Admiral Kunlun Ac-one 45 Skeleton Watch

The new model Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette presented by Corum. The fine hollow structure of the watch, the transparent dial with a modern design, and the light-weight titanium case with prominent lines allow you to explore the heart of the watch and explore the operation of complex watches. This unique and complicated watch is bound to secure a seat in the fine watchmaking industry.

 Admiral’s Cup Admiral’s Cup was launched in 1960 with its iconic dodecagon case design, and established itself as a leader in watch design in the watchmaking industry. Over the years, the collection has also unveiled a number of stunning and trendy watch models.

 The new Admiral Cup AC-One 45 skeleton watch launched this time, a five-level titanium case equipped with a CO 082 automatic movement that vibrates 28,800 times per hour, with a power reserve of 42 hours. The skeletonized dial design reveals the operation of the precision movement and the carefully polished transmission wheel system. The transparent design of the date dial is engraved with date numerals, adding to the watch’s modern feel.

 The anthracite-colored chassis is provided with a luminous-enhanced hour scale mark, and extends to the edge of the date plate, as if floating on the date plate; and it is plated with the Admiral Cup series of 12 iconic nautical flags Ring, forming a strong depth of contrast and visual effects.

 The 45 mm diameter multi-layered case is made of grade five titanium, with the iconic 12-sided outer ring of the Admiral’s Cup series, and a black PVD coating in the center of the case and outer ring, creating a wrist The watch has a strong sense of design. The case of grade 5 titanium is alternately polished and the sides are satin-finished, while the sapphire crystal on the surface is marked with a metalized Corum logo. The transparent case back also reveals the operation of the CO 082 self-winding movement and the automatic dial decorated with Corum. Admiral Cup AC-One 45 skeleton watch with black alligator leather strap and five-level titanium folding buckle, water-resistant to 300 meters, functions as good as the appearance.

Victorinox Swiss Army Vickers Military Watch Returns To The Source And Launches An Aviation-specific Watch

The style of the AirBoss Collection models first introduced in 2003 was rough and complex, and he was inspired by the captains of today’s aircraft. The beauty and magic of this watch lies in the feeling of sitting in the cockpit with many instruments and controls.
Victorinox Swiss Army has launched a limited edition AirBoss Mach 6 Power Gauge with mechanical movement. This watch can fly with wings.

The first impression of this very special watch is very special. His case is a powerful steel case with a diameter of 45 millimeters. Three layers of anti-glare sapphire crystal are ordered. Impressive black dial. The contoured hands and numerals are coated with PVD Black Ice, and all the hands and small dial marks have cold light substances, making it easier to use in the dark. Very advanced energy storage is achieved by the 7750 Valjoux self-winding stopwatch movement. The meticulously carved details on the back of the case show the Swiss Air Force logo and the serial number of each watch in limited production.

Through the sapphire crystal, you can see the internal mechanical structure and the pendulum with the Victorinox Swiss Army brand logo. The carved logo highlights the rough style of the details. The elegant dial and crown shapes-with embossed crosses and shield badges-reflect the brand’s dedication to every detail. The black leather strap with grey sewing threads also shows strength.
AirBoss Mach 6 Power Gauge is limited to 333 units. Each watch comes with a special case and comes with Air Force Base certification.
Source: Victorinox

Carrousel Is Not A Tourbillon

When people become superstitious, there will be myths. Then began to judge things in a biased direction, such a misunderstanding between Caruso and the tourbillon. Both Caruso and the tourbillon are intended to lift the escapement structure into a frame, and the rotation of this frame is used to compensate for the position deviation in a single direction. Today, the tourbillon is welcomed by the mainstream market. Carloso has a black name on his back, as if it is a secondary product that imitates the tourbillon. If you have believed this too, then you are really too superstitious and lost. Both Caruso and the tourbillon are intended to lift the escapement structure into a frame, and the rotation of this frame is used to compensate for the position deviation in a single direction.
Over the past two hundred years, the tourbillon has been the most sought-after collection of all horological works, and it is the most extensively developed and sophisticated mechanical device in the watchmaking industry. However, because the tourbillon is famous for its long-distance broadcasting, as long as the rotating device made with the same basic theory is named ‘pseudo’. For example, the tourbillon device made by Master Breguet was a fixed watch-bridge tourbillon with coaxial balance and frame. Later, tourbillons with different axes but the same connection with the movement and the same power transmission method would be used. Called ‘Pseudo Tourbillon’.
The tourbillon and Caruso who have been arguing for so long have not only happened in Blancpain when they made a non-coaxial flying tourbillon. It is considered a false tourbillon. Many of them are only slightly different from the original Breguet master structure. The structure of the tourbillon may be questioned. Why is Caruso always mistaken for a ‘false tourbillon’? If Caruso has the same function as the tourbillon, why is it that only the tourbillon has become one of the generally recognized craftsmanship? It is said that this story goes back to a Danish watchmaker named Bahne Bonniksen who lived in London in 1892. Because Master Breguet’s tourbillon structure was very precise and expensive at the time, but in order to achieve the same compensation for the impact of gravity, he In order to create a similar structure with a more reasonable price, he divided the gear train into two ways in the above-mentioned way, and divided the source of power into two parts: the normal travel gear train and the support for the tourbillon frame. Originally, the traveling structure needs to be assembled and manufactured more precisely to save costs, but it can also achieve the effect of retracting the escapement structure frame and then rotating to change the orientation to achieve compensation. I did not expect that more wheel train structures could not reduce costs, and the structure did not become simpler. The complexity was still high and the production difficulty was still very high. His purpose was not achieved, so it could not be popularized. Carloso disappeared without mention.
It is interesting that the original texts of Carloso and the tourbillon carry the meaning of rotation. In Athens, the Carloso concept was first proposed in its watch design. The Chinese name still insists on ‘Caruso Tourbillon’ in order not to let people ignore it. The process is equally valuable.
The mechanism of Carrousel
If you still remember the Freak Carrousel watch of Ulysse Nardin, Freak’s escapement structure uses a dagger-shaped bridge to store the escapement structure on it. This structure and the outermost hour and minute instructions When the large gear is connected, this is also the method for everyone to judge Carrousel ‘preliminarily’: whether it rotates once a minute, and according to Freak’s logic, this Carrousel rotates once an hour, because it is connected with the peripheral gear to replace the minute hand. , But is this the difference between Caruso and the tourbillon? Of course not. Carrousel also has other speed designs in history. Even the tourbillon is not all rotated once a minute. Master Baodi’s several creations have tourbillons of up to 12 minutes, and Blancpain The latest Carloso model even allows this device to rotate once a minute, so how exactly does Carloso and the tourbillon device understand?
If we take a closer look at the relative tourbillon published by Piaget in 2006, this device looks like a Freak dagger, but it is different from Freak. Some people have also mistakenly thought that the relative tourbillon should be a card Russell, but if we look closely, the tourbillon device opposite to the tourbillon puts the escapement structure behind the frame, connects the fourth wheel in the movement (the so-called second hand wheel) and is held by a dagger-shaped hour hand. When taken away, the tourbillon also rotates at the tail end of the pointer for one minute, which means that the frame must rotate along a fixed wheel axis inside the movement, which is called the tourbillon device. This is our rough idea of ​​the tourbillon and the card. The division between Russell, but is it accurate? Exploring Carloso’s 2008 report by Blancpain, we will have a deeper understanding.
Carrousel whipping around in one minute
In the structure of the Blancpain flying tourbillon, there is only one connection point between the movement wheel train and the tourbillon device: the third wheel is responsible for outputting power to the entire tourbillon frame and the included escapement structure. Caruso divides the power unit in two ways: the third wheel links the second hand wheel (the fourth wheel), and the other wheel set pulls the caruso frame and its escapement structure.
If the structure of the tourbillon is written as a linear vertical gear train organization: the power transmission gear train is output from the barrel, and after each gear of the gear train is transmitted to the fourth wheel (the second hand wheel), the escapement structure (by the escape wheel (Beginning) is supported by the tourbillon frame, which is connected to the fourth wheel and rotates around it, and the power source of the tourbillon frame and the escapement structure is also transmitted from the same wheel train. We see the delicate tourbillon structure that rotates every second in the movement. Blancpain’s Carrousel is divided into two sets of structures in the third wheel of the gear train: the Carrousel device (including the escapement and the fourth wheel) and the aforementioned intermediary speed-adjusting gear set, so it is targeted at Carrousel The power source of the device frame itself should be the wheel train after the divergence in the middle. The long-term argument between the tourbillon and Carloso has been divided into two parts: Different structure definitions.
The tourbillon? Caruso?
Since Blancpain’s Carrousel has reached the possibility of one minute of one revolution, the speed itself can no longer be used as a key element to distinguish Carrousel from the tourbillon, the connection of the fourth wheel (or with the fixed wheel train), From the previous analysis, it seems that this is indeed the line between the two. Many people still think that Carloso is not a real tourbillon, and some people also put Carloso in a lower technological position, but if the basic theory of the tourbillon is: to separate the escapement structure from the frame and carry it out Rotate to compensate the offset effect of gravity on the accuracy of the movement at various angles.
Caruso actually plays the same role. In order to explain the difference between Carrousel and the tourbillon, some people also take the balance of the balance wheel and the rotating frame as the standard. However, in the Blancpain Carrousel frame, the balance wheel and the Carrousel frame are on the same axis. There are two different wheel trains, of which the fourth (second hand) and the escape wheel are coaxially connected. The third wheel here not only drives the carrousel frame through the intermediary wheel, but also passes through the other wheel. The department pushed the fourth round and brought power to the escapement.
With this structure, the fourth wheel must be able to catch up to Carloso’s speed of one minute and one lap. Blancpain’s technical director Vincent Beccia said in an exclusive interview with REVHLUTION: ‘This is one of the most technically challenging In part, we must accurately calculate how fast the fourth wheel needs to rotate to make the Carrousel frame make one revolution per minute, and also take into account the vibration frequency of the balance wheel. After complicated calculations, we designed the wheel. In the department, the fourth round must probably make two laps per minute. ‘Vincent Beccia further stated:’ When Bahne Bonniksen was developing the first Caruso, he focused on how to adjust the correct balance frequency. Because when the Carussell frame is always moving and the escape wheel is also fixed under this frame, it is necessary to calculate the proper egg bloatedness, N, sine, straw, sodium glue, ahne Bonniksen. The speed of the frame was solved, so the carrousel structure he made at the time was 34 or 52.5 minutes. Since Blancpain’s goal was to make a carrousel structure with a one-minute speed, Accelerating the speed of the fourth wheel, I think our results are quite amazing. We increased the speed of the fourth wheel and made the carrousel device make one revolution per minute. The power can be maintained at 100 hours, even more than any other Non-complex automatic watches are more powerful. ‘
The breakthrough itself does not lie in noisy techniques, but in thinking about the possible scalability of the technology itself. The Carrousel device was originally a watchmaker in the 19th century who wanted to make more economical devices, which could replace the delicate and expensive Tuo. The flywheel structure, however, can also show the functional properties of a tourbillon. The reason why the Caro Russell installation has not continued to flourish in history is still unknown, but today, a century later, Caro Russell is able to rectify its name and let the world know more about the pride of this ancient traditional technology. Tradition extends the interpretation of another craft, and we see a little new meaning here, isn’t this a kind of inheritance? Isn’t it just a way to leave history in modern language? Is Caruso really a tourbillon? Does this matter? Still, what kind of structure does Carloso have, and how much improvement and craftsmanship can be made to break the center of gravity of the misunderstanding between Carloso and the flying tourbillon, and this will also be the watch technology war that I expect to continue to see .