Tag Heya Global Brand Ambassador Maria Sharapova Defends Susan Langren Cup

Tag Heuer Global Brand Ambassador Maria Sharapova defends Susan Langren Cup, fifth Grand Slam

 On June 7, 2014, Paris, France, TAG Heuer global brand ambassador Maria Sharapova conquered Roland Garros again after three hard battles, defending the French Open legend.

 In this year’s finals, after a tough game, she finally won the Romanian star with a score of 6-4 6-7 6-4 and won the championship again. This is her fifth time to win the Grand Slam.

 From Wimbledon in 2004, the US Open in 2006, the 2008 Australian Open, the 2012 French Open, and the 2014 French Open, we have witnessed Sharapova’s Grand Slam victory and also witnessed her shoulder surgery in 2009. Difficult to return from the top 100 to the top of the world. Beautiful, wisdom and power co-existing Sawa has been working closely with TAG Heuer for the past 9 years. She is a woman with a unique TAG Heuer style and has an inherent uniqueness. Temperament and the calmness of training on the court exude a unique charm. At the moment when Shava held the French Open crown, the dazzling Calera Calibre 5 gold watches perfectly echoed the Susan Langren Cup on her wrist, witnessing this moment of glory and glory.

 ‘When you feel that everything is not going according to your wishes, you need to try to find a small breakthrough,’ Maria Sharapova set a series of small and feasible for herself in order to slow down the opponent’s momentum. Goal, she explained, ‘A breakthrough in details is always the most difficult. Once you find a breakthrough, it will be easier for you.’