Hong Kong Sotheby’s Spring Sale Ten Million Dollar Watches

Sotheby’s 2012 Precious Watches Spring Auction in Hong Kong ended on the 4th, with total transactions approaching HK $ 100 million, creating the second-highest total turnover for Sotheby’s global precious watch auctions. Independent watchmaker Philippe Dufour’s watch was sold for HK $ 4.82 million (including commission). In addition, the first spot Patek Philippe 5270G platinum perpetual calendar chronograph watch was sold at a high price of HK $ 1.88 million, and more than 10 watches were auctioned. Enter the million yuan club at the meeting, let us introduce one by one:

1. Patek Philippe Model 5079
Estimate: HKD 2,500,000-3,800,000
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 3,980,000
Lot No. 2476. The watch was released in 2002 and discontinued in 2005, during which time production was extremely scarce. This distinctive minute repeater watch features the ‘Cathedral Bell’ gong-the first watch built with this gong was the 2001 Sky Moon Tourbillon, which is hailed as Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch. The 5079 gong is twice as long as the general gong, and the reed is richer and longer. The exquisite design can also be seen from the trigger pin hidden on the outer edge of the case. Paired with 18K yellow gold and a 42mm diameter dial, it shows the king’s style. The openable crystal glass back on the bottom of the case allows the wearer to take a closer look at the complex Caliber R 27 PS movement. The reed sound echoes in the enlarged case, which is long and beautiful. The exquisite white enamel dial with built-in Roman numerals and minute hand scales highlights the noble and elegant design of the brand.
表 The appearance of this watch is exquisite and simple, and the movement is powerful and complex. It is indeed a subtle combination of superb craftsmanship and climax technology.

2. Philippe Dufour pink gold two-wheeled double-set size self-closing minute repeater watch
Estimate: HK $ 2,200,000-3,200,000
Transaction price (including commission): HKD 4,820,000
Lot No. 2311. As one of the most admired watchmakers in the watch industry today, this watch made by Philippe Dufour is a hard work. 18K pink gold case with white enamel dial, noble and elegant. Only four watches are produced worldwide, and this one is unique in pink gold. This watch first appeared in the Basel Watch Fair in 1992, which was amazing for the global watch industry at the time, and this time it will be seen at auction as a collector’s favorite for independent watchmakers.
Open the back case and enjoy the exquisite workmanship of the two-wheeled dual-set movement. Hand-polished exquisite parts and splints lead collectors to taste this exquisite and exquisite picture art of clocks and watches. The spring time signal can be activated through the button on the clock. The two sliding buttons on the outer edge of the case can adjust the size of the self-sounding function, switch between time signal and mute, and between the hour and time.

3. Patek Philippe 3939 watch
Estimate: HKD 2,800,000-3,600,000
Transaction price (including commission): 3,740,000 HKD
Lot number 2477. The watch was first introduced in 1993 and discontinued in 2011. This watch has two complex functions of a minute repeater and a tourbillon, and its unparalleled resonance is enough to conquer any discerning collector. In order to avoid exposure to sunlight for too long to affect accuracy, Patek Philippe chose to hide the tourbillon rather than present it on the dial. With 18K yellow gold and a classic 33mm diameter case, it is reminiscent of Patek Philippe’s elegant signature: the Calatrava. The exquisite white enamel dial, as always, the cleanest lines of Patek Philippe, a low-key and elegant aesthetic.
This is the third public auction 3939 model to date.

4. Patek Philippe Model 5078
Estimate: HKD 2,400,000-3,200,000
Transaction price (including commission): HKD 2,780,000
Lot No. 2156. Patek Philippe began to issue the 5078 model in 2005 to replace the 3979 ‘150th Anniversary’ minute repeater model produced between 1989 and 1998. The 5078 model is equipped with a calibre R 27 PS movement composed of 342 precision parts. Through the transparent sapphire caseback at the bottom, you can appreciate this sophisticated and precise design. This watch has a classic look, platinum case with elegant pearly white enamel dial and black Roman numerals.

5. Patek Philippe 5004P Watch
Estimate: HKD 1,400,000-2,000,000
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 2,540,000
Lot number 2365. This is a very rare white gold perpetual calendar watch with a cal. 27-70 Q manual winding movement, the Geneva Seal,
28 gems, day, month, 24 hour and moon phase display, leap year indication,
圆形 Platinum round case,
Platinum Patek Philippe buckle,
36 mm diameter

6. Patek Philippe 5971P watch
Estimate: HKD 1,600,000-2,200,000
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 1,940,000
Lot No. 2364. Combining the essence of luxury jewellery with top-quality timepieces, Patek Philippe 5971P models perfectly interpret aesthetics and superb craftsmanship. The entire case is made of 950 platinum and is set with 36 top long trapezoidal diamonds with a total weight of about 3.88 carats. The complex machinery and dazzling gemstones shine brightly, making this model among the best Patek Philippe works.
5971P model is equipped with Nouvelle Lemania, caliber CH 27-70Q movement exclusively used by Patek Philippe. This classic movement is widely known as the most exquisite column wheel chronograph movement. The pure black dial not only embodies the beauty of bright diamonds, but also fully expresses the powerful functions of this watch: chronograph, perpetual calendar, leap year, date and moon phase display. The well-designed dial balances many watch functions and is easy to read.

7. Patek Philippe 5270G watch
Estimate: HK $ 1,150,000-1,800,000
Transaction price (including commission): HKD 1,880,000
Lot No. 2363. This watch is one of the most watched new models at the Baselworld 2011. The perpetual calendar chronograph watch made by Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the most complicated collection worthy of collection. From 1518, 2499, 3970 to 5970 models, each generation has inherited the brand’s noble bloodline. As the successor to the popular model 5970, Patek Philippe’s new perpetual calendar chronograph 5270G model has changed the design details, but it still inherits the essence of its traditional aesthetics. The dial of this model is modern and simple and easy to read. The 456-part watch is equipped with the CH29535 PS chronograph movement developed by Patek Philippe in 2009 and uses a new perpetual calendar configuration. The new movement is designed to reduce movement wear, improve operating efficiency, and prevent gear abrasion. From the perspective of the wearer, these technical optimizations reduce the possibility of pointer jump errors when the time is started, and reduce the friction between the gears, making the chronograph second hand run more smoothly.
5270G is a classic design of contemporary watches. The dial is embedded with black oxidized gold three-dimensional moments. The hand-made 18K white gold case retains a rectangular chronograph button, following the design of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph from the 1950s to the 1950s. The 5270G first appeared in the auction market. With its excellent appearance and excellent functions, it will definitely bring a new collection experience to collectors.

8. Patek Philippe 5102 Ref. Watch
Estimate: HKD 1,400,000-2,000,000
Transaction price (including commission): HKD 1,820,000
Lot number 2155. The Patek Philippe 5102 Ref. Watch, which was released in 2002, has a white gold case, a self-winding movement, a blue starry dial, moon phases, lunar orbits, and Sirius displays. It can also display the transit time of Sirius and the moon.
StarStar Caliber 2000 introduced in 2000. The Patek Philippe Heavenly King 5002 ‘Sky Moon’ watch that was subsequently launched, the simple version of the 5102 represented by this Lot, and the 5106 special edition specially launched for Only Watch, all adopted this concept. Patek Philippe 5102 is a frequent visitor to major auction companies.

9. Patek Philippe 5101P Watch
Estimate: HKD 1,300,000-1,800,000
Transaction price (including commission): 1,760,000 HKD
Lot number 2366. This watch was released in 2003 and discontinued in 2009. The Patek Philippe 5101P ten-day tourbillon watch is special in that the rectangular platinum case follows the classic Art Deco style, 2 8-2 0/2 2 2 rectangular manual Winding movement, tourbillon turret with Gy ro max balance wheel, two mainspring barrels connected in tandem, 10-day power reserve, satin-finished ‘classic rose’ 18k yellow gold dial, blackened gold The pointer, the Geneva Seal, with an exclusive certificate jointly issued by the Swiss Official Observatory and the Geneva Seal Institute.

10. Greubel Forsey 30 degree double body tourbillon watch
Estimate: HKD 1,400,000-1,800,000
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 1,580,000
Lot No. 2312. This watch is a masterpiece developed by two famous independent watchmakers Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey over four years. As the ‘first technical invention’ of Greubel Forsey, this watch features the patented design of its dual tourbillon system, which has made a leap forward in watch technology and also created a new milestone in the history of watch manufacturing. This complex technique challenges traditional technology, making the double tourbillon frames tilted at an angle of 30 degrees to each other to balance the effect of gravity on the balance wheel, thereby achieving high precision in timing. Another outstanding feature of this design is that the double tourbillon frame assembled from 128 precision parts weighs only 1.17 grams, which has to impress its craftsmanship. Compared with the traditional technology, the conical transmission device composed of the balance wheel and the zigzag gear improves the accuracy and stability of power transmission to a higher technical level.
上 The upper half of the dial is decorated with low-key dark gray and pink gold Roman numerals, while the lower half uses a hollow design to fully display the beautiful dynamics of the double-body tourbillon. In addition to improving the accuracy of the timing, the 30-degree tilt of the twin body tourbillon also gives the watch a perfect depth. This watch has an impressive diameter of 43.5 mm. The 18K pink gold case and the hand-engraved edge of the case complement each other with a delicate spiral pattern that symbolizes timelessness.

Glamour Of The Night Is Golden And Brilliant

Time records classics, telling the beauty of winter that will never die. In ‘The Gift of Maggie’, Jim and Della sold their beloved things just to make each other have the best Christmas surprise, and to make everyone who read their story feel warm. With the wish to stop time, people look forward to turning this happiness into a stream of water, breaking through the dark night and blooming a unique and magnificent color. In this Christmas season that conveys passion, Roger Dubuis transfigures a unique golden magic, lighting the cold winter with the most beautiful light on the wrist, recording every precious golden time, letting each one Everyone finds their own extreme brilliance in the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis.

 Excalibur 42 Rose Gold Automatic RDDBEX0386

 Individual elements at a glance, fluent dynamic shapes, sharp corners, and powerful designs complement their overall temperament with both elegant charm and excellent watchmaking technology-Sancha lugs, long Roman numerals, The grooved bezel continues the iconic features and stunning style of the Excalibur series, and displays the modern chivalry spirit with a back-to-the-world extraordinary temperament. The ultimate charm of Roger Dubuis truly shows the true meaning of Roger Dubuis’s works.

Reference price: 363,000 RMB

 Excalibur 36 Rose Gold Diamond Watch RDDBEX0380

 An elegant and detached way of controlling time is to wear the Excalibur 36 series. Excalibur 36 rose gold diamond watch is a bold and bold style, adding a touch of gorgeous charm. Its slim and elegant appearance perfectly interprets the simple and elegant aesthetic design with harmonious and uniform curves, which perfectly complements the exquisite surface processing of Roger Dubuis mechanical movement inside the watch. The hour, minute and small seconds on the dial fully reflect the contemporary elegance and classic features of the collection. The bezel is set with 48 luxury diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats). Dazzled.

Reference price: 333,000 RMB

 All Geneva watchmakers Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva Seal certification standard.