Elegant Visual Experience Recommended Parmigiani Gmt Watch

As the world’s top Swiss watch brand, Parmigiani, which was established in 1996, relies on the top watchmaking technology and unique appearance design in the watch industry. Although young, it has a seat. Although it is not a long-established watch, it has won a group of heart-felt watch fans through its unique shape design. Today, you can feel the masterpiece style with this Parmigiani PF600215.
 The Parmigiani PF600215 watch is a casual watch belonging to the Parmigiani GMT series. Its diameter is 42 mm. It is not large among men’s watches and can be worn by most people. Its round case is made of stainless steel and has been polished to make the smooth lines of the case exude a shiny metallic luster, which can perfectly set off the elegance and extraordinaryness of the owner. Its dial layout is unique. The small seconds display and the second time zone display are located at the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock directions of the dial. I can’t figure it out, but I still look organized. And this small dial is full of black, white and brown three colors, the contrast is very strong, giving people a shocking visual impact. The design of the double crown on the right side of the case is also eye-catching, and the sizes of the two crowns are also different, giving an asymmetrical aesthetic. The overall temperament of the case is paired with a brown sharkskin strap, which makes it a combination of fashion, elegance and personality.

 As a casual watch, Parmigiani PF600215 has a unique style of design, but also has excellent functions. At its 9 o’clock direction, there is a date display window for displaying the date of the current month. This date display window is also very special. It can display the date for three consecutive days, of which the singular days are displayed in black Arabic numerals. The double-numbered days are replaced by a small black dot, and an orange-red arrow on the right side of the window indicates the time of today, which is extremely legible on the white dial.
The more powerful feature of this watch is its dual time zone display function, and each time zone also has a corresponding day and night display, so that you can easily get two kinds of local and home no matter where you are. Time information. Its main time zone uses a small three-hand design, which is realized by the black hour and minute hands of the central dial and the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. This design effectively reduces the thickness of the dial and makes the watch look more delicate. Thin, so that the value of the watch at the aesthetic level has been significantly increased. In the center of the small seconds dial is a 24-hour day and night display corresponding to the main time display. With it, we can still obtain day and night information clearly even in an environment where the day and night are not visible. The display of the second time zone is achieved by the dial at 12 o’clock. This display only has the hour and minute hands. Although the time display is not so accurate, it is also harmless to use it in the second time zone. On the right side of this panel, there is a 24-hour day and night display panel corresponding to the second time zone. In this way, we know whether the kind of friends who live in different places are in the day or night, avoiding the possibility of disturbing others to rest. The crown corresponding to the dual time zone display case at four o’clock is used to adjust the main display dial, and the crown at two o’clock is used to adjust the second time zone display. This design makes the operation simple and convenient.
 In addition, in order to meet the needs of daily life, this watch is also designed to be waterproof at a depth of 30 meters, making it capable of meeting most of the environments we live and work. In summary, it can be said that this is a A very functional watch.

 If you want to rate this Parmigiani PF600215 watch, I can only say that it is very powerful. Its shape does not have the pearly brilliance of precious metals and gems, but it shows us a different way with shiny stainless steel. Elegance. Its dial is not like many sports models. Through the stacking of many chronograph dials, the watch is full of sports style, but through the different layout of the dual time zone function, the watch exudes a unique personality. Parmigiani PF600215 is such a collection of elegance and personality. With its existence, we can make our life more exciting. In terms of function, it also has a good design. The practical date display, dual time zone with day and night display, and daily waterproofing can all provide convenience for us in life, so it is also a good helper for our work and life. . And not to mention the movement, the movement carried by this Parmigiani PF600215 is its own PF337.01 self-winding movement. As a brand created by highly accomplished masters in the repair of high-end watches, Parmigiani has established an integrated network of industry and industry experts who combine the world’s best and most critical technologies. The movement has been carefully polished. Whether it is a hairspring or a transmission gear train, every link in its production chain is transparent, thereby ensuring the superior quality of its movement. Furthermore, the quality of the movement has become a strong support for watch performance.
The current market reference price of this watch is 216,000 yuan, and this price is value in terms of appearance, function and movement. And as a top brand watch like Parmigiani, it is also likely to gain its own value over time. So if you want to buy a watch, starting with this Parmigiani PF600215 is definitely a good choice.
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