Zhen Lishi Assists Spa’s Classic Car Race Wu Jianhao Perfect Interpretation Of Extreme Speed Watch

As the official timekeeper of many sports events organized by Peter Auto, Zenith fully supports the legendary Spa-Classic event.
   The many classic cars participating in this event are fascinating, and the famous Spa-Francorchamps are shaken by the roar of the cars.
   In the meantime, ‘Mr. Fashion’ Magazine joined the famous actor and singer Wu Jianhao who is very adventurous and passionate about racing to help the race and feel the speed and passion of the Spa Classic.
Flagship Tour Auto Special RMB 83,600

Pilot Series Type 20 Special Store in Two Places RMB 56,900

Flagship Classic Chronograph RMB 60,300

Flagship Series Happy 1969 Watch RMB 68,900

Aviator Type 20 Bronze Watch RMB 48,000

Flagship Night Black Happy Watch RMB 80,100
Zenith, pioneering spirit from 1865

Founded in Switzerland in 1865, with a long history of 150 years, it is one of the four true Swiss watchmakers.
 Brand Value-Orthodox, Fearless, Pleasure
 Inventor of high frequency automatic chronograph
 So far, it has won 2,333 Swiss Observatory time measurement awards and 1,425 independent timekeeping awards, enjoying the reputation of a true watchmaking expert
EI The EI Primero chronograph movement, born in 1969, can be called the world’s most accurate and highest frequency automatic chronograph movement, 36,000 revolutions per hour, the time is accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the kinetic energy storage value exceeds 50 hours.
 297 patents, 180 classic movement types, and more than 600 movement styles have been developed from this