Noble Artist 6654-1127-55b Men’s Watch

Blancpain watches symbolize the world’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, which can be called world-class no matter from the appearance or internal operation. The Blancpain men’s watch has always been elegant and rich in content, which is loved by high-end people in China. Use this 6654-1127-55B watch today to take you through Blancpain’s moon phase display series.
Blancpain 6654-1127-55B is a steel watch belonging to the Villeret series. Its 40 mm case is made of stainless steel and exudes a silver metallic luster, which shows the strong strength of men. . The flowing metal luster on the smooth case lines adds a lot of youthful vitality to the watch, so this watch is more suitable for young talents to wear, and it can well set off the temperament of such people. Its dial layout also looks generous, the three large hollow hands exude a silver metallic luster, and leisurely rotate to indicate the time for us against a white background. The blue date indicator needle has become the most vivid color on the dial, which also makes the youthful vitality of the watch even higher. If you want to say that this concise dial is the most conspicuous, you must have a moon phase display. The black night sky with white moons and stars, presenting the beautiful sceneries that belong to the sky on your wrist, is an unspeakable experience. With feelings. Moreover, Blancpain’s art masters also added a cute smiley face to the moon, adding a very human touch to the watch, and it also seemed that the owner of the watch was more approachable. In terms of appearance alone, this is definitely a watch full of fashion elements, but without giving people a sense of distance.

 The functions of this Blancpain 6654-1127-55B are also very comprehensive. As a formal watch, it can not only meet the practical needs of people in daily life, but also add some artistic color to the wearer of the watch. The time display of the junior hand, clearly visible on the dial, makes this watch extremely legible. Below the watch at 12 o’clock, there are two windows that are symmetrical to the left and right, which respectively implement the month display and date display functions for the watch. The black English letters are very conspicuous against the white dial background, so that we can clearly get the time information of the day. The blue date hand and the date scale on the inner circle of the dial form a date display panel to display the time of the day. The most artistic feature is the moon phase function. The practical value of this function may not be high for us, but it brings a feeling close to nature and can satisfy people’s spiritual enjoyment. In addition, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters. As a formal watch, the requirements in this area are not very high. The water depth of 30 meters can already meet our daily needs. Enjoy life without worrying about your precious watch.
 This Caliber 6654-1127-55B is equipped with a cal.6654 caliber produced by Blancpain, which is an automatic mechanical movement. Its 28,800 shocks per hour can greatly reduce the external influence on the watch’s travel time, ensuring the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. It consists of 321 parts, and there are 28 gems in the middle to reduce friction and extend the life of the movement. This movement can also provide a 72-hour power reserve, which is excellent in formal watches, which can basically meet the needs of everyone’s daily life.

 Although this watch of Blancpain 6654-1127-55B does not use any precious metal materials, it was created by the watchmaker that Blancpain can call an ‘artist’, showing a different noble temperament and The beautiful appearance can be said to be a masterpiece of Blancpain watchmakers turning decay. Its function takes into account both practicality and people’s spiritual pursuit, and reasonably arranges the dial space, making the function comprehensive but not complicated. The performance of Blancpain’s own movement is also extremely superior. Its market reference price is 118000. It sold a steel watch but sold for more than 100,000 yuan. We can imagine the value of its high performance and unique design. This is a watch with a lot of content. The tradition of Blancpain also makes it a good collection value. It should satisfy the eyes of many discerning watch lovers.
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