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Jaquet Droz Fall / Winter 2013 Watch

 The Twelve Cities Aventurine watch

Price: 148,500 RMB

Jaquet Droz Fall / Winter 2013

 24-hour (GrandeHeure GMT) watch

Price: 225,500 RMB

 The glitz is just passing by, but the ‘classic’ has been immortal. Jaquet Droz’s Fall / Winter 2013 watch collection integrates the brand’s own aesthetic soul into every watch. The Grande Heure GMT watch reinterprets the meaning of time with its simple and pure design style. This new and chic watch meets the requirements of today’s globetrotters and estheticians, allowing them to easily read the time between the two places. 24 Arabic numerals are set on the dial, giving a glimpse of the flow of time between the two places. For the first time, the time display of the two places is presented on a watch in such a simple and clear manner. Two compass-shaped pointers add to this new time reading design: red and gold hands indicate the local time, and blue steel hands indicate the time of the destination. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hands, pulling the accurate measurement of time. By boldly adopting a single crown adjustment mechanism, Jaquet Droz has created a 24-hour (Grande Heure GMT) watch that combines the beauty of simplicity with the ease of use. Its simple design further changes the ivory dial. It is meticulously combined with the rich and dense red gold case.

 The Jaquet Droz The Twelve Cities Aventurine watch connects twelve cities with time. Each city has its own pulse and temperament. Jaquet Droz uses its superb watchmaking skills to freeze the world on the same timepiece, allowing you to appreciate the different scenery of each city. Today, traveling around the world is no longer a men-only adventure game, and more and more women are walking confidently in every corner of the world. The most striking feature of this watch is the exquisite oval mother-of-pearl display dial, which is embedded into the aventurine dial with mosaic technology. Both mother-of-pearl and aventurine have extraordinary beauty, but they are also extremely fragile. After exquisite craftsmanship, they exude charming charm, and in this way pay tribute to women who travel the world. The hour display window at 12 o’clock corresponds to the city name display window at 6 o’clock. The minutes are indicated by a tapered pointer. This watch is equipped with a time jump device, the city name and hour display can be synchronized to jump. This year Jaquet Droz combined the brilliance of raw materials with the “multi-time zone display” function of traditional clocks with a more refined dial, exuding the brand’s own aesthetic taste.