Master Ultra Thin Squelette—the Perfect Fusion Of Watchmaking And Rare Craftsmanship (Métiers Rares®)

Fascinating with lightness. The outerwear is gorgeous, but not afraid to show the inner, which is the message conveyed by the Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch. Four watches of this series were widely watched when they were launched, and are very popular with watch lovers. The internal and external details of the watch are carefully crafted by the watchmaker’s craftsmen, and each piece interprets a unique style. This collection embodies pure beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, which is in the same vein as the Hybrid Artistica’s extraordinary and complex craft series, which reflects Jaeger-LeCoultre’s determined innovation and the tradition of 180 outstanding craftsmanship. The Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch leads us to explore the skeleton technology and experience the extreme transparency.
   Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long tradition of making ultra-thin watches, dating back to 1907. The big workshop chooses to combine the extraordinary handicrafts such as hollowwork, carving, enamel and jewelry setting with ultra-thin watchmaking technology, which is very creative.

   The watch is equipped with the extremely reliable Jaeger-LeCoultre 849ASQ mechanical movement. The detailed and tightly meshed gear set is like being in a labyrinth of twists and turns. The hand-carved watch bridge draws the viewer’s gaze all the way forward, falling into a hidden corner that is almost out of reach. Even in such inconspicuous details, the craftsmen are decorated with chamfers, making it uniquely radiant. Then, his gaze rested on the millimeter-sized decoration made by artisans with precision and dexterity. This subtle light and shadow game can only be achieved with the exquisite craftsmanship of fine watchmaking.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre specially designed the hour and minute display for this movement. The Great Workshop regards balance, harmony and clarity as easy to read. These two important elements can be found in every new work. The Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch is equipped with a dial divided into 12 zones by the hour markers, adhering to the great watchmaking tradition, while bringing a clear time reading experience. At the same time, the minute scale surrounding the movement is both functional and aesthetic, like a rare art treasure in the world.

   Both the front and the back of the watch are decorated with rare craftsmanship (Métiers Rares®) and are presented in four distinct ways. Every Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch is a perfect fusion of design, watchmaking and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette (Q13425SQ)
Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch and enamel craftsmanship

   Enamel craftsmanship is a veritable art. The enamel is roasted in a fire and presents a unique sense of depth. Applying enamel technology to Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch Beauty is undoubtedly an immortal achievement. The white or rose gold used to make the case is first carved with a guilloche pattern, which echoes the overall design of the watch. Subsequently, the master craftsman colored the dial with enamel pigment and repeatedly baked it in the furnace until the desired color tone was displayed. The strong dark blue tone complements the white gold, while the bright light brown echoes the rose gold case. The back of the Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch is also decorated with enamel to reproduce the sequence design of the time zone display, forming a mirror image with the dial, full of dynamics. These two new products are limited to 100 pieces each, which reflects the style of contemporary and bold and confident.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette (Q13435SQ)

Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch with mother-of-pearl engraving and jewelry setting
   Choosing a men’s watch decorated with mother-of-pearl and diamonds is a personal aesthetic choice. Put the watch in your hand and play, you can taste this perfect decoration. The Master Ultra Thin Squelette cutout watch with diamonds clearly considers brilliance as the main line of design. A series of different watch parts are engraved and decorated in different ways, sparkling with subtle contrast between light and dark. The mother-of-pearl exudes a soft iridescent luster. Each time zone is decorated with a hand-carved natural mother-of-pearl, with a delicate texture. This technique gives the dial a sense of dynamic rhythm. The bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds makes this design more perfect and sophisticated. The Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch with diamonds exudes an unparalleled charm through surface changes. The slender shoulders on the 38mm diameter case measuring just 4.7mm are hand-engraved. The back of the watch is exactly the same as the front. Also equipped with sculpted mother-of-pearl time zone display, through the sapphire crystal back cover, it is like a halo around the delicate and chic hollow movement. The Master Ultra Thin Squelette skeleton watch is available in diamonds in geometric white or warm rose gold. Each watch is limited to 100 pieces.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette (Q1343501)

Master Ultra Thin Squelette technical characteristics
Jaeger-LeCoultre 849ASQ manual winding mechanical movement
Power reserve: 33 hours
Number of parts: 119
Number of gems: 19
Thickness: 1.85 mm
Dial: Hollow, enamel or hollow, carved mother-of-pearl
Pointer: Leaf pointer
Function: hour and minute display
Rose gold
Rose gold with brilliant-cut diamonds
White gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds

Strap: Alligator leather strap with pin buckle

Showing Mature Charm Three Recommended Formal Men’s Watches

Attend the event to wear a formal dress and also have to wear a decent watch. As a successful man, how to dress up with neat shapes is a headache. For a watch with a formal dress, it is best to have a belt, thin, simple and elegant. Below, the Watch House will bring you a watch that is suitable for dressing, and let you see their charm in detail.
Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 5177BB / 29 / 9v6

Model: 5177BB / 29 / 9v6
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch details: 777Q self-winding movement, 26 rubies. Power reserve time is up to 55 hours. 18k gold oscillating rotor, rhodium-plated design. Linear lever escapement, silicon flat balance spring. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz. Adjusted in 6 positions.
Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227G-001 watch

Model: 5227G-001
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Details of the watch: SC self-winding movement, large four-arm Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax balance spring made of Silinvar. The swing frequency is 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour, ensuring the travel time accuracy specified by the Patek Philippe mark, that is, the daily error range. Only -3 seconds to +2 seconds.
Lange RICHARD LANGE 232.026 watch

Model: 232.026
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40.5 mm
Watch details: lange / 37492 /
Watch Reviews: If you want to choose a non-Swiss watch, it is Lange, the representative of German high-end craft watches. German watchmaking is known all over the world for its simple and tough shape and superb craftsmanship. This Richard Lange watch is simple and bright. The 40.5mm white gold case, the dial made of solid silver, the silver-gray dial design, the Roman numeral hour markers, the blue-steel hour and minute hands, and the sweep seconds hand design, are in line with Lange’s consistent design style, simple and beautiful. As a top brand, Lange is a pure German brand that can compete with top Swiss brands, relying on fine polishing and perfect design. Equipped with Lange watch factory’s self-made L041.2 movement, manually wound, in accordance with Lange’s strictest quality standards, carefully modified and assembled by hand, precision adjustment in five directions, the machine plate and bridge plate are made of untreated Germany Made of silver, hand-engraved balance wheel plywood, accurate and stable travel time. This platinum watch is only available in Lange stores.
Summary: The three simple and iconic sharp-looking appearances of these three watches are well matched with formal wear, and can show the wearer’s temperament and taste in all aspects. Real classics that are simple and generous are never out of date. When you experience the glitz of fashion, you can better appreciate these classic watches to show the mature and charming side of men.

Seagull Table Show Top Craft

Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show ended in Basel, Switzerland. This exhibition has always been a stage for world famous watches. At this exhibition, challengers from China brought top technology with independent intellectual property rights, making visitors watch Chinese watches with ecstasy.
  The debut of China’s double tourbillon watch at the international exhibition has aroused great attention from the industry. In the nearly half hour of the reporter’s interview at the Seagull booth, many visitors visited. Some of them came here for the tourbillon exhibit. In the negotiation room, the reporter saw that several foreign businessmen gave thumbs up to Li Xuegang, the general manager of the Seagull Group, after studying the sample form carefully, and expressed their appreciation.
  Li Xuegang told reporters, ‘Although the Seagull’s dual tourbillon watch is guaranteed in terms of technical quality, it still lacks brand awareness and marketing channels. We have now determined a strategy to open the market with a price advantage.’ 3 days at the beginning of the exhibition Here, the order of five seagull dual tourbillon watches has reached 5, but the price is 1/4 of the same configuration watches, about 250,000 yuan.
  How did the seagull break through the top technology of the double tourbillon? Li Xuegang told reporters, ‘We have set up a professional R & D team with more than 100 people. Over the past few years, we have continuously sent personnel to study in world-renowned companies. Through hard work, we finally have this top technology.’ Li Xuegang also told Reporter, the company also spent more than 30 million yuan to introduce high-end processing machines from Switzerland and Japan to improve product quality. At present, the mechanical watch movement of the Seagull Group has accounted for 40% of the domestic market, and its finished watches have also begun to enter the international market.
  Li Xuegang said that since the second half of 2006, Seagull Watches has set up nine sales counters in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel and other major tourist cities in Switzerland. Now, the sales of Seagull watches in the Swiss market reach more than 200,000 yuan per month.
  In addition to entering the Swiss market, the Seagull Group has longer-term plans. At the Baselworld 2006, they found a partner in Switzerland. The two sides agreed that the pre-production of the Seagull mechanical watch movement will be placed in China, and the later polishing, assembly, and surface design will be completed in Switzerland. Through Swiss exquisite craftsmanship and technical standards, the quality of the movement is improved, and it meets Swiss-made standards.