stacking inlay’ technology. Piaget pushes the limits of technology even further. Some of the screws of the 1270D movement are inlaid with diamonds. All of the diamond-studded screws have to be specially designed to remain firm while being lined with beautiful diamonds.
Piaget’s gem-setters in Piaget are all veteran masters in stone setting. They have excellent technology to challenge the complicated process of setting stones in a 14K gold hollow movement with a thickness of only 6 mm. Each movement is the result of 47 hours of inlaying by the craftsman. The process is long and meticulous. Each action of the craftsman is delicate and accurate, and there is no room for loss. To minimize the error, each component of the movement can run smoothly. .
Extremely bright light
The new watch bears witness to Piaget’s insistence that ‘always do better than required’. Each movement component is polished and polished with the ultimate craftsmanship, showing a dazzling light and shining with the bright diamond light. The movement is decorated with Piaget’s famous hand-crafted details, including diamonds on the polished machine plate and the bridge, and craftsmen use files to add hand-chamfered ornaments, as well as automatic oscillating weights with polished diamonds. Knife-by-sword carving of solar radiation or mirror-polished gears, mirror-polished closed-hole screw posts, mirror-polished hand-chamfered clockwork barrels, and hand-chamfered tourbillon frame bridges carved with files. The 1270P movement perfectly interprets the characteristics of the 1270 movement, hand-carved with a file and mirror-polished to create an outstanding complex retouch. The mirror polishing marks the most difficult art of watchmaking. The craftsman polishes the surface of the movement components in a circular motion to form a smooth and flawless surface, shining deep black light. The polishing process pays attention to patience and exquisite handwork, and can not tolerate the slightest error, because even small defects will leave indelible marks on the surface of the component.
Dazzling diamond-inlaid movement and case
Piaget devoted itself to the design and manufacture of complex movements, and created an integrated case for the movement. In order to continue the tradition of many years, Piaget once again combined the technology of its two major watch factories to create the most gorgeous movement in the history of the brand in more than three years, showing the perfect technology. The watchmaker of La Côte-aux-Fées watch factory spent three years in close cooperation with the case developers and gem-setters, and condensed this self-winding skeleton tourbillon movement paved with rectangular diamonds. 6 mm pillow case.
To create this technological achievement, Piaget reshaped the classic 1270P self-winding tourbillon movement with 14K gold, and then hollowed out the structure of the movement, without fear of the added difficulty for the setting process of the functional components. To invert the original structure of the 1270P movement and preserve the original characteristics of the movement at the same time, it is a major initiative in the high-end watch industry. It is extremely difficult and requires meticulous craftsmanship. The front of the movement can see the rectangular diamonds and magnificent bridges on the automatic rotor. The eccentric tourbillon and the minute and second hands add elegance to the watch. The tourbillon engraved with the Earl’s ‘P’ logo is light and delicate, floating in the air, dancing and dancing at 2 o’clock. The entire tourbillon device consists of 42 parts, including three titanium bridges, and weighs only 0.2 grams. The round diamond-paved panel shines through the sapphire caseback.
The Emperador Coussin watch’s white gold case is stylish and beautiful. It perfectly matches the arc of the 1270D movement. The surface is paved with diamonds. It dazzles the case and highlights the watch’s unique beauty. The case is a gem-inlaid masterpiece that echoes the luxurious design of the movement. The stone-setting process alone takes 136 hours, paved with no less than 794 diamonds (15.2 carats), rectangular, round and emerald. The cut diamonds shine on the bezel, the sides of the case, the lugs and the crown. The buckle and strap are also decorated with 24 rectangular diamonds (1.7 carats).
Emperador Coussin automatic winding skeleton tourbillon watch with extraordinary diamonds. The movement, case and strap are inlaid with a total of 1,450 diamonds for a total of 19.8 carats. The design is graceful and magnificent, magnificent and brilliant, perfectly embodying Piaget’s horology Surging enthusiasm.

Jacques Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication

The late 19th century was the pinnacle of traditional watchmaking. The challenges of design concepts and mechanical craftsmanship faced by master craftsmen were easily solved in front of a number of visionary wizards. These master watchmakers are talented, quietly hidden in an unknown workshop, using passion and wisdom to create amazing watch pieces by themselves. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Grande Tradition series not only reinterprets the elegance and sophistication of the nineteenth century, but also reflects the glorious spirit of the times. Complicated data that could only be measured with giant machines can now be displayed on watches. This series dares to be the first to combine a number of complex functions and the ingenuity of master watchmakers. The watch strikes a delicate balance between extreme craftsmanship and pure aesthetics. Each of the masterpieces in this series continues the historical heritage, this new work reflects the long history of watchmaking and astronomy.

   The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication stands out from the wrist and embodies the vast universe that encompasses everything. Material selection and exquisite workmanship are the characteristics of the Master Grande Tradition. The case of the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch is made of rose gold. The charming luster makes the sophisticated watch perfect.

   The brand-new Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch, launched in 2015, is a new way to interpret aesthetic elements and reproduce the style of pocket watches in the 19th century. The watch is equipped with a concave bezel, and the satin-finished case contrasts with polished lugs. Whether it is the visible part of the watch or the part hidden in the movement, it has been carefully modified to reflect the essence of fine watchmaking. The extraordinary watchmaking technology is not only reflected in the integration of multiple complex functions in the same case, but also how to achieve harmony in the design of the exterior.

    Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a timepiece designed to measure astronomical time. The charm of this watch is that the flying tourbillon design is an important element of time indication. The flying tourbillon rotates counterclockwise every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. When the tourbillon rotates counterclockwise, it slowly moves along the edge of the dial at the same time, like a spacecraft suspended in the stratosphere. The tourbillon frame is made of ultra-lightweight titanium and has a minimalist structure, which makes this levitation floating even more weightless.

    In order to highlight the astronomical characteristics of time measurement, the tourbillon indicates not the civil time with the sun as the reference, but the star time with the stars farther away from us as the reference. Stellar time is a unit used by astronomers to track the trajectories of celestial bodies. The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch showcases the vast universe we live in, and you can enjoy the rapid changes of the universe with a glance.

    The dial of this watch displays astrological maps of the northern hemisphere. Since childhood, we have been familiar with the Big Dipper, North Star, Cassiopeia, and the twelve constellations that make up the zodiac sign on the dial. Among them, the zodiac constellation is the earliest recognized constellation of human beings, representing the four basic elements of air, earth, fire and water. At the periphery of the planet map, the disk representing the sun orbits the dial exactly every 24 hours. The signs of the zodiac, month and week are displayed on the edge of the horoscope, which is clear and easy to read. This small disk representing the sun can indicate 24-hour civil time to distinguish between day and night time. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s relentless pursuit of the practical functions of the watch is revealed in such details, which is why it deserves to be carefully appreciated.

   This watch is also equipped with a mechanical timekeeping mechanism, which provides an audible timekeeping, which can achieve hour, quarter and minute according to requirements. The sound quality of the sounding table depends largely on its gong. In order to get the purest and most pleasant time signal, Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed a cathedral crystal reed that emits a loud tone. Different from traditional gongs, the cross section of the cathedral crystal gong is square rather than circular, which makes it more in contact with the hammer and makes the percussion sound more powerful. In addition, the watch uses a trébuchet scale weight, which allows the gong to obtain the best energy transfer. This watch conveys melodious music. You can close your eyes and discern subtle changes in tone. You can also observe the precise operation of the trébuchet scale weight through the transparent case back, which is pleasing to the eye. In order to make the minute repeater function more perfect, this new watch is equipped with a redesigned slider, which is more ergonomic and easy to operate. The pure design matches the harmonious style of the watch as a whole.

    The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a combination of sophisticated time display elements that are fascinating and surprising. It can be appreciated carefully or explored again and again. The masterful ingenuity of the master watchmaker is only to achieve one ambition: to share everything beautifully.
Technical characteristics of Jaeger-LeCoultre masterpieces of traditional complications
积 Jaeger-LeCoultre 945 manual winding mechanical movement, semi-finished movement made of unplated nickel silver, hand-made, assembled and decorated
 Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour
储存 Power reserve: 40 hours
数 Number of parts: 527
数 Number of gems: 49
 Thickness: 12.62 mm
 Diameter: 34.70 mm
 Escapement: Silicon

显示 Hour and minute display
轨道 Orbital flying tourbillon and sky map
 Minute repeater with cathedral crystal reed and trébuchet scale hammer
 Zodiac annual calendar, month and 24-hour display

 Polished blue satin, milky silver plated ring

太 Princess

 Diameter: 45 mm
 Thickness: 15.8 mm
 18K Rose Gold
 Water-resistant to 5 bar

鳄鱼 Alligator leather strap with premium pin buckle

 Q502 25 80