Decade Of Patek Philippe China

In 2005, Patek Philippe entered the Shanghai Bund and officially entered the Chinese market. In 2015, as a Swiss independent family watchmaking company that had developed over 176 years, Patek Philippe ushered in an important moment in China’s tenth anniversary.
   During this wonderful ten-year journey, Patek Philippe is committed to delivering ten values ​​to Chinese watch lovers. From the appearance of Patek Philippe China Home in Shanghai Yuandi and Beijing Yuandi, to the unveiling of the service center and the Talent Center, Patek Philippe has stepped up its image in China step by step and conveyed the art of Patek Philippe timepieces to every visiting Chinese friend. Aesthetic philosophy, excellence in quality craftsmanship, homely hospitality, and high-quality customer relationship maintenance and after-sales service that is well-known in the industry.
   Ten years have passed, and let us go back and forth to important milestones of profound significance during the first ten years.
In 2005
   Patek Philippe set up China’s first exclusive store and service center on Bund 18, marking the official entry of Patek Philippe into the Chinese market. This was Patek Philippe’s first store in Asia at that time, and the third store in the world after Geneva and Paris.

year 2006
   Patek Philippe presents a large-scale theme watch exhibition called ‘The Values ​​of a Family Watch Company’ in China. Nearly 300 timepieces and 67 precious Patek Philippe museum collections are presented for the first time in front of the majority of watch lovers.

Year 2008
   Patek Philippe’s Beijing store and service center was unveiled on the 23rd front door, and the first Chinese limited edition commemorative watch Ref.5296 was launched, limited to 28 pieces, each engraved with a unique limited number and ‘BEIJING 2008’.

Patek Philippe Beijing Store and Service Center Building

Interior view of Patek Philippe store in Beijing

Ref. 5296
year 2010
   In September, Patek Philippe celebrated the fifth anniversary of China and officially announced the launch of the Shanghai Yuandi Project. Introduced the first independently numbered Chinese commemorative watch Ref.5399, limited edition of 25 pieces each in white and rose gold.

Patek Philippe Shanghai Store

Patek Philippe Shanghai Store

Lounge on the second floor of Patek Philippe Shanghai Store

Ref. 5399
   Patek Philippe’s Shanghai store was relocated from the Bund to Shanghai Bundyuan. After nearly two years of design and decoration, it was unveiled in a ‘MaisonPatek Philippe’ posture. The word ‘source’ in Yuandi is taken from the ‘Bund Source’ where Shanghai’s new site is located, which is the starting point of Shanghai’s port opening history, which means ‘origination’; and the former site is also the official residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai. The word extends this meaning in order to take its symbol of noble honor. The word ‘source’ means that Patek Philippe upholds its Geneva traditions and opens a new title page in China. The Shanghai Yuandi Memorial Watch, the World Time Watch Ref. 5130, was launched with the red ‘Shanghai’ sign to mark the East Eighth District, with a limited edition of 25 pieces each in white and rose gold.

Patek Philippe Shanghai



   At the same time, the Shanghai Service Center was relocated to Yifeng Bund Source. It has nearly 1,000 square meters of independent space to accommodate customer reception, watch repair and maintenance, and final inspection. All equipment and environments are set in accordance with the Geneva Uniform Standard.

Patek Philippe Shanghai Customer Service Center

Video of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi Opening 3D Light Show
year 2013
   In September, the Patek Philippe Talent Center was officially unveiled in Shanghai. This is Patek Philippe’s first maintenance training organization outside the Geneva watchmaking workshop. It aims to train outstanding local maintenance technicians, confirming the brand’s commitment and continuous investment in customer service.

Phase 1 Patek Philippe Talent Center
Year 2014
   In May, Patek Philippe Beijing Yuandi was re-opened on the original site of No. 23 Qianmen. The Beijing Customer Service Center was newly upgraded. At the same time, the Calatrava series official limited edition commemorative watch Ref.5153 was released. The platinum and gold models were limited to 25 pieces each.

Video of Patek Philippe’s reopening in Beijing

Patek Philippe Opens in Beijing

Patek Philippe Beijing Residence

Panorama of the sales hall on the second floor of Patek Philippe Beijing Yuandi

The reception area on the first floor follows the design of the Patek Philippe Geneva Salon, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with round sofa seats, bronze statues and chandeliers.



2015 year
   For the tenth anniversary of China, Calatrava series men’s commemorative watch Ref.6000, limited edition of 25 pieces in white and rose gold models; Ref.4897 for women’s watch, limited edition of 10 pieces in white and rose gold models; rare craft series men’s wrist Table Ref.5089, limited to 10 pieces in white gold; Ref.5077 / 100 for women’s watches, limited to 5 pieces in rose gold.
   At the same time, Patek Philippe brought the music tradition to China, continued to sponsor the Shanghai International Youth Orchestra, and provided a stage for demonstrating music talents to music-loving youngsters. A total of three ‘heritage’ series concerts were held. This musical tradition is bound to continue in China.

Group photo


   The ten-year memorabilia has witnessed Patek Philippe’s continuous investment in the Chinese market and unlimited hope for value inheritance. To commemorate this historic milestone, from November 1st to November 10th, 2015, Patek Philippe will host a special exhibition of Shanghai Yuandi’s special timepieces. In this exhibition, a number of representative masterpieces were selected, including the latest six Chinese tenth anniversary watches, limited edition commemorative watches, pocket watches and clocks introduced for the Chinese market between 2005 and 2014, and rare sights. Of various super complicated function timepieces, in-depth review of Patek Philippe’s development history in China for ten years, and Patek Philippe’s outstanding technology and craftsmanship. At the same time, Patek Philippe will also hold a series of tenth anniversary commemorative activities to celebrate the ten years of legends and look forward to the future journey.
About Patek Philippe
   Since its founding on May 1, 1839, Patek Philippe has always maintained the tradition of high-end watchmaking in Geneva. As the only independent watchmaking family business in Geneva, Patek Philippe enjoys complete freedom of innovation in the process of design, production and completion, thereby producing top-quality timepieces agreed by watchmakers worldwide. Patek Philippe’s exquisite and precious, classic and elegant watch works are a fusion of advanced technology and traditional watchmaking skills. It is indeed a rare masterpiece handed down from generation to generation. Relying on its extraordinary watchmaking experience, Patek Philippe has more than 100 patented technologies, writing a strong stroke of its innovation tradition.

Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean Adrien Philippe

Patek Philippe China 10th Anniversary Special Timepiece Memorial Exhibition
Time: November 1st to November 10th, 10:00 – 21:00
Address: No. 33, Shandong First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (No. 9 South Suzhou Road)
[The exhibition is open to the public and waiting to be appreciated]