The Most Precise Watch Brief Comment On Vacheron Constantin Tour De L’ Ile Watch

This watch I want to introduce to you today is a special watch manufactured by Vacheron Constantin to celebrate the 250th anniversary. Tourdel’Ile is arguably one of the most complicated models. Its design engineers have created a movement that combines many of the most sophisticated functions with astronomical displays, making it a treasure on the wrist.

 There are only a few brands that can really make such a complicated and delicate watch in the entire watch field. The Tourdel’Ile watch made by Vacheron Constantin is the best among them. It not only opens up a new technical field for the high-end watch industry, but also reveals the brand’s endless potential.

 Looking closely we can see the hand-engraved gold dial of the watch, and on the dial we can also see a series of sophisticated complications. The picture shows the tourbillon device at 6 o’clock on the front of the watch, and the small second hand is on the tourbillon.

 The moon phase profit and loss display at 3 o’clock on the watch, the charming dark blue night sky moon phase profit and loss display shows the golden moon carved by hand.

 The small dial of the watch at 1 o’clock shows the torsional force of the mechanical mechanism, that is, the winding condition of the three-question device. In addition to a pair of slightly off-center hour and minute hands gliding on the minute scale circle, the dial also features a power reserve display at nine o’clock and a hand-engraved Poinçon de Genève Geneva premium stamp. Six precision devices interweave a harmonious picture on the upper dial. They perform their respective functions and clearly display the functions day and night.

 Compared to the complexity of the front dial of the watch, the back of the watch is not simple at all. The front and back dials echo each other, showing a very attractive, deep and amazing shape. The upper part of the dial is a perpetual calendar. The three sub dials are arranged in a triangle, from left to right, showing the day, month and date. Placed in the temporary position is a small window showing the leap year.

 The back of the watch and its precise sky map can only be seen from a telescope on the planetarium, which is a rare opportunity to see the map of the northern hemisphere. This precision machine accurately displays changes in celestial phenomena such as astral activity, so that you can enjoy the charming night sky during the day.

 Due to the complexity of the watch, the thickness of the watch reached 17.8 mm. Instead of putting a slide switch in the middle of the case to activate the three-minded mechanism, the watch adopted a new method: grasp the gold buckles on both sides of the bezel, and distribute the power to the thumb and index finger to make the winding Easier and smoother operation.

 This complex watch is equipped with a cal. 2750 manual-winding movement, consisting of a total of more than 834 parts and a total of more than 10,000 hours of research and development. This watch combines three major complications of the watch industry and the most mysterious astrological chart display, and it really deserves to be one of the most complicated watches.

 Summary: This Tourdel’Ile is limited to 7 pieces, made of 18K pink gold (5N). Each one not only has an independent production number, but the dial on the back is decorated with a unique mobile phone engraved pattern, so each one Watches are unique and even more precious.
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Montblanc Helps Polish Tenor Piotr Beczala Sign New Contract

Montblanc played an exclusive signing ceremony at the Vienna Opera House during the exclusive signing ceremony of the famous Polish opera star Piotr Beczala and the world’s largest classical music label Deutsche Grammophon (part of Universal Music). Important role. At an important moment in this career, the famous tenor Piotr Beczala signed this extraordinary record contract with the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 series ink pen, and the Montblanc Timewalker watch he wore also recorded this historical moment .

     Piotr Beczala signs contract with DG Records at Vienna Opera House
   Piotr Beczala is one of the most popular lyric operable tenor in the world, he is famous for his high voice and exciting performance. He has played major roles in several famous romantic operas, including Alfredo in La Traviata, Duca di Mantova in Jester, and Edgardo in Latina’s Lucia, and Bohemian ‘Plays Rodolfo and has starred in’ Witt ‘and’ Faust ‘. The new contract between Piotr Beczala and DG Record (Deutsche Grammophon) includes the recording of several new albums. The first record will be an tribute to the legendary Austrian tenor singer Richard Tauber. It will be released in May 2013. Released worldwide.

DG Records (Deutsche Grammophon) Chairman Mark Wilkinson and Piotr Beczala

Signing a contract at the Vienna Opera House
   Relying on Montblanc’s long-standing philosophy of supporting culture and art, Piotr Beczala resolutely chose to hold the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 series ink pen to record this exciting moment, while giving it a profound historical significance. Over the past 100 years, the Montblanc Meisterstück series of writing instruments has not only verified the signing of many important agreements in history, but has also become a symbol of excellence, art and pioneering spirit.