This Moment Witnesses The Legend Tissot Helps The Minute And Second Battle Of The Nba Finals

On June 13, 2017, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA 2016-2017 season championship with a score of 4: 1. The Warriors have a playoff record of 16 wins and 1 loss, becoming the highest winning team in NBA history. Although James and Irving led the Cavaliers repeatedly to make small climaxes, it was difficult for the Warriors to fully blossom. Curry, Durant and Thompson, a group of fantasy tsunami, teamed up to score 84 points and beat the Cavaliers 129: 120. Durant finally got his wish to win the first NBA championship trophy, Curry also bathed the glory of the NBA championship for the second time, and the Warriors became the NBA championship for the fifth time this year! As the first official timekeeping in NBA history, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watches help and witness every minute and second battle with precise timing.

Figure 1: Tissot watches help the minute-and-second battle of the NBA Finals
This is the birth of a legend
    When the last whistle of the Oracle Center Stadium, the venue finally sounded a cheering cheer, the melody of ‘We are the champion.’ . I still remember clearly that on June 20, 2016, the Oracle Stadium, the Warriors led by 3: 1, was defeated by the Cavaliers 4: 3. Today, we have witnessed the Warriors’ second championship trophy at home and enjoyed the shock the Cavaliers brought us. And at this moment, let us recall a story opened by a legend.

The NBA Finals came to an end and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship this season.
   In June 1991, the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 108-101 and won the first NBA championship in team history with a 4-1 total score. This victory announced the arrival of the Bull Dynasty. The record of the regular season victory set by the Bulls, which was so strong at the time, has been broken by today’s Warriors. Can we expect to see a more powerful Warrior dynasty?
   The cause of the enthusiastic NBA game is not only superb skills and fierce physical confrontation, but also the unyielding sportsmanship and the magical power of the team at the critical moment. Although the Cleveland Cavaliers lost this year, missed the championship, but the power of ‘team soul’ that James broke out from time to time has impressed countless fans. The numbers in the timer record the time accurately. Between this minute and second, the Warriors and Cavaliers stage a battle of offensive and defensive battles. As the first official timekeeper in NBA history, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watch controls the moments that are important to sports events with superb technology and precise timing.
Tissot watches share basketball events with you
   How important is time to basketball? Great players and games always need to be remembered, and the fixed number in the timer is always a necessary condition for greatness. Last season, Tissot established a historical milestone and became the first official timekeeper in NBA league history. In this season, Tissot continues the glory of the previous season, continues to record every minute and second in the NBA league, guarantees the smooth progress of the game inside and outside the field, helps the NBA accurately time, and also witnesses the commendation of legendary teams Championship moment!
   In this season, all 29 NBA venues in the NBA have enabled Tissot watch timers, and use the Tissot watch’s newly developed comprehensive timing system for the NBA to make game timing more accurate. In the coming days, Tissot will continue to work with the three major leagues of the US professional basketball team (NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League), through accurate timing experience, a variety of timepiece selection and rich off-site activities, Of fans offer the same wonderful match experience.
   As the most intimate partner of the NBA, Tissot watches not only bring wonderful basketball feasts not to be missed, but also prepare stylish basketball watches for fans. This year Tissot has expanded the number of models in the Porsche series to 30, established cooperative relationships with up to 30 teams, and designed a team-specific exclusive watch-the Tissot Porsche series of NBA special models. Outside the field, such a watch can not only add a sense of fashion, but also more importantly announce to the world your loyalty and support for the team.

Figure 3: Tissot Watch Series NBA Special
   In addition to watches with NBA elements, in order to let the majority of basketball fans feel the charm of accurate timing, Tissot watch store NBA theme road shows have also been staged in various places, NBA legendary players will also be here to help out, and share with fans and Between stories. The Champions Warriors will also participate in this year’s NBA China Tournament, coming to Shenzhen and Shanghai in October to present the most exciting matches for the fans. At the same time, Tissot will give full support to this Chinese game and bring the accurate experience of the new 24-second timer to Chinese fans.
Technical Parameters

Tissot Series NBA Warriors Special RMB 3,050

Swiss made quartz movement
316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm

Patek Philippe Launches Limited Edition Nautilus 5724g Watch

Patek Philippe recently launched a limited edition watch Nautilus 5724G. The biggest feature of this watch is made of 18K white gold, which is extremely luxurious and noble, which is the best in the watch.

Fashion watch
The dial is equipped with a moon phase device at 7 to 8 o’clock. The bezel is decorated with 50 square diamonds with a total weight of about 8.31 carats. It adds a different expression to the square and fortitude dial. The lively time scales make the reading different. Enjoy different pleasures at all times, and the beauty of change is even more classic.
雕刻 All the carvings and cuts of the entire watch are made by hand. In terms of the art and technology of the production process, it brings great challenges to watchmakers, but also allows collectors to experience amazing fine taste.

Watches are extremely luxurious
Different from the traditional design in the past, the shape of the case of the new Nautilus timepiece complex watch series has been changed from a hinge to a slightly arched design. The proportion of the bracelet has also been adjusted slightly to make the joint smoother and make the timepiece fit the skin and perfectly ergonomic.
The case of all models is different from the previous two-layer structure model, and evolved to a three-layer structure. It is equipped with a sapphire glass back cover material and a screw-down crown to strengthen the solidity and durability of the timepiece. The new folding buckle design consists of three major The combination of parts and the new belt design provide thoughtful protection for watch fans to ensure the safety of joining.

The Road To Advancement Of Travel Watches The Choice Of Three Different Price Travel Watches

The travel watch, as the name suggests, is born for travel. Its biggest feature is that it can display the time in different time zones. Strictly speaking, it cannot display multiple time zones, and it cannot be called a real travel watch. Otherwise, all watches can be used when traveling, so they can be called travel watches. Today, let’s introduce to you three very unique travel watches. Their prices are very different, not only the way to advance the travel watch, but also the way to advance in life.

Domestic public price: RMB 13000
Watch diameter: 47 mm
Watch thickness:-
Movement type: solar power movement
Case material: stainless steel ceramic bezel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: RMB 69300
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Reference price: EUR 42850
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: patek / 38796 /
Watch comments: I think as a travel watch, Patek Philippe 5524 is almost at the end, and it is not without further upwards, such as 5131, 5130, etc., but it is a more advanced watch, even in the collection situation, you can occasionally wear it Enough locals, can also be worn as daily watches, after all, they are all precious metals. The 5524G is also a precious metal, but it has a very daily sports style. Its design comes from the pilot’s timepiece from Patek Philippe in the last century, and when it was launched, it was designed with dual time zones to match the pilot’s dial design. Selling more than 300,000.
Summary: Travel watches have their special mission. In the early last century, travel watches played an important role in the field of watchmaking. A large number of brands have made travel watches of different designs, even travel pocket watches and travel clocks. So, which three watches will be your promotion choice on the road?