Absolutely Detailed And Precise Timepiece: Grand Seiko Automatic Winding 36000 Rpm White Titanium Watch

People always like beautiful things, and then through the perspective of the lens, spread them on the cloud and spread them all over the world. Therefore, even the food to be eaten becomes the ideal model; after posing by the chef’s skillful hands, people can shoot without moving.

   Of course, in addition to accurate timing, visual design is sometimes more important; labor-intensive appearance modification is nothing more than to make the watch and movement show a ‘beauty’ feeling, and even become an aesthetic style. Frankly, I think GrandSeiko is quite powerful.

   All GrandSeiko watches that are qualified to mark ‘GS’ on the faceplate have one thing in common-workmanship. Whether it is the case, lugs, or the hands and hour markers on the face plate, the multi-layered aspect makes people feel the delicate and delicate watchmaking attitude. So is SBGH043, which is on the market this year. The shape of the case adopts GrandSeiko’s customary design. The integrally formed lugs draw a rounded arc along the bezel. After the complex cut surface treatment, the bright matte surface is interlaced and the texture is excellent.

   The characteristics of titanium materials are nothing more than high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. Low density conditions also greatly reduce weight. Seiko’s exclusive ‘white titanium’ material uses patented processing technology to further enhance the wear resistance of titanium alloys; its color is bright, and at first glance it is similar to stainless steel, but it is actually a more advanced metal material. The case and bracelet of SBGH043 are made of white titanium, so when I picked up this watch, I immediately felt the extremely lightweight characteristics.

   I like to admire the details of GrandSeiko, especially the hands and time scales. If you lift the watch and look at it from the side, you can clearly see its columnar structure even when the time scale is finer. The pointer is a major feature of GrandSeiko. It is modified with a 30-degree oblique cut surface, which reflects the three-dimensional texture under the light and shapes the light and shadow contrast on the dial. The faceplate of this SBGH043 watch has hours, minutes, seconds and date displays. The slender blue steel central seconds hand and the outer scale are close to zero distance, making it easy to read at a glance.

   Equipped with the 9S85 movement manufactured by Kobo in Iwate, Japan, combined with semiconductor technology, micro-electro-mechanical casting technology and nano-technology, the balance can vibrate up to 36,000 times per hour, which means that it can swing 10 times per second. Although this Seiko movement was launched in 2009, it would not be able to achieve 36,000 rpm performance without high-quality machined parts. It is because of this high-frequency movement that the watch has a daily + The accuracy of 5 to -3 seconds is not inferior to the standard of +6 to -4 seconds certified by the official Swiss Observatory.

Grand Seiko automatic winding 36,000 rpm white titanium case-SBGH043 white titanium case, screw-in crown, diameter 40 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, 9S85 automatic movement, 55 hours power reserve, sapphire Crystal glass mirror, screw-in transparent bottom cover, waterproof 100 meters, white titanium chain.