The Most Dazzling Racing Watch Trend The Passion Of Time And Speed Collide

People often say ‘the poor play the car, the rich play the watch’. Racing is the most exciting thing in men’s hearts. Like Lin Zhiying and Han Han, they have a persistent pursuit of racing. Watches are decorated by countless stars. Luxury. Race cars and watches represent the wisdom of humans using machinery. Race cars use speed to interpret time and time, and watches use precision to interpret the passing of time. Both are racing against time. The car’s body, dashboard, engine, and even the track have inspired the design of the watch. The cross-border cooperation between the car and the watch makes people experience the high-speed stimulation and heartbeat when racing.

  Hublot and Ferrari create excellence

  Since the birth of BigBang Ferrari, notable DNA has flowed in the blood. Ferrari’s outstanding beauty and Hublot’s exquisite craftsmanship have collided with the spirit of never compromising mediocrity, showing the most harmonious fusion of inspiration everywhere. Whether it is Hublot BigBang Ferrari Magic Gold or MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’, it is a classic Hublot work.

  MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ represents an unparalleled masterpiece of Hublot: completely independently designed, developed and produced by the watchmakers and engineers of the Hublot factory. MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has set an unprecedented 50-day power reserve history. It perfectly matches the extraordinary features of this latest Ferrari sports car. At the same time, the 637 parts used by the watch are also produced by Hublot. This is a tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car ‘LaFerrari’.

  From a technical and design perspective, the Hublot MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ watch has the same outstanding quality as the Ferrari sports car of the same name. The collaboration between the watchmaker and the Ferrari team brings the watch and the car in common. The MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has an extremely sophisticated styling design: a sapphire transparent mirror with complex lines and a black PVD-coated titanium back case are all reminiscent of the streamlined shape of the Ferrari ‘LaFerrari’ sports car. The center of the top of the case is made of titanium with carbon fiber inserts, which highlights the position of the winding crown. The time-setting crown is located under the case, subtly integrated with the design, and has the mysterious sense of ‘invisible sight’.

 Hublot pursues excellence, and its extraordinary professional attitude is even reflected in the design of the watch box: The MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch box is made of carbon fiber and Ferrari’s exclusive Schedoni leather, inspired by the automotive world. The watch can be wound automatically. This watch is limited to 50 pieces.

  Blancpain and Lamborghini Collaboration

  This dual-trailing flyback watch named after the Lamborghini SuperTrofeo model underscores the car’s passionate and dynamic brand image. Blancpain chooses this extraordinary timepiece made of carbon fiber, which combines lightness, solidity and pleasing to the eye, providing a wide space for the use of carbon fiber in the development of watches. The large date window on the dial is displayed in digital fonts, with a timing button at 8 o’clock, a badge-type chronograph dial at 9 o’clock, a flyback dual-seconds chronograph mechanism and a calendar display window showing the watch’s mysterious beauty and cutting-edge technology.

  The watch is equipped with a Calibre69F9 automatic mechanical movement. This movement is composed of 409 parts, set with 44 gems, has a power reserve of 40 hours, is water-resistant to 300 meters, and is equipped with a column wheel. The vertical disc clutch is also effective. Avoid unnecessary jitter of the chronograph seconds when the chronograph function is activated. The designer equipped the watch with a black Alcantara leather strap and added carbon fiber materials, reminiscent of Blancpain’s recent breakthrough achievements in the field of racing.

  Breitling and Bentley build chronograph watches

  The new Breitling Bentley Supersports LightBodyLimitedEdition uses a revolutionary look, combining the outstanding performance and noble temperament of the two brands of Breitling and Bentley in one: the ultra-light titanium case, lightweight and comfortable; the Breitling Bentley series (Breitling for Bentley) unique rolling patterned bezel; the unique dial design with red and black contrasting colors complements the dashboard of the Bentley Continental GTC supercar, perfectly combining extraordinary performance and innovative appearance.

  This extraordinary watch is now available at the Baselworld 2011 in Basel and is available in limited editions worldwide. The Breitling high-performance movement, certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), embodies the dazzling glory of superb craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics, and is designed for all those who have to fight for extreme speed.

  Rolex develops racing watches for professional players
  The relationship between Rolex and racing can also be traced back to the 1930s, when the official Rolex Oyster watch worn by Sir Malcolm Campbell, a well-known English racer and holder of multiple land driving records. The Daytona series created by Rolex can easily measure lap times and average speeds, and has a strong vitality today.

  This watch is named after the famous American racing track DAYTONA and has an inextricable relationship with the speed-matching motor sports. It is especially developed for professional drivers. After its release, it was quickly regarded as a synonym for ‘racing watch’ and became a must-have for racing drivers. Thing. Daytona is completely created for those who admire the ultimate life. It is equipped with Rolex 4130 two-way self-winding chronograph movement, certified by the Swiss Observatory, equipped with column wheel and vertical cross-connect device. Second, the speedometer scale on the outer ring can read the speed data immediately after a certain driving distance.

  The movement is also equipped with blue PARACHROM Breguet hairsprings developed by Rolex, which use the latest alloys, with high-efficiency anti-magnetic and 10 times shock absorption capacity. The case diameter is 40 mm and is made of eternal rose gold. The small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial are equipped with a second hand pause function to accurately adjust the time. The full watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.
  IWC and Mercedes-Benz create engineer’s chronograph racer special edition

  In 2013 Schaffhausen IWC entered the Formula 1 season as the official engineering partner of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team. At this time, IWC launched a stainless steel watch with engineered engraving F1TM on the bottom of the watch-Engineers Chronograph Racer Special Edition.

  The two parties have jointly explored the limits of mechanics and pursued first-class performance and precision technology. IWC launched a special edition of engineer chronograph racers (models IW378507, IW378508, IW378509, IW378510) in dedication to members of the F1TM team. This ‘all-around timepiece’ can measure up to 12 hours, can measure pit stops and calculate the average speed within a reference distance-it is the best choice on the track.

  With the speed scale on the bezel of the chronograph, you can easily calculate the driving speed of the vehicle: if the reference distance of 1000 meters is completed in 30 seconds, the speed scale will display 120, that is, a reference of one kilometer The speed is 120 km / h. Thanks to the flyback function, the ongoing timing can be stopped with the push of a button, and a new timing is started immediately when released-ideal for measuring pit stop time.

 The watch is available in two straps, with a sporty fiber-lined rubber strap. The surface of the fabric is exquisite and attractive, while the rubber material on the inside of the strap is durable and comfortable to wear. You can also choose to have a solid stainless steel bracelet. The bracelet is equipped with a special fine-tuning device. The wearer can fine-tune the length of the bracelet at any time. Just press the button with the IWC logo engraved on the center of the buckle and flick the bracelet to easily adjust the length of the bracelet at any time.

Summary: Watches and racing cars are different items in the two fields, but they can be cleverly combined. The power of the car gives the watch more design inspiration, and the accuracy of the watch is the best partner for car speed measurement. The racing watch not only becomes more chic and elegant in design, but also its versatile functions are amazing. Its cool and stylish appearance. When you focus on the dial, the passion for time and speed has begun. . (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Graduation And Recurrence, Ambitions Still Amy Long Bingfeng Series Climbing To The Peak Of Life

July is another year’s graduation season. Recalling the greenness and childishness of that year, it makes people smile and feel sad. The beauty is that we are about to step out of the campus and bloom ourselves on a larger social stage; what is awkward, we will suddenly find that the original four-year university is short, as if there are still many things that have not been completed, such as us I haven’t had time to talk about a deep-seated love. There are so many books in the library that I haven’t had time to look through them. I haven’t even had time to complete a poor trip with my brother. Although we have buried many ‘too late’ and many regrets in our beautiful youth, we will still enter the society with ambition and ambition with a longing for the future.

Entering the society, I found that there are more exciting and more pressure outside the campus. The society is like an alchemy, constantly overcomes its own shortcomings under grinding, and finally becomes a mature and stable social person. Thank you for paying for yourself, crowding the crowded morning bus, experiencing overtime overnight, and sleeping on the last bus. In the end, I was able to look back on my youth and cast a positive smile on the hardworking self.

Time is like an arrow, and in a blink of an eye, campus life is getting farther and farther. Occasionally returned to his alma mater and revisited, the classroom was still sounded, the playground was still passionate, and the lawns, creeks, and bamboo pavilions were still endless. I used to be childish, looking forward to the future, and bravely moved forward. Today, I have a mature and steady, not only looking forward to the future, but also thinking and controlling. Time is the best proof of growth. In the matter of growth, we need to give ourselves an affirmation. In addition to giving ourselves a confident and calm smile, we can also give ourselves a commemorative gift. A tasteful mechanical watch also It will be a choice to reward yourself. The new Amy Long Bingfeng, in addition to both fashion and texture in appearance, can also reflect the spirit of courage and progress in the design concept.

Inspired by deep sea diving and extreme mountain climbing, Amy Long has designed a series of challengers for men who are dynamic and enthusiastic, and love to meet challenges. Men who have the courage to challenge themselves not only love to explore unknown fields, but also can study in detail in known fields. The boldness and charisma they showed came from the spirit of not surrendering to difficulties and forging ahead.

And this courage, courage, and courage not to be afraid of difficulties often requires the heart to give out a sincere affirmation of oneself as a drive, so in the struggle, always give yourself a spiritual or material affirmation and reward.

Bingfeng’s new unique dial design combines tradition and innovation, as well as the courage and atmosphere of an adventure without hesitation. The three-dimensional dial looks beautiful and looks like a clock gear. The steep edges and corners on the inner bezel are distributed counterclockwise, giving a firm visual image.

The new Emmy Bingfeng watch uses three different craftsmanship (fine, polished, and luminous coating) to add a sense of excitement. The blue dial is vibrant yet elegant.

Through Bingfeng’s new watch, Emilion vividly showed us the pioneering spirit of those who conquered the peak and dared to surpass themselves and challenge the impossible brave spirit, and explained that we are still full of fighting spirit and passion after graduation, making this watch possess Incomparable profound meaning. If you don’t graduate in your youth, your dream will never die!

Martin Fuchs Wins The Longines Grand Prix At The Longines Csi Basel Jockey Club

This 5-star event was staged in St. Jacobs, and the world’s top riders and horses showed outstanding performance to the audience. The Longines Grand Prix on Sunday is a key event of the Longines CSI Basel. Swiss rider Martin Fuchs, who drove the ‘Clooney’, was in the race The heroes won the championship, Werner Muff, another Swiss rider of “Daimler”, took second place, while Simon Delestre of French rider, “Chesall Zimequest”, finished third. The champion rider was conferred an elegant Longines watch.

   Longines is proud to be the title partner and official timekeeper of the ‘Longines CSI Basel Jockey Club’ for five consecutive years. In recent years, this event has become one of the world’s top indoor equestrian events. Longines’ passion for equestrian sports dates back more than a century, and the partnership described above fits perfectly with this passion. In addition, the brand and the equestrian community agree on values ​​such as tradition, excellence and elegance. To this day, Longines actively participates in equestrian events such as obstacle course, flat race, triathlon, endurance race, carriage racing and dressage.

   The designated watch of the 2018 ‘Longines CSI Basel Jockey Club’ is a diamond-set women’s watch from the Longines Master series. Its design combines classic elegance and excellent performance. It is a watch hobby A pleasing timepiece. This 29mm stainless steel model features a sun-dappled blue dial with a tonal alligator strap and an automatic movement.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smart Watch Presents A New Advertising Campaign

Louis Vuitton shoots a new advertising campaign for the new generation of Tambour Horizon smartwatches, shot by four outstanding people from different cultural backgrounds-Sophie Turner, Justin Theroux, Urassaya Sperbund and Liu Haoran. The short film records both the journey into the outer and inner world.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon smart watch presents a new advertising campaign

Dreaming of the fearless journey of the distant horizon-every moment of life deserves to be fully realized, and to discover yourself while meeting others … In this new Tambour Horizon smart watch short film, Louis Vuitton depicts time in the shape of an arc landscape. In the ubiquitous circle of nature and architecture, awakening the memory of time and the circular form of the watch, everything in the universe is connected by a circle. Capturing the moment of life form and posture, the new advertising blockbuster shaped the grand scene of the integration of Louis Vuitton’s values ​​and TambourHorizon.

Besides focusing on watch manufacturing skills, the short film also invites Louis Vuitton’s accomplished brand friends to participate in the shooting. British actress Sophie Turner is best known for her role in ‘Game of Thrones’, which won several awards, including the American Actors Guild Awards and Emmys Awards. The episode will air in the final season this spring. She has also starred in a series of movies, including Jean Grey in X-Men.

演员 American actor, screenwriter and director Justin Theroux has a career spanning the television, theater and film industries. His first outstanding achievement was his role in David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive, and he starred in the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’, written by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta. Other characters include ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’, ‘Maniac’, ‘Mute’ and more.

Thai and Norwegian mixed UrassayaSperbund-alias Yaya, was dug up in high school to start a modeling career. The performance of her first model show led her on the road of acting, and she played a leading role in many important Thai TV series.

Puppet actor Liu Haoran made his screen debut at the age of 17. Several film awards come together and are active in charity at the same time, it is a role model for the new generation of Chinese actors.

Ethiopian model Liya Kebede also appeared in the short film. After achieving results in the modeling career, he gradually transformed into an actor and devoted himself to humanitarian causes.

About the new generation Tambour Horizon smart watch

Continuing the genes of the Tambour Horizon smartwatch series, Louis Vuitton brings new design elements, new materials (white polished ceramic models), new functions (‘My Travel’ travel function integrating hotel, flight or train information, ‘Pollution ”Air quality function and“ Agenda ”schedule management module), and a new replaceable strap, bringing the functionality and personalized configuration of the Tambour Horizon smart watch to a new level. The Louis Vuitton spirit is injected into every personalized dial interface. in. Connected with daily travel, the new generation of smart watches is not only a practical daily accessory, but also an essential companion. Inheriting the spirit and creativity of Louis Vuitton travel, the new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watches allows you to enjoy a new smart and connected experience.