Recalling The Unique Charm Of Rolex Classic Sports Watches

Rolex’s professional sports watches have always been popular with watch fans. Daytona, Deepsea, Explorer I, Explorer II, GMT Master II, and Submariner, etc., have received enthusiastic response regardless of brand new or second-hand. The choice to preserve your investment.

The quality of Rolex sports watches can be traced back to the beginning of the development of the first water-resistant and dust-proof watch in 1926. It sets the precise and reliable professional image of the brand Oyster watch. For the quality of each sports watch, Rolex The watch factories have gone through a series of rigorous testing steps. For example, to test the deepsea watch Deepsea, they must pass a depth of water equivalent to 4,950 meters, which is a higher standard than the model’s 3,900 meters. Therefore, the brand is confident to send the watch To participate in exploration activities from all walks of life, the world, and even the polar regions still have outstanding performance. Looking back, the real value of a Rolex of tens of thousands of yuan is far more than the word ‘value preservation’.
Legend Dive Table

Rolex’s professional sports watches have always been popular with watch fans. Daytona, Deepsea, Explorer I, Explorer II, GMT Master II, and Submariner have received enthusiastic response regardless of brand new or second-hand. They are also regarded by watch fans as an investment hedge. In order to allow watch fans to deeply appreciate the essence and value of the watch, a special edition called ‘Exploration Perpetual Spirit’ has also been specially launched. In addition to revisiting the classic models of waterproof watches and deep diving watches, the history of the watch and the wearer have participated together Recording missions, through interviews with polar explorers and wearing precious water world photos taken by Rolex diving into the ice sea, people can feel the reliability, accuracy and professionalism of Rolex oyster waterproof watches.

Rolex’s status as the king of deep diving watches can be traced back to the third-generation oyster deep-sea diving watch launched in 1960, Deepsea Speical, with a unique curved surface and titanium alloy bottom. This model diving watch, which was not officially put into production, was hung Out of the submersible to the deepest ditch Mariana Trench to a depth of 10,916 meters, it still maintains good performance, and the irrevocable historical record proves that the brand’s deep diving watch has strong water resistance and pressure resistance.

Rolex Deepsea Discovery Polar Watch

The Rolex sports watch is deeply impressed by the people, and it feels that the models are reliable, accurate, sturdy, stylish and strong professional. Among them, the most star-studded is the Sea-Dweller Deepsea watch often worn by the newspaper, even if the price is increased this year. After 5%, it is about 80,000, but it is still very popular. It is also considered by watch fans as a low-key personality option. It is a deep dive watch with appreciation ability. However, Deepsea is far more powerful than this. The team, named Deepsea under the Pole by Rolex, mainly provided Deepsea watches for 5 researchers. Experts wore this watch to dive deep into the Arctic, and even dive into the ice sea to take photos of seabed conditions and collect data. The total 45-day research process However, the watch still functions as usual, and has proven to be able to cope with extreme climates, demonstrating high water resistance and ice resistance.

French researchers wear Rolex Deepsea watch to dive into Arctic ice sea to collect data

French researchers wear Rolex Deepsea watches to dive into the Arctic ice sea to collect data. During the entire process, Deepsea operates as usual and remains accurate, thanks to the brand patented Ringlock technology. It is a unique case structure that allows the watch to resist water pressure in the deep sea. Double buckle details are also available for researchers to wear watches when wearing heavy wetsuits.

All Deepsea watches must be tested on a testing machine before sale

In order to ensure the waterproof quality of Deepsea, Rolex cooperates with French diving company Comex to develop a special testing machine. All Deepsea watches must be tested on the testing machine before sales, and the computer records the process and detects the extremely small water vapor infiltration. Case.

1st Oyster waterproof watch
1st Oyster waterproof watch

In 1926, Rolex launched the 1st Oyster waterproof watch for the first time. In order to achieve a high degree of waterproofness, the ‘Oyster’ screw-in crown and screw-in case back were used for the first time. The screw pattern was used to lock the case with water. The position allows the watch to successfully resist the slap of the sea and cross the sea for the entire journey. Rolex 1st Oyster Waterproof watches Most of today’s waterproof watches are mainly for daily life, but unfortunately, the waterproof effect is very poor. The rainwater does not mean that the wrists are not washed and wet, and that it does not mean that you can swim without diving into the bottom of the pool. In short, no warranty is written. However, only Rolex has always adhered to the specifications of waterproof watches. Even the 1st Oyster, an oyster waterproof watch initially developed in 1926, has used its actions to show its strength and let a British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze wear 1st Oyster. As a result The competitor successfully crossed the English Channel with the watch, and the watch worked normally without entering the water. Since then, it has established a confident image in the waterproof watch industry and laid the foundation for future diving watch design.

GMT-Master II Used Popular Flight Watch

GMT-Master II Used Popular Flight Watch

The GMT-Master II is one of the most thirsty models in the Rolex series. With its eye-catching design of stainless steel straps and tonal outer rings, the watch is active in the second-hand market. The old version with the discontinued semi-black and semi-red circles is the most collectible. Value, and after 2005 the second-hand price of the new version remains about 40,000 to 50,000. At the beginning, GMT-Master II designed by Rolex for Pan American Airlines was modified from GMTMaster in 1954. In order to meet the requirements of the other party, the watch can display two different time zones at the same time, and a special 24-hour indicator and Two-way rotating glass frame is suitable for travelers who often travel in different time zones. Beginning in 2005, the outer ring of the GMT-Master II uses Cerachrom with enamel mixed stainless steel. The body and shoulder pads feel thicker and bolder. The 18K gold version has a higher price of about 210,000.

Submariner Date

Submariner Date Hot Dive Watch

Rolex Submariner is the brand’s first diving watch, launched in 1953, with its own developed Oyster water-resistant case, and the patented Twinlock series of winding crowns, so that the watch can still operate at a depth of 100 meters, display Outstanding waterproof performance, become the reference standard for future diving watch development. The Green Circle Submariner, which was discontinued in 2004, is still stable at nearly 50,000 yuan. Therefore, it was launched in 2011. The Submariner Date with calendar window is about 62,000, and its waterproof depth is increased to 300 meters. The corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel has been replaced with the green circle green before, and the enamel mixed stainless steel Cerachrom material has been changed. Whether it is sold out or discontinued, the price will only rise.
Explorer II most classic adventure watch

Explorer II most classic adventure watch

Explorer II is the shortest-running but highest price increase of the Rolex sports watch series. It is a watch specially made by the brand for cave explorers in 1971. The selling point is for the explorer to distinguish day and night in the dark cave. And to prevent the wrist from turning erroneously due to collision with rocks, the 24-hour printed engraved bezel on the dial was changed to be fixed, and the large orange needle on the dial was responsible for displaying for 24 hours. In 2011, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Explorer II, Rolex re-launched the models at the beginning of the year. The case was enlarged from 40 mm to 42 mm. The bold 24-hour scale on the bezel became the most watched classic watch of the year.

Explorer I entry sports watch

Explorer I Getting Started

Originated from the 1953 Explorer I specially created for the British expedition to climb the Himalayas, Kimura Toru has been the first choice for Rolex entry watches since the boom in the Japanese drama ‘Love Century’ in the 1990s, and now it is also the fourth Among the popular ‘fishing’, the most attractive one is about 50,000. Although the background of the watch is for adventure, the new version launched in 2010 has changed the 3, 6, and 9 luminous characters on the dial to metal. Quality, the case is larger than before, from 36 mm to 39 mm, obviously more in line with fashion style.

Steel Charm Three Steel Watches Recommended

Steel watches can be said to be one of the most popular watch materials today, not only because of the heavy feel of steel watches, but also the technology of steel watches Reached a new height, the steel watch is worth recommending on the one hand because of its popularity and versatility. As the most cost-effective of all materials, the steel watch can always win the price, and because it is so ordinary Simplicity, the importance of movement and design is even more important. Steel is not a price compromise, but the pursuit of craftsmanship. Today, the Watch House recommends three steel watches for everyone.

Rolex Explorer 214270-77200 black dial watch

Watch Series: Explorer
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: 51100
Watch details: Terra’s signature ‘Teak Concept’ vertical texture, three-pin design. The hour scale is rhodium-plated, and the sides of the arched central hour, minute and second hands of the same material are brightly polished, and the luminous material is filled in the middle to show the extraordinary ingenuity in the details. A calendar window at 3 o’clock adds to the practicality of this watch. The arched, wear-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides provides comprehensive protection for this unique dial.

IWC Portugal IW371446 watch

Watch Series: Portugal Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40.9 mm
Domestic public price: 56,000
Watch details: iwc / 21443 /
Watch reviews: Classic Portuguese chronograph watch, 41mm classic large diameter design, with stainless steel case, blue steel hands elegant movement on the milky dial, with blue steel Arabic numerals, elegant and stylish connotation With the rotation of the pointer, the source goes a long way. The watch is equipped with the ETA7750 cal.79350 movement, which is also the place where the watch has been criticized the most, but the stability and durability of the ETA7750 movement is beyond doubt.

Summary: Compared with precious metal watches, steel watches are very cost-effective. If the same watch has a steel model, it is better to choose a steel model, of course, random. This is also the reason why many brands will only launch precious metal watches instead of steel watches when launching some highly complex watches, because the precious metal models such as steel models will be difficult to ship and will buy steel models.