Getting Closer To The Dive Table The Depth Numbers Are Constantly Evolving

For the film ‘Ocean’, I believe that many watch brands must be most concerned about-which brand watch does the shooting team wear when diving? And, what is the water-resistant depth of this watch? The constant change of the watch’s submersible depth is a testimony to the continuous development of watchmaking technology. Rolex Deep Sea
氦 Helium discharge valve with balanced pressure
During the diving process, as the depth increases and the water pressure increases, tiny helium atoms will be squeezed into the case from the gap of the table under the action of strong pressure, so that the internal pressure of the table gradually increases to achieve a basic balance of internal and external pressure. . When diving up after the end of the dive, the external water pressure rapidly decreases, and the helium atoms in the case are difficult to remove instantly, which will form a huge pressure difference, enough to break the case. To solve this problem, all deep dive watches are equipped with a helium exhaust device to ensure the safety of the watch.
Adjustable strap
The straps of diving watches are generally made of solid steel or special materials to prevent the corrosion of seawater to the greatest extent. At the same time, the straps of many dive watches are adjustable, such as the Rolex DeepSea series, its Glidelock buckle, adjustable width up to 18 mm. As long as you open the buckle, you can see the center toothed clips inside, each cell is 1.8 mm apart, for a total of 10 cells. Professional divers can easily wear even a 7 mm thick wetsuit.
Swivel bezel
Due to the limitation of oxygen, a countdown reminder is very important for divers. If it rises too fast due to lack of oxygen, it will cause decompression sickness. Therefore, the rotating bezel is an ingenious and practical function. Generally, just turn the bezel during the dive, make the 0 scale on the bezel align with the minute hand, and then watch the scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves to know the time spent diving.
Of course, you can also count down. First of all, know your dive time. Turn the bezel to align the minute scale with the minute hand, and then the time when the minute hand reaches the 0 scale of the bezel is your diving limit time. The rotation of the external bezel is mostly designed in a single counterclockwise direction, and the latest design now uses an extra safety switch to control the bezel to rotate and lock at will.
LoPloprof’s exclusive bezel safety button is set at 2 o’clock and is decorated with an orange aluminum plated outer ring. With the push of a button, the bezel can be rotated to either side and then locked in place to ensure that it will not move during the dive. Ploprof also has an automatic helium exhaust valve, which is set at 4 o’clock and will release helium atoms when decompressed. This function is especially suitable for professional divers working on diving bells. Breguet Marine Royal series rose gold alarm diving watch
Deep Water Alarm
The Marine Royal series rose gold alarm diving watch from 宝 玑, although waterproof to a depth of only 300 meters, is commendable because it has a deep water alarm function. When the alarm sounds, it reminds people that it is time to return to the ground.
Luminous indicator
Everyone knows that light is easily dispersed in water and is not suitable for transmission. Therefore, it is very dark when diving below 100 meters, so the pointer, scale or surface of the diving watch is usually coated with fluorescent material, and the size of the pointer and scale is deliberately enlarged to make it easier for divers to read.
Tritium luminescence needs to be made of radioactive materials. The earliest radium is usually used, but it has been changed to a new safe material because of its high radioactivity. The half-life of this material is no more than 10 hours.
Turn-in crown
As we all know, the crown is the only part that connects the outside world with the movement. In order to prevent water from entering the movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called a screw-in crown-the joint of the crown is added with a waterproof rubber ring made of rubber. When the crown is tightened, Water was tightly isolated from the watch.
There are also many diving watches that have been upgraded. Not only do they have a larger crown, but they also add deeper pits to them, making them more slip-resistant and convenient for underwater operations. At the same time, turn-in crowns are widely used on military watches.

Hermès New Arceau Pocket Volutes Fashion Pocket Watch

Hermès has a long tradition of craftsmanship. In order to pass on the spirit of craftsmanship, Hermes watches focus on metalwork. Combining the essence of gold inlay and hand engraving, the unique Arceau Pocket Volutes pocket watch is exactly reflecting this extraordinary craftsmanship.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

Pocket watch back cover with carved spiral and scroll pattern lines, inspired by Henri d’ Origny silk scarf created for Hermes in 1972. The traced texture traces its origins back to the origins of Hermès’ creation. In the dream country derived from the equestrian world, craftsmen invented fashion elements into high-end materials with ingenious ingenuity. The Arceau Pocket Volutes alone is a hand-carved watch cover that has taken 150 hours to make. It is ingenious, crafted, precious and extraordinary, rare today.
The back cover of the pocket watch is made of two white gold and rose gold pieces. Before the two are welded together at high temperature, they are carved with decoration. After welding, the engraved rose gold sheet on the upper layer shows the swirling curve texture of gold and silver two-color overlay. Later, the craftsman fine-tuned the pattern with a sculpting knife, further refining the individual vortex curve to bring out a distinct three-dimensional sense. This delicate carving process is called ramolayage in French goldsmith terms.

Platinum material / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 48mm

The craftsmen modified the shape, carved out the right-angle part of the vortex pattern, and carefully thought out, so that the metal surface was curved to reflect light. This series of complicated procedures removes any overshadowed radiance in order to achieve the perfect curvature of the surface force. Then hit the parts that need to be darkened with a hammer. This delicate work is carried out with special engraving tools to prepare the metal for coloring, highlighting the contrast between polished platinum and darker matte platinum blocks. This part was then covered with a gloss protective coating and immersed in a ruthenium ion solution; after the gloss coating was removed, the gold portion appeared in three distinct shades: rose pink, light gray, and dark gray.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

The dial of Arceau Pocket Volutes highlights another decorative technique: the Great Fire Enamel. The firing process of the big fire requires patience. A slightly arched panel is coated with brown chestnut-colored enamel pigment. The central enamel coating is thinner, so it appears a lighter color. The color gradually deepens to the surroundings, achieving a delicate and clear hierarchy. Warm brown chestnut color.

Arceau Pocket Volutes

This unique timepiece technology, equipped with the brand H1928 automatic winding mechanical movement, gives Arceau Pocket Volutes pocket watches a pulse of life. At Hermes, the combination of superb craftsmanship and the tradition of fine timepieces is pleasing to the eye.