Introduction Of Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso Series

In the field of watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre has unique vision and took the lead in combining snowflake inlays with watches to create stunning jewelry watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s jewellery setting work is handed over to a jewellery setting studio headed by Alain Kirchhof, the master of jewellery setting. It is also located in Switzerland, not far from the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory. There are a total of 16 mosaic masters in the studio. Although not everyone is a watchmaker, their respective strengths are quite good.
Maybe it is because of the large area of ​​blank space on the flip structure of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series watches, just like a blank canvas, giving the mosaic artist enough freedom to play, so the Reverso Neva using snowflake mosaic technology was born. It can be seen that on this watch, the diamonds do not cover the entire case, but are arranged in a wave-like stripe. In the sun, it is like a beautiful water wave on the lake, full of flowing beauty.
积 At SIHH this year, Jaeger-LeCoultre once again pushed the limit and upgraded a single white diamond to a multi-colored gemstone, creating the latest Squadra Art jewelry watch from the Reverso series using snowflake inlay technology. On the classic Reverso case, various precious stones occupy every corner of the case. The dial is also paved with precious stones in a snowflake setting and blends into the pattern of the case. The elegant snowflake mosaic method is sublimated again with this jewelry watch. The entire watch is like a pencil by Paul & middot; Cézanne, with a mix of gemstones that are breathtaking; the use of snowflake mosaics makes the jewellery watch’s gloss moist and long It is a rare masterpiece of jewelry watch.
Snow Set is not a snowflake-shaped mosaic, but a vague title. That is, the inlayer will select diamonds of different diameters and set them on the case. The arrangement of large and small diamonds is irregular, and it is entirely dependent on the skilled skills and meticulous thinking of the inlaying division to ensure that the large and small diamonds can be spread side by side. To complete such a work, we first need to choose the appropriate size from many diamonds of different diameters. The choice of diameter gradient must also be taken care of. Do the design and planning before setting, and complete the ingenious layout. It is not something that a general mosaic expert can do. And the moment of real mosaic is exactly the moment when the extraordinary talent of the mosaic expert emerged from the & hellip; & hellip;
The value of snowflake mosaic:
1: manual value:
With the popularity of batch mechanized production technology, pure manual work is particularly valuable. Because of the randomness and uncertainty of snowflake inlays, not all craftsmen are competent, so the finished product is valuable.
2: Artistic value:
Diamonds of all sizes are set flat on metal. Under the sun’s rays, diamonds shine like snowflakes in the sun.
的 The disadvantages of snowflake mosaic:
1: The working cycle is too long:
Snowflake setting requires meticulous layout and pure manual operation. It is a difficult jewelry setting process, so the production cycle is quite long. It can be said that snowflake mosaic itself belongs to the category of advanced customization.
2: Low diamond unit price:
Taking Jaeger-LeCoultre’s snowflake mosaic table as an example, diamonds ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.6 mm will be selected, so compared with dense setting, there are relatively more small-sized diamonds in the same area. However, craftsmanship alone is enough to earn back fares.

区别 The difference between snowflake mosaic and pavé
Common points:
1: Many round diamonds are used. Each diamond is independently set on the metal and arranged on a flat surface with each other.
2: None of them are concealed inlays, and there is a metal separation between each diamond.
1: The size of a single diamond is different. Pavement is an orderly setting of diamonds of the same diameter. Snowflake setting is a random setting of diamonds of different sizes, but both can eventually form a plane.
2: Relatively regular pavé, which can be mass-produced through calculations. Snowflake mosaics, due to the irregular size of diamonds, mostly require the meticulous thinking, design and inlaying of individual jewelers in the process.