Rolex In The Electronic Watch Industry, Find Out

@gshockindo Let’s talk about an interesting phenomenon first, but when it comes to Rolex’s long-term durability, there are always many friends competing. One of them is to ridicule Casio G-SHOCK, claiming that this watch is the most durable timepiece today. Taking an electronic watch VS a mechanical timepiece, although it is suspected of being a hooligan, it is irritating-this Casio G-SHOCK, what is sacred? In the 1960s and 1970s, Rolex relied on its precise and durable, waterproof and shockproof ‘King Kong is not bad’, widely praised by wearers. At the same time, also known for earthquake resistance, there was the West End Watch in the mouths of his parents. In 1983, Casio’s first shock-resistant watch (DW-5000C) was born, and its belief was to create a watch that would not break. By this year, it is exactly the 35th anniversary. Casio released two all-metal commemorative watches based on G-SHOCK’s original square design. One is gold GMW-B5000TFG-9, the other is silver GMW-B5000D-1. * And GMW-B5000-1 with stainless steel and resin strap. I have always been indifferent to electronic watches, and eventually I did not resist the magic of the small silver cube. Honestly, to buy this watch, I ran through almost all local specialty stores, and the results were conceivable. However, when this watch is in hand, from the outer packaging, to the paper, to the watch itself under the film, it is not amazing. Just like the girl who worked hard to pursue, there is a gap between what she thinks and what she dreams of. Therefore, it was driven directly into the moisture-proof box by me and left idle for nearly a month. Until recently, I went to a specialty store by the way and cut the watch strap to get started. Only then did I feel that this small box was comfortable and new. However, to say that the effect of getting started is not as good as the performance in front of the camera after taking off. From a rational and objective point of view, it is really worthless to buy an electronic watch at such a price (despite solar power, six radio waves, Bluetooth, 20Bar waterproof). If it is considered to buy elements such as history, feelings, tide, etc., this satisfaction will vary from person to person. Functionally, it is complicated and interesting for those who are accustomed to big three-handed mechanical watches. After all, it includes world time, stopwatch (including segmented timekeeping), alarm, timer, Mobile Link … I know only a few at the moment. Fortunately, from the Casio official website, two simple and complete PDF Chinese instructions can be downloaded for exploration. Finally, attach a few photos taken a few days ago. Block table, block photo.